Rottweiler puppies – photo and development from birth to of the year

“Athletes among dogs” – that’s what the Rottweilers are called. it beautifully built, powerful, hardy animals. Even the little ones puppies are quite massive and strong. But for development in physically and mentally healthy dog the baby needs good nutrition, regular exercise, parenting, socialization and training.

Development periods

Newborn puppies weigh 4 5 0-7 00 g. By the end of the first month life they increase by about 5-6 times. This is the most active. period of development. By the second month, the puppy is gaining approximately a quarter, and by the fifth – half of its maximum weight. Newborn babies are black, with barely noticeable tan marks. Them tarsi still small and weak, but already with noticeable claws. The ears pressed to the head, but the eyes do not see anything. The further development is divided by dog handlers into periods:

  • Infant (one -7 weeks). A monthly baby is in dire need of maternal care. He is just learning to use his organs. feelings, use paws, tail, mouth.
  • Adaptation (4-7 weeks). Puppies become active and restless: learn to run and communicate, actively get to know people and the outside world.
  • Socialization (7-12 weeks). The beginning of education and training pet: show the boundaries of what is allowed, teach teams, behavior with people, dogs, other animals.
  • Domination (12-17 weeks). The young dog becomes strong and independent, why wants to command the “flock”: the owner is important firmly, but without beating, intimidation to show that the main thing is man.
  • Independence (4-8 months). The owner patiently trains the dog correct behavior, does not allow her to dominate people.
  • The period of fear (8-14 months). The animal can scare outwardly harmless thing that affects his psyche. The owner with the dog overcomes her fears, makes it clear that the person is always can rely.

The mental development of the Rottweiler lasts up to 2-4 years. Having reached puberty, the dog can again become nervous, naughty. The owner cuts off bad behavior on time, shows discontent, but does not use physical violence. Photos and videos of newborn Rottweiler puppies: Photos and videos of a Rottweiler puppy 1 month: Photo and video of a Rottweiler puppy 2 months: Photos and video of a Rottweiler puppy 3 months: Photos and videos of a Rottweiler puppy 4 months: Photo and video of a Rottweiler puppy 5 months: Photos and videos of a Rottweiler puppy 6 months: Photos and videos of a Rottweiler puppy 7 months: Photos and videos of a Rottweiler puppy 8 months: Photos and videos of a Rottweiler puppy, 9 months old: Rottweiler photo 12 months:

Monthly height and weight

Table of the standard development of Rottweiler puppies:

Age (months) Height (cm) at the withers Weight, kg)
Males Females Males Females
1 20-22 18-20 4-4.5 3-3.5
2 30-33 25-30 7-9 6-8
3 45-48 35-45 12-14 10 -14
4 50-53 47-50 17-20 15-17
5 54-55 50-55 20-24 18-20
6 56-59 55-57 30-35 25-30
7 60-61 58-60 35-40 31-32
8 61-62 59-61 43-46 33-35
9 62-63 61-62 46-50 35-36
10 63-64 62-63 47-50 36-38
eleven 64-65 63-64 48-50 38-40
12 65-67 64-65 49-50 40-42

The given indicators are average, secondary. Healthy, actively developing puppy – a pet that eats with appetite, He sleeps well, plays with excitement, runs tirelessly. If he is a little lags behind standard parameters (or overtakes them), it is only individual characteristics. The development of the young Rottweiler is influenced by the totality factors:

  1. Features of cultivation. Puppy development begins in the womb, so it’s important for the breeder to provide the dog balanced, timely feeding, proper care. If the animal lacks vitamins, nutrients, it is necessary affects the health of her offspring.
  2. Puppy ration. Already the first lure is quality and healthy: premium liquid, dry food. Home hosts natural diet, must also take care of a full, a varied diet: balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, Vitamin, mineral supplements. It’s lean meat and fish, cereals, boiled vegetables, fresh herbs, eggs, dairy products, cottage cheese.
  3. Genetics. It’s hard to get powerful from small parents progeny. The “gene quiz” may have a tendency to be overweight or dystrophic physique, accelerated or somewhat late development.
  4. Physical activity. The dog will not grow strong and muscular, if they do not run with her, do not train. Owner is ready spend at least 2 hours of active walks with the rottweiler day: run, swim, conquer the mountains, engage in dog training playground, play. The golden mean is important: bringing the dog to exhaustion is no less harmful to his health.

If a very young Rottweiler suffered a severe infection, suffers from congenital pathology, chronic disease, it is by all means affects its development. The animal lags in height and weight, it somewhat weaker than peers. Get it back in shape special diet and physical exercise on the advice of a veterinarian.

Characteristics of Adult Animals

A mature rottweiler is a large dog. Undesirable both too low and heavy. Lag behind the standard parameters turns into a reduced immunity, susceptibility to diseases. And an excess of weight gives complications to the heart, vascular system, joints, leads to chronic digestive problems. Weight of adult animals:

  • Boys: 50 kg.
  • Girls: 42 kg.

Rottweilers grow in height only up to 1 year. But development a young animal lasts up to 2 years – the dog becomes more strong, powerful. His bone skeleton is developing, and muscle mass continues to grow. The standards are as follows:

  • Height at the withers: males – 61-68 cm, females – 55-65 cm.
  • Body length: boys – 70-78 cm, girls – 64-72 cm.
  • Chest girth: males – 73-82 cm, females – 67-76 cm.

There is a connection between the parameters: the body length should not exceed height at the withers by 15%. Chest girth exceeds height (height at the withers), on average, by 20%.

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