Yagd terrier

Jagd terrier

Jagd Terrier Jagd Terrier

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 4
  • Training: 10
  • Size: 5
  • Mind: 10
  • Security: 6
  • Relations with children: 8
  • Dexterity: 8
  • Shedding: 7


The breed of dogs of the Terrier arose when, after the First World War war, a group of German breeders – Rudolph Free, Karl Erich Grunevalwald and Walter Zangenberg, decided to create a breed exclusively for hunting. More precisely, do not create, but recreate, since according to these very breeders, a similar dog existed and died out around the 18th century.

After World War I, patriotic sentiments were on rise, but because their idea was a success. Actually, exactly so the director of the Berlin zoo named Lutz Heck gave them 2 black and 2 red terriers who had a pedigree of pure fox terriers. These four dogs were the ancestors Terrier breed. Cross breeding was carried out to standardize the breed. with Old English wire-haired terrier, and also with Welsh terrier.

Here, by the way, it is extremely important to say about another participant – Dr. Herbert Lenker joined right at the beginning of the program breeding. It took several years to create a dog, possessing certain external features, and having strong hunter’s innate instincts. Moreover, not just a hunter, but fox hunter. Much attention was paid to the nature of these dogs. German Jagdterrier Club (Deutscher Jagdterrier-Club eV) was founded in 1926.


The breed of yagd terrier has compact dimensions (weight up to 10 kg), and has three main colors – black, black-brown and gray black. The length of the coat and its structure can vary from long and curly, to short and smooth. The body is muscular sinewy, paws of medium length, hind legs slightly longer than the front. The ears hang on the front of the head, muzzle is slightly elongated.


Terrier breed – very active dogs, with great potential for hunting the most diverse game, and a huge amount energy. If you are not keen on hunting, be prepared for what you will need to spend a lot of time outside, walking your pet and practicing with it and a variety of games.

They are very kind and friendly dogs in their family circle, who are distinguished by great devotion to the owner and family members. They are well suited for maintenance in a city apartment if as we said above, you are ready to provide the animal with the desired level activity. Children are well received, always happy to play with them.

The Jagdterrier, nevertheless, really blossoms in conditions private house, where he has free access to the street. They need proper education and socialization. Cats are best introduced in a circle communication at an early age, since this breed is genetically tuned to hunt for small game, and can consider a cat in such vein.

These dogs have a lot of determination and stubbornness – the owner will have to work on these character traits so that develop obedience, but not suppress natural instincts. It is determination and unbending will that allow the yagd terrier to chase or track prey for a long time, dig up foxes burrows and be “on your feet” while hunting a huge amount of time. By the way, the desire to dig holes can be a problem for the owner private home that wants to get such a dog.


Jagdterrier is, first of all, a hunting dog, about it should not be forgotten. Accordingly, if you do not hunt going, the excess energy must be compensated. Including – through training and training. Anyway, the dog needs training in basic teams, and in the discipline without which she will become a source of eternal anxiety. After all, instinct to track prey, follow the trail and concentrate all attention on the sense of smell at The yagd terrier is extremely powerful.

To turn your four-legged friend into a real one hunting dog, discipline is also required. Will need to be taught keep him silent, so that he doesn’t give a voice until they allow it — that’s very important when hunting. In general, in order to raise hunting dog, there are special programs and specialists, since this is make it much harder.


Regardless of the length and structure of the coat, it does not require much care – just comb out the dog 1 time per week. Required keep your ears clean, check them after walks in the forest or park, especially in spring, when in the trees a lot of ticks. You need to bathe the dog once or twice a week, approximately once a week, trim the claws and cleanse the eyes of deposits on as necessary.

Common diseases

The dog of a breed of a yagd terrier differs in good health, big stamina and good immunity. If the owner provides proper nutrition and care, he is unlikely to have to visit often the vet.

Breed Information

A country Germany
Life span 13-15 years old
Height Males: 33-40 cm Bitches: 33-40 cm
Weight Males: 9-10 kg Bitches: 7.5-8.5 kg
Long wool short
Colour black, black brown, gray black
Group hunting, for an apartment
Price 100 – 400 $

Breed photo

yagd terrier breed yagd terrier yagd terrier breed dog terrier Yagdterrier breed of dogs dog yagd terrier

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