Cat Food Hills: A Detailed Review of Diet and its specifics

feed hills for cats reviews

Hills Cat Food is a premium product line class.

He gained his popularity not only thanks to the lineup balanced rations, but also thanks to the availability of medicinal compositions.

With the advent of the home of a furry pet, the question arises not only about toilet, vaccinations, clawpots, furminators and other accessories, but also about how to feed purr.

For the normal functioning of the body, the cat needs a balanced diet that is difficult to maintain, giving him traditional food from the table.

Therefore, most owners opt for ready-made feed.


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

Hills Cat Food has several lines that are available both dry and wet.

For adult pets, there are two series:

  • Science Plan – Hills Cat Food Line well-being and balanced nutrition of pets. Designed for adults and healthy pets.
  • Prescription Diet – This line is designed to power sick cats.

feed hills for cats reviews

The daily feed line includes a wide range rations

In turn, the Science Plan series includes the following products:

Herbal Control Cat Food Hills with taste hen

This Hills cat food has several benefits. properties:

  • due to its unique composition, it prevents the appearance of lumps from wool in the digestive tract of the animal;
  • nourishes the body with all the necessary substances, including those that help reduce shedding;
  • contains minerals that support and normalize the urinary system.

Cat Food Hills Sensative Skin

Suitable for daily meals. Additionally it contains beneficial omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as natural oils.

Its main property, in addition to saturating the body with all nutrients is the prevention of itchy skin, dry skin and their peeling.

feed hills for cats reviews

Or maybe natural? Look what delicious meat! Real jam!

Oral Kar food

Fodder Hills for cats “two in one.” At the same time nourishes and performs the function of a dentist. With such food your murka never will not be tormented by plaque or stone. Also, after this Your pet will have a pleasant supply of mouth.

Cat Food Hills Sensative Stomach

It tastes like chicken with egg and rice.

This diet is designed to facilitate digestion in pets.

It contains not ordinary proteins, but highly digestible.

Well-soluble fiber is also included.

feed hills for cats reviews

The feed must be balanced and free of harmful substances. Then you can be calm for the health of the pet

Cat Food Hills Sterilized Cat

The product tastes like chicken. This type of feed hills is intended for sterilized cats.

The composition of the diet is designed taking into account the need for weight control pet’s body, as well as preventing ICD.

For older cats that are 7 years old or older, Three types of diet are specially produced:

  • Felin Matur Adalt 7+ Asset Longviti;
  • Felin Matur Adalt 7+ Herbal Control;
  • Felin Matur Adalt 7+ Sterilized Cat.

These feeds are distinguished by the presence of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and less phosphorus.

Also, these products prevent the development of kidney ailments, lump formation in HCT and are suitable for feeding sterilized pets.

feed hills for cats reviews

The wet series of the treatment series is available in small packets of 85 g

The Hills Treatment Feed for Cats is as follows products:

  • Feline w / d and k / d – products for cats that have excess weight, diabetes;
  • Feline j / d – food for pets suffering from arthritis;
  • Felayn multikar – a product for representatives of cats with urinary tract ailments;
  • Feline l / d – designed to feed cats with problems the liver.

feed hills for cats reviews

Food for obesity? Yes, and delicious? And is there meat in it? Carry two!

Hills dry food can be purchased in packs of 0.3, 1.5 and 5 kg

Therapeutic products have a minimum packaging weight of 0.4 kg


According to the manufacturer, dry hills for cats Hills contains only natural ingredients.

The set of ingredients depends on the chosen taste and type.

Wet cat food Hills (canned food) have decent meat structure.

According to independent estimates, these products got 4 stars out of 5. (one star was shot due to the presence of by-products in the feed animal origin).

Important! Some people think that It is more beneficial to feed cats with a treatment series than usual. In fact this is not so: the composition of the therapeutic product may be harmful healthy pet.

For example, a Hills cat food showing “Herbal Control” with Chicken flavor has the following composition:

  • at least 46% chicken;
  • poultry flour;
  • ground corn;
  • gluten flour;
  • cellulose;
  • animal fat;
  • ground rice;
  • protein hydrolyzate;
  • potassium chloride;
  • calcium sulfate;
  • salt;
  • DL-methionine;
  • taurine;
  • vitamins;
  • trace elements.

