German Shepherd puppy at 2 months

German shepherds are medium sized dogs. By 2 months they perfectly see and hear, orient in space, eat on their own, relieve the need. Age is considered suitable for finding a puppy new home. In dogs begins an important stage of socialization – kutyats learn to communicate with their own kind, other animals and people.

Photos and videos of puppies in 2 months

German Shepherd puppy at 2 months

German Shepherd puppy at 2 months

German Shepherd puppy at 2 months

German Shepherd puppy at 2 months

German Shepherd puppy at 2 months

German Shepherd puppy at 2 months

German Shepherd puppy at 2 months

Development, weight and height

Average values for representatives of the breed:

  • The boys. Height – 35-37 cm, weight – 8-9 kg.
  • Girls. Height – 30-32 cm, weight – 7-8 kg.

A slight deviation from these parameters is not considered pathological. Dimensions, weight of puppies vary depending on the amount of coddle in the litter, hereditary predisposition, age of mother, conditions of detention, nutrition of babies.

Two months is a period of intensive growth, mass gain. German Shepherd dog gradually gets rid of puppy puffiness – animal extended in length, its paws become powerful. Color becomes more personalized, crisp. However, only fully formed after the first molt.

Feeding, diet

For proper, full-fledged development, it is important not to interrupt artificially the process of milk feeding is being cured. He is ending to 6-8 weeks of life. Milk is not only a nutritious product for growing organism. Colostrum Helps Boost Immunity animal.

Milk itself promotes proper blood circulation, sufficient saturation of body cells with oxygen. Replace it with no goat, no cow – the puppy may have a strong allergic reaction. If the kitten was taken from his mother early, he prescribe artificial milk developed by special formula.

By the 8th week of life, milk is completely removed from the diet Kutenka. Further feeding them can lead to problems with the digestive tract. The animal is transferred to a special food for German Shepherd puppies. It differs from adult food in high calorie, increased the content of calcium, fats, proteins. Best if schedule The veterinarian will recommend nutrition.

Another feeding option is natural food. It’s natural dog food, the ability to feed a pet with quality products, make an individual menu for him. But the dog’s natural nutrition takes a lot of time: the owner will have to cook daily for Shepherd dogs fresh dishes, independently calculate KBZhU, periodically procured by a variety of products. Puppies at this age can to offer:

  • beef, veal;
  • eggs:
  • chicken fillet, offal (heart, liver);
  • buckwheat, oatmeal, rice porridge;
  • fermented baked milk, yogurt;
  • grated apples and carrots, baked vegetables.

Each meal is 600-800 g of food. Transition from milk to natural feeding smooth – the owner increases the share daily meat, vegetables, cereals.

The diet of the animal should not contain:

  • fatty meats, fish;
  • sausages, canned food for people;
  • bones
  • bakery products;
  • stone fruits and berries;
  • sweets, chocolate and other sweets;
  • legumes;
  • potatoes;
  • spices, salt, spices.

In the first lures, food must be moistened, softened. The puppy is provided with round-the-clock access to the bowl with fresh water. By the end of the 2nd month of life, the dog is gradually being transferred on completely dry food. For all types of food, shepherds are shown vitamin supplements, especially in spring and autumn.

At 2-4 months, puppies need to be fed 4-5 times a day – in advance schedule, at strictly defined hours. Young dogs right away they are taught to discipline: one meal takes 10 minutes. Managed whether the puppy to eat the entire contents of the bowl or not, after a time a plate of food is removed.

Strict adherence to nutritional schedule promotes development the discipline of the German shepherd is part of her upbringing and intellectual training. This is preparatory stage to more meaningful and difficult exercises.

Puppy care

At 2 months, puppies receive the first vaccination against plague and parovirus enteritis. This is a double vaccination – after 2-3 weeks need revaccination. In further vaccination passes each year.

Caring for a two month old German Shepherd puppy includes following aspects:

  1. Walking. After vaccination, the puppy can be accustomed to daily walks, leash. German shepherd needs 2-3 walking lasting at least half an hour.
  2. Education and training. Two months is the most suitable age to learn basic commands, familiarize the dog with the boundaries permitted in relation to the owner and his family.
  3. Convergence of need. Control your natural needs the dog will learn only by 4-6 months. But a two month old puppy is already possible to train to relieve the need on the street, taking him out for a walk right after awakening, and then every 2-3 hours.
  4. Place of sleep. A German shepherd living in a home must have its own place for rest – bed, bedding. To teach a puppy to him, the owner puts on the couch favorite things, puppy toys. If a kitten, Having played, he fell asleep in another place, he is carefully transferred to litter.
  5. Nickname. Two-month-old shepherd dogs already unmistakably respond to their name. It’s easy to train a smart animal to its own nickname – just repeat the name, calling the dog to eat, stroking, caressing his.
  6. Hair care. The animal needs to be combed 1-2 times in a week – to get rid of excess hair, tassels. Frequent bathing optionally, 2-3 water procedures per year are sufficient. Daily it is worth washing only the paws – after each walk.
  7. Ear cleaning. From the accumulations of sulfur, ear canals are cleaned once in 2-4 weeks. Up to 6 months, the procedure is carried out very carefully so that Do not damage fragile cartilage.
  8. Eyes. As the puppy’s eyes become dirty, they clear special solution, hypoallergenic wet wipes.

If the dog eats dry food, the owner does not forget to clean his teeth with a special powder, a brush – for the prevention of dental stone.

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