Teach your dog the team die

A trick that always causes a storm of delight in children and adults, which is called “Die!”, is not included in the course of mandatory commands and It does not bear a special intellectual and physical load. However many owners want to teach their fourth friend how to a similar task, uplifting, both others and to the stuntman himself. How to teach your pet to “die” for fun to the viewers?

Why is this team needed?

Do not think that if the command will not be used in practical purposes, and “die” is such a task, then she considered useless. First of all, it is worth noting that being funny, familiar action, dogs really like it, and they it is performed with pleasure. This is not tough training, but rather a playful, relaxing activity that is useful to give your pet in moments of stressful situations – when moving, participating in shows and other Teach a dog to die team read the article

Dogs do not always tolerate a change of scenery, and playing with compulsory promotion can reduce anxiety. Moreover, mastering stunt tasks that go beyond the framework of the main course, positively affects the mental development of the pet, improves discipline and promotes unconditional submission to the owner. Sharing time makes friendship between man and dog stronger, they begin to better understand each other.

When can I start training?

Of course, everything is individual, but most puppies die able to assimilate from 3 months. It’s important that the baby learned two nuances: any correctly executed team is encouraged dainty, and after assignments, games and fun await him.

However, dog handlers note that dogs are better suited to training, crossed the line of adolescence. By 12 months old pets already mastered the basic set of knowledge, much quicker grasp the essence tasks and usually do not have difficulty in performing, even difficult tasks. Adult dog needs updating repertoire, and she seeks to learn. But this is general information, and it all depends on the temperament of the animal and its breed features.

Watch the video and learn how to train a dog to die a “die”:

Learning Features

To let the dog learn a new task, you can apply the following ways:

  • fixing desired behavior;
  • focused team development.

Using the right approach and compulsory encouragement, pet in a couple of weeks, or even faster, he will fulfill the command. IN What is the team itself? And everything is simple – you need a dog roll onto your back and lift your paws up. Like that he must fix the position until he hears a team that allows him to “return from the next world.” If everyone executed clearly – surely follows praise and transmission “risen” yummy.

Training is best done according to the following plan:

  • It’s important to choose the right time, the time will come when the dog already stretched out and not averse to rest. You need to give the command “Lie!” and sit next to the pet on your knees.
  • In your hand you should keep goodness on the side of the pet’s head and move to his shoulder (a similar practice is used when the team “somersault!”). The goal is achieved if the dog rolled over on its side.
  • The next step is to keep moving, helping the dog lie down on the back, holding it in the middle of the body. If the dog did take the position you need, you need to praise and stroke peritoneum. It’s important to back up your actions with praise and a team “die!”, and pronounce it clearly, and slightly increasing the volume.
  • When the dog begins to manage to take a lying position, worth trying to offer him to lie down and roll over on his back without the help of the owner, but with the use of goodies. If the dog is not fixed on the back, and immediately rolled onto the other side, stands hold it by the chest. And then gently release your hands, so that the pet is already lying.
  • Training is recommended until the pet will be able to complete the task independently – by receiving a voice or gesture command. The dog must be in a “dead” position until those as long as the owner does not give a hang up command – by the way, for this you can come up with any word – “You are healthy”, “Rise!” and etc.

Team die! causes emotion and laughter, therefore it is recommended use it to cheer up and positive!

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