A camel died in an accident

Near Irkutsk, the driver of the truck in which artiodactyls, lost control. Resulting machine rolled over and flew into the ditch.

A message about a truck overturning was received by the Ministry of Emergencies not far from the village of Educhanka. In the car cabin there were two men. None of them were hurt, which is impossible say about transported animals.

In the back were two circus camels. As a result of the accident one of them died, crushing the other with his body. Arrived at place rescuers were able to drag the affected animal with fire hoses. According to experts, the second camel injury is not received – only escaped with fear.

The entire rescue operation took place in a 40-degree frost. It was it was decided to urgently drove the camel to the nearest village, where so he could eat and keep warm.

Glory – that’s the name of a local celebrity – is now in one of the premises of the fire department and is waiting for the issue to be resolved with its transportation.

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