The puppy does not sleep and whines at night: tips and recommendations

How cute your puppy can be, how much he can annoy you at night. Puppies are full of energy, they can wake up very quickly and for no reason start barking, whine and run around the house at night like crazy. Accustoming to a cell or paddock and regular exercise will help you get through this quite a difficult way to restore your normal schedule sleep

The puppy does not sleep and whines at night: tips and recommendations

Get energy out of your puppy by playing with him during the whole day. Puppies usually play for 30 or 60 minutes, after which they lose almost all their energy and replenish it after sleep If they don’t find a suitable way to spend their energy, then most likely they will make you listen to their barking. The game, a crazy chase around the house or a short walk will help you make the puppy lay his head on his pillow at night time.

Let your little buddy take a walk just before bedtime. Try before sleep to arrange a puppy for a short walk or let him out into the yard, this will help prevent cheekbones and barking. If he wakes you up midnight, then he probably should take a walk or run again.

Schedule a schedule for his last meal about three hours before he goes to sleep. It will help you ensure that he does not wake up due to hunger in the middle of the night and will not go looking for something to eat.

Start accustoming him to a cage or paddock. Cage training will provide your puppy with shelter. First he probably will hate her, but will soon learn to love her new a safe haven. After training he will also look for him every time he gets tired. During learning while he’s in a cage, never mind him, until he stops whining, and teach him no more than 2-3 times a day for a maximum of one hour. When you sleep, set a cage or paddock in your room to help your puppy better relax.

Make the cage comfortable enough. Place a comfortable place to sleep inside the cage and, if necessary, line her with a blanket. Protect your puppy’s new shelter from the light by closing its upper part is sufficiently dense material. Puppies can sleep literally on anything, but a soft surface will always be more attractive.

Keep the noise level to a minimum. Puppies not tolerate external stimuli, especially sound ones, when they try fall asleep. Therefore, before going to bed next to the puppy is not recommended create clutter or talk loudly. Less noise, the greater the likelihood that he will not wake up and will not Jump and run to check what is happening.

Tips & Tricks

Put in a cage a quiet non-squeaking toy that will help to occupy the puppy in case he is too excited to sleep. Use only safe toys that he cannot break or ruin while you sleep.

Do not disturb your pet’s daytime sleep throughout the day. Puppies need a tremendous amount of sleep, compared to us, which may well reach 18 hours a day or more. If they will not get regular sleep, they can become moody, like a child, which also leads to barking and whining.

Never scream or discipline your puppy during his wanderings or when it was time to sleep. No matter what what are you doing and what steps are you taking, the first few nights since the puppy will probably be tough. After he adapt to the house and his new environment, he will become sleep at night is much calmer.

Never give in to your puppy’s barking and cheekbones. If only he does not need to go out in the middle of the night, ignore him. If you try to reassure him, or, even worse, think that he just need a couple of flip flops with a belt, then he will know that this a belt and a couple of screams will provide him with your coming and his salvation.

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