According to the manufacturer, the product contains only natural preservatives: citric acid, rosemary extract, and also a mixture of tocopherols.

Advantages and disadvantages

In general, the owners of animals are quite satisfied with the products manufacturer.

From the positive aspects of cat food Hills should be highlighted such moments:

  • availability;
  • suitable for sterilized cats;
  • good balanced composition and a wide range of rations for cats with various diseases;
  • a wide selection of feeds depending on the age of the pet;
  • the manufacturer does not hide the composition: it is completely painted on packaging.

Important! For normal functioning of the body, the pet needs both dry and wet feed. Therefore, it is optimal to alternate between these two types.

feed hills for cats reviews

Since many owners castrate cats and sterilize cats, the type Sterilised Cat is particularly popular

Of the negative aspects, buyers note about:

  • high in vegetable protein and carbohydrates;
  • the possibility of an allergic reaction;
  • wet feed hills are slightly worse in quality compared to dry.


The choice of feed is a crucial question. After all, a pet cannot take care of it yourself.

Due to the wide range of both daily and medical Hills for cats, the solution is simple enough to find:

  • for sterilized cats up to 7 years old Feline Young Adult Sterilised Cat, and after 7 – Feline Mature Adult 7+ Sterilised Cat
  • for pets suffering from obesity – Feline m / d;
  • with liver diseases – Feline l / d;
  • with MKT – Feline c / d Multicare.

According to the manufacturer, for a healthy daily diet adult cat of any breed (snow shu, serval, chinchilla, savannah, reed cats, etc.) fit:

  • Feline Adult Hairball Control;
  • Feline Adult Indoor Cat;
  • Feline Adult Light;
  • Feline Adult Optimal Care;
  • Feline Adult Oral Care;
  • Feline Adult Sensitive Skin;
  • Feline Adult Sensitive Stomach.

For a daily menu of favorites that have reached the age of 7, It is recommended to choose Feline Mature Adult 7+ Active Longevity or Feline Mature Adult 7+ Hairball Control.

feed hills for cats reviews

Lunch time

However, it is worth remembering that some medicinal feeds for Hills cats have their limitations.

For example, the overweight ruler does not recommended for animals during pregnancy and lactation, and also in the diagnosis of kidney ailments.


Feedback from veterinarians and animal owners is generally positive. Here several of them:

Artem, Simferopol: “We had to completely review our cat’s diet after identifying urolithiasis. We were advised this feed as the best value for money. The cat feels good, everyone is happy. I recommend”.

Daria, Kiev: “We switched to the Hills recently, and such the feeling that our cat has increased appetite. Quite possible, that these are just flavors in the feed, but because, as we explained a familiar veterinarian, this corpulent one, and there’s a lot all trace elements mixed – let our Yorbert feed on them more, we are only for healthy eating. ”

Alexandra, St. Petersburg: “We have a Peterbald, this is a girl, and she will soon turn two years old. And she also there will be kittens soon! I consulted at a pet store and with our veterinarian – everyone is advised to choose a maternity feed for the pet kitties. So we feed Hills SciencePlan – we are waiting soon replenishment! “.

If the animal is not picky and healthy, almost any Science Plan product is a pleasure to eat.

Pet owners aged 8-10 years old note that after the shift the diet for dry feed Hills for cats, the condition of the coat is noticeable improves, as does the activity of animals.

feed hills for cats reviews

Try it, very tasty!

Allergic cases are not excluded. reactions.

If your pet is allergic to corn, gluten or soy components, it is better to refrain from buying this food.


Hills Cat Food is a premium product line.

The market offers a wide range of these products, which can be selected for both healthy and sick cats.

feed hills for cats reviews

What will we eat today? Chicken? Or maybe, tuna?

The composition of the feed is quite decent, although the Hills wet feed worse quality than dry.

Another unpleasant moment is the possibility of an allergic reactions.

For cats, the worst product in these foods is corn.

It is she who often causes allergies.

In general, this product has a normal ratio “price-quality” and is normally perceived by the majority pets.

Корм Хиллс для кошек: все о рационах и их специфике

Hills Cat Food is a premium product line class. He gained his popularity not only thanks to the lineup balanced rations, but also thanks to the availability of medicinal compositions.

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