Bailiffs seized thoroughbred puppies from Novgorod debtor

The bailiffs recently visited with a claim for non-payment child support debt to a resident of Veliky Novgorod. She owed about 100 thousand rubles.

During the visit to the intruder, the bailiffs heard from behind the door dorm room puppy screeching squeals. It turned out that women not at home. The bailiffs had to call all the neighbors and find out where may be a Novgorod. She was found in a few hours.

Husky Puppy

There were 2 husky puppies in the room who didn’t even have water. Bailiffs specially for the four-legged brought food and poured water. But during the next visit, it was decided to pick up animals, since the woman was not going to take care of them. how it turned out that the husky belonged to the former cohabitant of the alimony, who is currently in the colony.

From that moment, the life of the dogs changed and went on smoothly. Them temporarily placed in a shelter, from where one puppy has already been taken to the family. And for the second husky will soon find loving owners.

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