Japanese nicknames for dogs: boys and girls

Japanese culture is attracting attention more and more often to meet on the street dogs whose origin is associated with this island state. Akita, Japanese Terriers, Chins, Spitz – charming pets with a very pretty appearance. And often the owners of such a miracle choose traditional nicknames names for them, looking into the Japanese dictionary. But the rest dog breeders do not stand aside, trying on the original oriental words and phrases to your favorites. What are the Japanese nicknames for dogs of boys and girls deserve close attention?

Japanese boys nicknames

From the first days a puppy is in his house, the owner notices main features of his character and behavior. Does the baby like to sleep or is most of the time active, does it spoil things at a terrible speed or does minimum harm, eats with appetite and asks for a supplement or moderate in food. This can help pick up the one that fits the nickname for the boy. Japanese nicknames for dogs read the article

The calm, balanced boy will use the name Anto – an island of calm, and it’s better to call the restless baby Orino – frolic in the meadows, or Kavo – a source of energy.

Doggie, who is assigned the role of a pet, can be called by the following name:

  • Aiko is the beloved;
  • Kadan – friend, companion;
  • Keiko is a lover;
  • Kumiko – baby;
  • Machiko is lucky;
  • Nariko is an obedient child;
  • Nikko is sunny;
  • Sato – sugar;
  • Sachiko is a child of happiness;
  • Haru is the child of spring;
  • Chibi is cute.

If the pet is fearless, enviable courage and with a warlike disposition, he proudly carries this name:

  • Dai – the great;
  • Willow – strong, strong;
  • Katana – a samurai sword;
  • Kabuto – samurai armor;
  • Michiko is fair;
  • Ricky is strong;
  • Osaka is a great dragon.

Among other names, there are those that speak of coat color, therefore, this fact can also be used by selecting a nickname favorite:

  • Aka – red;
  • Gin – silver;
  • Kuri – chestnut-colored;
  • Kuro – black;
  • Taji – yellow with silver;
  • Mikan – the color of orange;
  • Chico – chocolate;
  • Shiro – snow-white;
  • Yuki is snowy.

In addition, the puppy-boy can be called other “talking” by names:

  • Aki – born in the fall;
  • Kumo is a spider;
  • Kaede – a leaf of maple;
  • Kamede – living a long time;
  • Maeko – not accepting a lie;
  • Mariko – rounded;
  • Mori – forest (often such a nickname is given to hunting dogs);
  • Natsuko – was born in the summer;
  • Taishi – ambitious;
  • Taka – of noble birth;
  • Fuku – brings good luck and material well-being;
  • Hoshiko is a star.

Japanese girls nicknames

The four-legged baby can also pick up the original nickname in Japanese style to which she will always respond. Among I want especially beautiful Japanese words with an unusual translation Mark:

  • Aiko – as the Japanese call lovers;
  • Akina – spring flower;
  • Mai – saturation, brightness;
  • Kami is a deity;
  • Kibu – lets hope;
  • Mitsu – with radiance;
  • Miki – flower stalk;
  • Mina – southerner;
  • Momo is the fruit of a peach;
  • Nariko – affectionate baby;
  • Michieh – an exquisite flower;
  • Niyoko is a treasure, priceless;
  • Nami – can walk on the waves;
  • Oki – is the heart of the ocean;
  • Sakura – cherry during flowering;
  • Tenshi is an angel from heaven;
  • Hana – blossoms;
  • Satu is a sweet.

Northern dogs that are used for riding, hunting and other needs, they often give such nicknames: Kita – northern, Kava – is a source of energy, Yukiko is a child of snow. Japanese nicknames

If you want to note the character traits, then the puppy can give the nickname Willow – the hardness of the stone, Maeko – true, Nikko – sunny, Rei – likes to thank, Leiko – proud, Kyoko – came to this world happy, Taka – noble, Sumi – pure, neat, honest, Torah is a tigress, Mayami is a true smile.

The puppy of the decorative breed is nicknamed Tsuyu – dew drops, Chibi – baby, Cho – butterfly, Ichigo – wild strawberry, Kaede – maple leaf, Natsuko – a child born in the summer, Oji – small tree, Hoshi is an asterisk.

Japanese is a mystery to most people, it is full inexplicable and mysterious. And if you need an unusual nickname for four-legged comrade, with a hidden meaning, you can here pick up something original with oriental flavor.

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