How to become a leader for a dog: educate perfect pet

Many dog ​​handlers focus on the fact that the owner should be not just a friend to the dog, but also a leader. AND indeed, this point is very important, especially when it comes to large, powerful, wayward representatives of dogs. Will there be a dog essentially a flocking animal, perfectly obeying a person, if you don’t see him as a leader? Is it possible to achieve perfect execution teams, when the pet perceives a person for equal? Answer suggests itself. How to become a leader for a dog, and make it is competent, without causing confrontation and without humiliating the four-legged comrade?

What is the root of the problem

Dogs are descendants of wolves, and it is customary for these predators to live in a pack, adhering to strictly established rules. The success of the pack in the hunt livestock growth, increase in territory largely depend on leader’s determination and intelligence. Yes, he has a number of privileges, but even more responsibility lies with him. Other members communities must obey implicitly, and this is not is being discussed. How to become a leader for a dog

Naturally, a leader is a smart, cunning animal that can solve problems with minimal risks for other members flocks. For dogs, this leader is the owner, or rather, must to appear. When a puppy appears in the house, he perceives the owner that person who acts as a “competent parent”. That is, the one who pays more attention to the pet is engaged in it education, training, walks, participates in all important events and gives the first knowledge about the world.

At this stage, the dog-host relationship is built, and depends only on the behavior of the latter, his actions whether he is a leader status in the puppy’s eyes. Usually in puppyhood the owners do not pay much attention to disobedience of the pet, attributing everything to age and ignorance. But behavioral defects necessarily appear when the puppy enters the sexual period ripening. At this time, he will begin to search for his own place in family hierarchy, and always trying to take leadership position.

On the one hand, this is a good sign – the pet is growing up and feels his physical and moral strength. But what methods he uses, shows how the owner has strengthened in position the leader. The owner should be wary if the dog is behaving in the following way:

  • shows aggression against the owner – looks menacingly, growls, Rocky, simulates an attack;
  • takes a master’s place and is in no hurry to free him when the owner appears;
  • shows disobedience, and does it regularly, as if testing a person “for strength”.

With this behavior, the dog must admit that the dog doesn’t perceive him as a “leader” and even makes attempts “put in place.” How to become a leader for a dog read the article

In this case, do not despair and give up or try too zealously to “educate” the offender, using hard methods. In the first case, the dog will finally establish itself on the top step of the hierarchical ladder, in the second – will evil or cowardly. The dog acts on its own instincts, is it worth it to blame?

Any incorrect dog behavior is the result of errors “educator”. So, you should start with yourself, analyze educational process and, if required, study special literature. Usually help in raising a dog a certain breed is provided by the breeder when it comes to professional, or experienced dog handler. Moreover, most mistakes can be avoided already at the first stages of education, and then no correction is required.

Watch a video on how to become a leader for a dog

How a real leader should behave

Many quite ordinary situations a person and a dog consider different, and if for the owner they do not make much sense, then the dog in they can be seen by human weakness, practically invitation to the role of leader. These are the following points:

  1. It is important to pay due attention to socialization. The pet does not have to sit in four walls all the time or be on the territory of the house. Also walking along the usual route not enough for a dog to get to know the outside world. Master must be a guide, go first – this is how a leader behaves, and the dog see new places, communicate with strangers and animals.
  2. The dog must not see fear or panic the owner. If a person starts screaming, screaming or fuss, the dog will regard this as self-doubt, weakness. Moreover, dogs are able to capture the smell of fear.
  3. The leader always goes ahead. It doesn’t matter it’s the entrance to the apartment, elevator or movement on the stairs – the dog is not should get ahead of myself. It is not recommended to allow situations where the animal, going upstairs, looks at the owner, feeling his superiority.
  4. Planning is the lot of the owner. If the owner assigns a lesson to the training site, then it can be canceled only him. No tricks of a cunning pet should interfere process. The same applies to hygiene procedures, a trip to veterinarian and other important matters. All that is planned should to happen, and the dog to obey the will of the elder.
  5. The game is a serious matter. If a person perceives the game with dragging the subject exclusively in as fun, then a young animal with leadership makings, like bloodless martial arts. The leader must to win, if a person is inferior in physical strength, it’s worth use the trick, because the main thing is the result.
  6. Any manifestation of aggression against the owner punishable. In this case, it is necessary to strictly approach indirect malice. For example, if a dog starts to gnaw a brush, which the owner combed it, or trying to bite a claw cutter, as he does not like the clipping procedure. So the dog dissatisfied with the actions of the “leader”, and the leader never will tolerate such a “mini-revolt.”
  7. Dog on the couch – how to behave to the owner? About whether a pet can relax on the master’s furniture or not, still disputes continue to subside, and many owners allow such liberties to your favorites. But even in this case, the dog must know about the boundaries – Having taken the place of the owner, he is obliged to immediately concede it. If this is not happens, a person is not recommended to try to drive out “impudent”, and it’s better to sit as if there is nobody on the sofa / armchair / bed. Dog will understand such a “crowding out” that occurs without physical methods and aggression.
  8. Training and education are necessary! Not worth it to think that only representatives of large breeds need it, since even a rabid Yorkshire terrier or poodle can become a source of big problems. In addition, during the process the dog takes over the experience of the owner and even more begins to respect him as a wise and intelligent mentor.
  9. Demonstration of abilities – plus benefits the leader. If the owner shows the dog that he is holding well on the water, swims and teaches this pet, his position on the top hierarchical step is fixed.
  10. Unwanted behavior is suppressed at the slightest signs. Usually an attentive host picks up the slightest changes in the behavior of a four-legged friend. He may notice that dog interested in running cat approaching cyclist or another dog. The pet stiffened, took a certain position, pulled on a leash? Immediately give a prohibiting command, before how the trouble will happen.
  11. Soft methods should not be neglected. pressure. It is with them that it is necessary to begin, educating favorite. In most cases, a disapproving look is enough, angry notes in the voice so that the dog realizes its mistakes. Seasoned the leader will not start a fight with a weaker one because of any misconduct, he will demonstrate fortitude and moral superiority. Fighting can only happen if a real rival arises, disputing the leadership of the leader.
  12. The dog must know what he is punished for. All experienced dog breeders know that you can only punish a dog “by hot, “when he was caught during the” act. “Otherwise In this case, the dog will not understand why it is scolded, if it is so joyfully meets his beloved master. Dog and man

Subject to these rules, you can really “rise in eyes of a four-legged friend and take the place of leader. Of course, in the case with some particularly dominant individuals will have more than once to prove their superiority, however, if there is knowledge and experience, it will not be difficult.

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