Features of Chihuahua Training

Most people far from cynology have the wrong opinion, that you should train only large dogs, which can be a threat to others. The remaining representatives of the canine world do not require training, especially if their weight does not exceed 2 kilograms. Well, what good is it with the doggie that fits in jacket pocket? Actually an ill-bred chihuahua breed pet can cause serious problems, and everyone will confirm the owner of such an amazing dog. These crumbs have a miniature size, but ambiguous, so chihuahua training – A necessary aspect of the pet’s stay in the house.

Why train a pocket pet

Many dog ​​handlers agree – owners of small dogs need more training than their four-legged buddies. Perhaps this statement will be offensive to dog breeders, but the truth is that the “sneeze” is obeyed by the owner only if if he considers him a leader, a leader. Features Chihuahua training read the article

And since most often a tiny pet in the house everyone spoils and allow, he takes a leadership position, and training turns into a difficult task – the dog does not see in the trainer a strong, confident person who should be respected and not question his decisions.

Yes, the chihuahas are very smart, they are sensitive to their mood people and, having felt a gap, begin to establish their regulations. Some people think that any flaws in behavior can be resolved. by force – pull the scared baby by the leash or push out rooms when he allowed himself too much. In practice, it turns out that everything is not so simple!

In such a tiny animal, there is a lot of courage and recklessness, and without socialization and parenting may face as follows:

  • adult males often initiate fights with more big brothers;
  • often chihuashki make shoots – on the street waiting for such crumbs imminent death;
  • doggie can be jealous of the owner to other pets, showing in their address aggression;
  • Chihuahuas can be very noisy – long, voiced, and most importantly, useless, barking can drive anyone crazy.

These are just a few of the problems that behavior can lead to. doggie, not recognizing the rules of conduct and authority of the owner. Education and training is a guarantee not only of obedience, but also ensure the safety of a miniature pet.

Psychological aspects

For beginners who have not previously experienced dog training, it’s worth start with the basics – understanding dog psychology and interpretation behavioral features. Only when born, puppy possesses a set of unconditioned reflexes enabling him survive in real conditions. Dog’s aspirations can be called primitive – she wants to live in satiety, comfort and warmth, be safe, it leaves a certain imprint on the formation of the psyche of the animal.

The owner should provide the pet with everything necessary: ​​convenient sunbed, ammunition, place for feeding and a complete diet. Before you deal with your pet, a person should get acquainted with basic concepts and clearly grasp their differences.


The ability of a pet to harmoniously exist in its environment The world is very important. If you pay due attention to socialization, then you can save the pet from excessive aggression towards brothers, cowardice, doggie will learn to properly respond to various situations, avoiding possible dangers. Chihuahua Training

From puppyhood, you should bring your pet to crowded places, long walk with him, changing routes, introducing other people and animals.


First of all, it is associated with the residence of the pet in the house. A well-educated baby will not mark all corners, bite his favorite slippers master or climb where you should not. Do not think that “sneeze” so smart that he himself knows what and how to do it. Yes smart but he will not use his intellect to please the owner, but solely for their own purposes – which means that he can “mischief” with all sophistication.


In this concept is the assimilation and development of various kinds teams. It’s usually enough for a chihuahua to master the basic program, consisting of 10-12 teams to make owner communication with pet as comfortable as possible. These dogs can learn more difficult tasks, but it already depends on whether the owner has desire to continue to engage with a four-legged friend.

Features of the education of a tiny pet

The educational process begins long before the puppy gets into a new family. He learns basic behavioral skills when copying mother, brothers and sisters. And already with 12-week-old babies from one litter can be divided by psychological type – some turn out to be restless choleric, others – thoughtful phlegmatic people, are also found among chihuahas and sanguine and melancholy.

At 3 months, babies absorb new knowledge, like sponges, but speed they have different assimilation. Regardless of the character, doggie ready for training, and only the wrong motivation of the owner can disrupt the natural process. Chihuahua can’t stand rude treatment, and if the jerk for the collar, the larger dog will perceive warning, someone can seriously be offended.

Choosing the right ammunition

To make the process more comfortable, it is important to ensure the crumbs convenient ammunition. Up to 12 months of age not recommended put a collar on the puppy, since when pulling the leash it can cause suffocation or even injure the trachea. Chihuahua Training Read the Article

The best accessory for a chihuahua is a harness vest or a harness strap having cross overlap in the sternum. Using regular harness can also lead to negative the consequences – deformation of the bones of the chest or their incorrect development.

