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Breast-band for dogs is by no means a fad, but a serious a device originally invented as a dog harness. Her the design feature was that it did not deliver discomfort to an animal performing its professional duties: did not disturb breathing processes and evenly distributed load. Modern harnesses have slightly changed in appearance and began to be used not only for driving, but also for other needs. It is worth considering their properties and features in more detail.


  • 1. Types of harnesses for dogs
  • 2. What material is best to buy harness
  • 3. In which cases there is a need to wear a harness
  • 4. At what age can a dog wear a harness
  • 5. How to choose the right harness
  • 6. How to put on a harness on a pet

Types of harnesses for dogs

The harness is a special ammunition, like a leash with a collar. However, it has some advantages. If the dog pulls forward, the collar can cause physical harm to the pet, which harness can not happen. Yes, and control the wayward an animal in the presence of a harness is much easier. But here everything is not so it’s simple and far from always possible to use this device.

Harnesses are divided into types, depending on their area use:

  • Normal harness for walking. In this The design of the mounting ring is at the withers of the dog. More often just like harnesses are used for everyday walks with four-legged friend. On sale you can find devices for very small pets, and quite large representatives rocks. Breast-band for dogs for walking
  • The harness is towing. This ammunition slightly different goals – for sports competitions, racing on sledding, transportation of goods, as well as a device for guide dogs. Among its differences from ordinary harnesses can be noted the main thing is the increased strength of the fasteners and the belts themselves. Sports harness for dogs
  • Harness with cargo. Used for training muscle of the animal, has the ability to regulate the mass of the load. At her when wearing the dog’s muscle mass is strengthened, it is especially necessary with fractures of the limbs of the pet, as well as to prepare the dog for competition. Harness for dogs towing

It is important to know that many experts do not recommend constant wearing a harness, you must periodically change it to regular collar. Moreover, studies have shown that in dogs always wearing only a collar, neck and spinal problems are often diagnosed brain. Especially this trend is clearly visible among active, restless dogs, which are often torn off leashes, and pets, which are displayed on a collar with spikes or in the form of a chain.

When choosing a harness it is always necessary to be guided by the size pet. For puppies, it is recommended to purchase special Adaptations are by no means an outgrowth. Harness for large dogs should be selected appropriate.

What material is better to buy harness

In addition to the scope of use, you must also pay attention to material of which the device is made. Especially this important when choosing a harness for dogs of decent size.

The most practical are the harnesses made of synthetic materials. They are not subject to moisture, are easily cleared of pollution by ordinary washing, are characterized by increased strength and quite durable.

Breast-band for dogs photo

The most inexpensive among budget options are harnesses, made from tarpaulin. This material has a high strength, but the percentage of wear is higher. Besides, harnesses from tarpaulin are difficult to remove, the material has the property get wet and at the same time dries for a long time.

If you look at the appearance, then definitely the most beautiful are harnesses made of genuine leather. But it is worth considering that after When wet, the skin loses its elasticity and may lose its shape, stretched out. Having dried it, in most cases, it becomes rough and its surface may crack. Harness leather undoubtedly beautiful, but are expensive products and at the same time impractical.

It is not recommended to select ammunition in absentia – without a pet or only by photo. Just by trying on a dog, you can evaluate whether the product is suitable or not. And not only may not be suitable the size of the harness, but also the design itself. For the convenience of customers in Most pet stores try on similar items.

In which cases there is a need to wear a harness

In addition to the specific need for activities pet, there are additional situations that require wearing harnesses. For example, if the dog is too active, constantly trying to break off the leash, thereby causing injury to yourself. In this case, so as not to worsen the condition of the dog and not cause additional attacks of aggression associated with pain can be for some time go from the collar to the harness.

Breast-band on a dog

In addition, for some breeds having a larger neck circumference than head, collar is not a good option. Since when tilting he slides his head off the dog. For dwarf dogs, type Toy Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier, also more practical to use harnesses.

In dogs with a naturally shortened flattened face (pikineses, bird-brabancons, pugs, bulldogs, Japanese hins and etc.), there are problems with the respiratory system, and collars can cause discomfort. And in this case, the situation can be corrected. the use of a harness that will allow them to breathe more freely.

How old is the dog to wear harness

You can dress a pet of small breeds in harness, starting with six months, and larger dogs – from 8-10 months. Specialists found that too early getting used to such ammunition can provoke deformation of the forelimbs outward.

The rapid development of such a pathology contributes to the wrong fastening the harness – this happens if the belt wrapping the body pet, runs too close to the muscular cavity. Like that the position causes the dog inconvenience, and she tries to twist elbows to ease discomfort. In just two to three weeks such wearing a harness the correct setting of the paws will deteriorate. If a the individual is a representative of the show class, with such a defect about exhibitions have to forget.

How to choose the right harness

To facilitate the task, there are special tables, indicating sizes. To use them, you need to know Some dog measurements:

  • Back length – measured from the withers, to the base of the tail.
  • Chest girth – the correct measurement is made in place immediately behind the elbows, 1 cm is added to the resulting size for small dogs, and 2 cm. for large.
  • Girth of the neck – covers the place where supposedly should to be a collar.

For riding harnesses for dogs, measurements are taken slightly different, this due to design features:

  • The distance from the beginning of the sternum to the withers.
  • Chest length.
  • The length of the segment from the end of the sternum to the base of the tail.

If the accessory is selected correctly, then it will not hang, but and will not be able to squeeze the body of the pet. Under the harness should fit human palm.

How to wear a harness on a pet

When trying on, you should already know how to properly wear the harness on a dog. You can follow the step by step instructions:

  • If the dog is wild, then before the procedure you need to fix it. You can do this by holding the torso. animal in the area of the back between his legs.
  • Straighten the harness so that the soft surface was inside the structure.
  • The ring-shaped closed part is carefully put on the pet harnesses (its parameters vary depending on size dogs).
  • The harness strap is positioned to the desired position. If a everything is done correctly, then there is a limitation of the space between jumper and circular part.
  • Without stopping the action, it is necessary to put the dog’s paw in the space between the strap and the closed circle.
  • The jumper should slide through the chest without any problems. pet, on the right side there will be a harness strap.
  • If all dressing rules are followed, then one side design will be free. It must be pushed through the muscle the hollow of the dog’s left paw, and then the strap fastens.

The last step is to adjust the harness. For this the dog is placed on the floor, the circle around the neck gets better so that the belts do not exert pressure on the neck, but tightly went to bed. After the whole procedure, you need to check if everything is mechanisms fastened.

Of course, the first dressing of a harness may seem difficult and laborious. However, as practice shows, a pair of donning and all will return to normal, the pet will get used to it, and the owner of the dog will receive experience and some skill in this matter.

What to use – harness or collar, the pet owner decides independently, however, it is important to think, first of all, about convenience and pet safety.

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