Zwergschnauzer’s haircut and trimming

Miniature Schnauzer – funny doggie, positive and funny, is the smallest member of the schnauzer family. Like more large brethren, is considered a hypoallergenic breed, since its tough wool does not fade. But because of this quality, the coat the tsverg needs special care. In addition, no treatment the pet will not look neat and cute. Haircut and Zwergschnauzer trimming is not an easy thing, but the owners have the choice is to get acquainted with the technique, cut and trim your pet yourself or seek help from professionals.


  • 1. Features of tsverg’s wool
  • 2. Trimming – not only for beauty, but also for hygiene
  • 3. When the first pinch is required
  • 4. Cutting the face
  • 5. Video about trimming and caring for the miniature schnauzer
  • 6. Step-by-step trimming process

Features of Zwerg wool

All schnauzers have an unusual coat, which consists of stiff awn and soft undercoat. Zwerg is a real dude, he has adorning wool on his limbs, a skirt, often her the shade is in harmony with the color of the shortened spine that covers the stomach and back. Thanks to the rigid structure, the dog’s outfit acquires a certain shape. Zwergschnauzer's haircut and trimming read the article

But often the owners themselves spoil the quality of the hair your pet, starting to trim it. In this case, the spine loses its natural elasticity and becomes soft. Of course, dog’s hair begins to grow faster, may become more dense, but stiffness of the bristles is steadily decreasing.

Then the schnauzer begins to shed on its own, as most ordinary dogs, and he loses his personality – hair unique texture. His fur coat becomes dusty, without elasticity and natural sheen she looks dull.

Wire-like wool is the hallmark of the miniature schnauzer, but only if she is well-groomed. With the wrong approach or without proper care, the dog loses its pedigree appearance, and sometimes even it’s hard to guess which breed the dog belongs to.

Trimming – not only for beauty, but also for hygiene

Owners of such a pet should pay special attention standard procedures: washing your pet using special detergents suitable for tough wool and paw care – they are washed after each walk.

But the main difficult procedure is trimming. At the tsvergs hairs growing to a certain length die off and prepare for molting. But they themselves do not fall out, so they must be removed mechanically by plucking.

Two trims per year is enough to ease the condition pet and rid it of discomfort. To make the dog look gently, the pinch should be carried out more often, since wool is often grows faster, begins to partially crawl out, depriving a doggie attractive appearance.

Fur regrowth often occurs in layers, and each layer different in length and stiffness. In these situations, remove the top one, the dead layer can be hands, under it will be new, healthy hair.

The trimming procedure is considered completed if the dog is removed dead hair, and a new one is not damaged from such manipulations. Usually the following procedure is required after a few months.

When the first pinch is required

Experts recommend first trimming when the puppy It will be 4 months, and it is advisable to do this in the warm season. This procedure is carried out only if the baby is completely milk teeth fell out and were replaced by molars. But before Permitted to remove protruding shreds of fur that violate the general attractive type of cover.

Usually it takes 3-4 tweaks per year, but the most effective The result can be achieved in the autumn-spring periods. Concerning first trimming, then here more should be focus on the individual characteristics of the pet. If a doggie to participate in the exhibition event is best to process his fur 6-8 weeks before the show, so she moderately grow back and give the pet a well-groomed, pretty look. Zwergschnauzer's haircut

Zwergs with a black spine and brown undercoat need more frequent trimming – every 6-8 weeks, since the growing lower the layer begins to peep, adversely affecting uniformity dark top cover. Newcomer groomers who wish independently “pluck” and cut the pet, should be drawn attention to the following nuances:

  • hair in the head, hind and forelimbs and on the neck area is not touched;
  • on the head (except the muzzle) and hind legs the hair is trimmed scissors or using a special clipper dogs
  • to know how the procedure is carried out correctly, the first time You can contact a professional groomer;
  • miniature schnauzers need a mandatory hygienic haircut – they have their hair cut in the groin around the anal holes on the neck, nose and cheeks;
  • long hairs on the ears are better to pluck, but if done impossible, then they are carefully trimmed.

Also, the owner of the tsverg needs to take care of a set of suitable tools:

  • trimming knife;
  • scissors with well sharpened blades;
  • a comb with metal teeth;
  • dog clipper (it can be mechanical or electric).

Face cut

The square face of the tsverg is his calling card, which means when leaving, it is important to maintain its clear lines, which is not so simple. A classic haircut is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • long hair above the eyebrows is cut short, up to dorsal region of the head;
  • eyebrows neatly combed with a comb with rare metal teeth, you can pre-moisten them with water;
  • long strands are caught between the fingers and cut off so so that you get a triangular shape – do not cut them too short;
  • the spine on the chin is slightly trimmed, the main length remains the same;
  • the muzzle with the beard takes the form of a solid rectangle, for this, the beard should be combed forward along the hair growth, starting from the neck, and in the process cut off the excess;
  • special care must be taken when cutting wool between the dog’s eyes – with the right haircut, this area acquires V shape.

Video about trimming and caring for the miniature schnauzer

Step-by-step trimming process

Plucking wool is a long, laborious process, especially for inexperienced people, but at home the owner has the opportunity to take your time taking breaks or returning to started the next day. Beginners may need more than one day, and after acquiring experience, the owner will cope with trimming your pet in a few hours.

Trimming should begin with the back of the head of the animal, gradually moving towards the tail. In front of it is done from the neck, then going down to the sternum. Wool is removed in small tufts, capturing them with two fingers and pulling out, making sharp movements along towards you. At this time, the dog stands back to the owner or lies.

The coat of the tsverg is quite stiff and on the fingers of the groomer can leave cuts and scratches, so you can glue the “workers” fingers with a band-aid or put on fingertips. After regular Zwerg’s undercoat procedures will become less abundant.

The coat of dogs of this breed regenerates quite quickly, and after 2.5-3 weeks the body is covered with a new one, healthy hair. And if the owner takes good care of the pet, the miniature schnauzer coat will look luxurious – in the form of a dense, shiny fur, sleek and beautiful.

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