As for the leash, there are no such restrictions – he It should be convenient for both the dog and the owner. But apply training ring is not recommended – this accessory is suitable exclusively for exhibitions.

Training Methods

Experts recommend owners to use incentive-motivational method and completely eliminate physical impact. But the sneeze is not as complaisant as it might seem at first sight. They often show “donkey” stubbornness, therefore, the owner must take a tough stance adamant the leader.

Forcing a dog to complete tasks is useless. Even if he once he agrees and does everything right, the next time he will protest again. It’s important to arouse the interest of the pet, present the task in such a way that he himself came up with how it to solve, and in the process – he coped with the question posed.

At first, your pet can be involved in food training encouragement. But sooner or later, the dog will lose interest in them, if not adhere to the following rules:

  • do not train your pet after he ate;
  • It’s not worth giving a dog for every positive result delicacy, once you can restrict yourself to praise.

Chihuahua has remarkable acting skills. He is with dexterity portrays super-tired or even injured animal. If the trick has passed, then it will float everything your abilities. The owner should already withdraw at first baby to clean water and nip such behavior strict reprimand.

Classes should be interesting and varied! Monotonous repetition of the same tasks does not just tire the pet, but annoying him— He can quickly learn commands at home conditions, especially if they follow the same algorithm, and when the situation changes, for example, when conducting training on the training site will prove that the dog has forgotten everything.

You should change the program, include game elements in it, move the exercise to another place where the pet can gradually to learn not to respond to external stimuli.

Basic program for chihuashki

Only the acquired baby is “restricted to travel abroad”, that is, his cannot be taken for walks until he is set the whole range of vaccinations. Normally, this process ends by 4 months of age. If for some reason they acted medical drainage from vaccination, this period can drag on to six months. But wasting this time is not recommended. For the period that the baby is at home, the owner should be taught basic skills:

  • respond to a nickname;
  • to relieve the need for a tray;
  • respond to commands “place”, “to me”, etc.

Chihuahua – a doggie not a timid dozen, but its very modest size does not allow him to adequately respond to opponents. And the owner special attention should be paid to working out the following commands:

  • “Fu” – the doggie must interrupt his actions;
  • “Near” – the movement of the pet at the left foot owner;
  • “To me” – upon hearing the command, the dog must go straight to the owner;
  • “Walk” – the baby can go to a walk.

The “sit”, “lay”, “stand” commands are also important, especially if we are talking about a dog participating in exhibitions.

Delicate toilet issue

Accustoming to a tray can cause the first difficulties, but Do not despair. It may take a lot of time, often owners follow the puppy on the heels, controlling the process. Before of all, setting a tight feeding schedule helps – doggie give food at the same time, and after 10-15 minutes they clean, do not leaving food leftovers. Chihuahua training. Delicate toilet issue

But to teach a dog to do things in a tray, it’s half the battle. Many the Chihuahas subsequently refuse to do this while walking and stubbornly “all his” carry home. And if the owner believes that his the pet should get used exclusively to the street toilet, with this the moment should be decided in advance:

  • in this case, you should refuse to use the tray immediately, it is enough for the puppy to lay newspapers or rags;
  • walks should last until the dog’s ease (note that some dogs can tolerate up to 20 hours);
  • particularly stubborn can be offered to walk on need to the tray, but on street (you will have to take the accessory with you), and as soon as everything is done – praise and encourage the pet in every way – gradually he will forget about that needs a pot.

But veterinarians are still inclined to believe that these babies do not wean from the tray, as they tend to urolithiasis, and prolonged “patience” increases risks of developing the disease.

Watch a video of 8 Chihuahua dog training rules

Doggie must walk on a leash!

If a big dog is a threat to others, then in the case of those around are a threat to the tiny doggie. Besides in addition, until the baby learns to resort to the first response to to the owner, he is in great danger. Therefore, it is important to teach favorite to leash, equip ammunition with addressees and individual chip, as these nimble dogs manage to escape, even being on a leash.

Chihuahua – a representative of the decorative breed, which for centuries served as a companion and even a talisman for man. But the master must not forget that this tiny pet always remains a real dog – faithful and a little wayward.

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