Small breed puppies – dogs that stay small

Many puppies grow very fast, blinked – and the cheerful puppy is already became a large, balanced and adult dog. Nevertheless, different breeds of dogs grow differently and some of them remain as small as in puppyhood. These miniature and decorative breeds are often perceived as young and growing puppies, even when they are long overdue.

Small breed puppies - dogs that stay small

Mini and that breed

Mini varieties such as toy poodle, English toy spaniel, toy fox terrier and toy man terrier are bred in as smaller or smaller versions of their larger colleagues. Dogs of that species are much smaller than standard ones. dogs of the same breed.

A poodle, for example, has three varieties – standard (large), medium (small) and that (miniature). At the same time a poodle, despite the size, is as nice, loyal and amazing clever. Most dogs, including terriers, are very affectionate, gentle and friendly.

Small or dwarf breeds

Miniature or dwarf breeds, which are also smaller versions of standard dogs are a frequent choice urban dwellers since they don’t need much living space. Miniature (dwarf) pinscher and schnauzer, miniature labrador and small Italian greyhound have growth from 20 to 30 cm at the withers and weight not more than 5-8 kg. These are small but energetic and curious dogs with advanced watchdog abilities becoming an increasingly popular choice for housing content conditions.


If you are looking for a really small buddy, think about little terriers. Yorkshire, Australian Silky Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, Norfolk Terrier and core-terrier – very small breeds, weighing no more than 4-7 kg. But remember that terriers are inherently very energetic, assertive and somewhat stubborn dogs that require regular physical exercises. Some long-haired terriers, such as York, also need regular grooming.

Small Breeds

There are many other breeds that are not in the category. miniature and toy breeds but are still relatively small and very popular. These are, for example, breeds such as dachshund, pug, maltese, chihuahua, havanese, gentle and friendly cavalier king charles spaniel, loving pekingese, chinese crested, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Papillon, Affenpincher and Brussels griffon. These breeds usually weigh no more than 10 kg, but possess delightful and loving character and will surely please your a heart.

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