Why does the dog ride the pope?

Sometimes dogs can do some pretty amazing things. One of these “talents” is riding the pope. Dogs of both sexes can ride on the pope or “scratch” it. Yes, of course they can skillfully licking her, but this is not always enough. And when the licking is not enough, they often resort to a similar “ride” on the floor. Riding on pope is obviously a sign that something is bothering your dog in her back end.

Why does the dog ride the pope?

What to look for

The best way to test your dog is to take a pair of rubber gloves, raise her tail, and inspect the area. What needs to be done next: after you lift the tail of the dog and see the anus, inspect it for possible injuries, irritations, growths or bulges. Try to feel the area around the anus to check for irritation or excretion.

What to do

Depending on what you have defined:

Diarrhea: your dog has had a recent attack diarrhea? Some perfect healthy dogs can ride the pope, to remove any residual excrement. Try to clear this area of your dog with a warm, damp cloth or towel.

Your dog may have been irregular defecation for quite some time? Sometimes after dry or irregular stool, the dog may develop the discomfort. In this case, the dog’s paraanal glands located in the rectal area, they may become clogged, causing her to ride on pope. In this case, again, it is recommended to clear this area. your dog with a clean and damp cloth or towel.

Wounds or discharge: you may notice any wounds or discharge in the rectal area of the dog. Viscous and sticky secretions can indicate infection, and almost any type wounds or infections in this area can cause the dog to rub his booty. This usually does not solve the problem, but it allows the dog feel better. If you find wounds or sticky green or yellow, then as quickly as possible consult your veterinarian.

Growths, irritations or swelling: that’s pretty A common problem in the rectal area of a dog. Any growths and tumors should be shown to the veterinarian as soon as possible. You can cure irritation with an antibiotic ointment, such like bacitracin or hydrocortisone. If this did not help for a few days, call your veterinarian.

What if the dog has nothing of the kind? Probably you treatment and prevention will help with cleansing warm compresses with a little pressure.

When to contact a veterinarian?

Contact your veterinarian in the following cases:

  • You see a wound in the rectal area (on the pope) of your dog
  • You see any discharge from your rectal opening dogs
  • You see growths around the rectal opening (on the pope) of your dogs

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Why does the dog ride the pope

The question why the dog moves on the pope is of interest to everyone owners who have at least once encountered a similar phenomenon. In such minutes the dog looks very funny, but the owner should worry: it is possible that the pet was overpowered by intestinal parasites, it experiences pain or severe itching.


  • 1 Main reasons
  • 2 Methods for solving the problem
  • 3 Prevention: how to prevent “riding the pope”

Main reasons

The dog nibbles at the tail

Riding a dog on the pope temporarily relieves itching, which is symptom of disease

Any reason for unusual behavior can be discomfort in the anus. Moving around floor or grass with raised hind legs, the dog seeks to get rid from discomfort and often causes additional injuries. Do not scold and shame the dog – it is important as soon as possible detect the cause of discomfort.

Among the most frequent:

  • tangles in the anus;
  • intestinal parasites;
  • inflammation of the anal glands;
  • bowel disease;
  • injuries of the anus and the area near it.

Problem Solving Methods

Inflammation of the paraanal glands

If during the time you don’t help your pet with inflammation of the paraanal glands, then near the anus a fistula will mature, inside which is located secret, blood and pus

Noticing the first attempts to scratch the anus on the floor, need to inspect the dog. If no visual inspection is found problems, you can feel the area around the anus. Detected warlocks are carefully cut with sharp scissors.

If segments of parasites are visible in the feces, it is necessary urgent deworming. The dog is given the drug in recommended dose, repeat the procedure after a week.

Inflammation of the anal glands can only be eliminated by a doctor. Procedure simple, immediately after it, the pet will experience relief.

If these measures do not help, it’s worth doing a deeper study. Internal intestinal problems can be detected in conditions of a hospital, having carried out a series of analyzes, X-ray or ultrasound.

Prevention: how to prevent “riding the pope”

Inspection of the dog

With the inflammatory process, helping the pet is no longer on its own it turns out, you need to urgently contact a veterinarian, otherwise it is possible abscess

The most reliable means is to frequently inspect the pet, to control the condition of his coat. After every walk it’s worth check if a foreign object is stuck in it: chewing a gum, candy, a hook or a piece of tape.

It is necessary to comb dogs with long hair daily, this prevent the emergence of warlocks. Special protective equipment will also help. overalls who put on a walk.

Mandatory deworming every 3 months. Pills and sprays protect your pet from all types of parasites.

Having noticed the symptoms of intestinal diseases, you must immediately see a doctor. Anxiety should be caused by the urge to vomit, diarrhea, poor appetite, general depression. Occasion an urgent visit to the clinic will be itchy in the anus, swelling and redness of the skin, discharge from the anus.

If the dog began to ride on the priest, you need to immediately find reason. Sometimes the problem can be solved independently, in complex In cases you need the help of a veterinarian. Do not delay: than the sooner symptoms are detected, the easier it is to help the dog and save it health.

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