Estrel Shepherd Dog

Estrel Shepherd, or Portuguese Mountain Shepherd – representative of an ancient breed that went hard natural selection. Dogs have gained good health, stamina, evolved both physically and intellectually. At home in In Portugal, these dogs are very popular, but outside the country they are extremely rare. However, this does not mean that they are not deserve attention. Dog handlers are sure these shepherds did not receive spread in the world for only one reason – the world simply did not know about these amazing animals.


  • 1. The origin of the breed
  • 2. Description of the breed Shestrel Shepherd
    • 2.1. Quality of coat and possible colors
  • 3. Character and disposition
  • 4. Training and education
  • 5. Dog care
  • 6. Diseases of the breed
  • 7. Feeding
  • 8. Conditions of detention
  • 9. Photoestrel Shepherd Dog
  • 10. Video about the Estrel Shepherd Dog
  • 11. Puppy cost

Origin of breed

The history of the breed is so ancient that the researchers failed find out exactly where these large, smart and workable dogs. Historians have a lot of guesses, and most specialists are inclined to believe that the ancestors of Portugal “Estrels” came back in the period of Ancient Rome. Estrel Shepherd Read the article

Mostly dogs were kept by villagers as assistants, so for a long time the breed did not receive universal recognition. The rise in popularity of mountain shepherds occurred after how individuals of this species became participants in the competitions of 1908, where the dogs showed their excellent qualities. Subsequently, the Estrelians invariably ended up on the podiums of the winners, time after time proving – nature rewarded them with unique physical data.

Breeders became interested in amazing dogs, continuing selection. In 1922, the world saw a new breed variety – dogs bred in the process of breeding, possessing all characteristics of a mountain shepherd, but having a black woolly color. But professional breeding of shepherd Portuguese dogs breeders engaged only in the middle of the 20th century.

Description of the Shestrel Shepherd Dog

The Portuguese mountain shepherd has lived for a long time apart, and all breed changes occurred naturally. Dog handlers point this out as a valuable feature of the breed making it representatives of unusual pets, original and extraordinary.

Estrel Sheepdog – a powerful, large animal, with a strong, slightly elongated body. Adult dog (older than 1g 3 m) has proportional addition, big head and, like others rocks, it has a wide, voluminous chest. Bitches slightly smaller males, as there is data in the standard description:

  • males: height varies from 65 to 72 cm, with weight 40-50 kg;
  • bitches: height is 62-68 cm, weight is from 32 to 40 kg.

The standard indicates the following parameters and physical characteristics of representatives of the breed:

  1. The head is large enough, with a strong, massive skull and moderately pronounced occipital protuberance. Attitude frontal to the muzzle harmonious, the foot is visible, but without sharp lines. The muzzle has a slight narrowing from the base to the nose, but looks pointed, densely covered with skin that does not create wrinkles. The muscles are well developed, the relief is visible.
  2. Jaws powerful, strong, with thick, dense, good pigmented lips, without sagging. The back of the nose creates flat line, wide. Standard allows for small humps, but so that there are no sudden changes. Big teeth set straight, close in the correct bite by type scissors.
  3. The nose is well developed, large, with rounded, well open nostrils. It is preferable that it be black or dark shade, darker than the main coat color cover.
  4. Eyes – set not too deep, do not have bulges, medium in size, with a rather elongated incision and eyelids covered with dark pigment. The dog is watching carefully, and when the dog gets into an unfamiliar environment, her gaze becomes somewhat wary.
  5. The ears are triangular in shape, hanging on the cartilage, on ends are rounded off. According to the standard, they are not stopped, however working dogs often carry out a similar procedure.
  6. The body fits into a rectangular format, covered with developed muscle tissue. Medium neck, scruff and withers well defined, no suspension. Estrel Shepherd Dog Breed Description
  7. Chest in the form of an oval, ribs slightly flattened. The back looks a little shortened, straight, croup tilted, lumbar pronounced. Decent belly volume, but not hanging, inguinal lines moderately tightened, partially covered with wool.
  8. The limbs are characterized by strong bones, thick but without heaviness. When the dog takes a stand or moves, he looks free, without stiffness. Front limbs straight, parallel, with oval bones, developed muscles and moderately expressed compound angles. Hind limbs arranged slightly wider than the front, almost vertical, covered with more voluminous and stronger muscles.
  9. Brushes are oval, large, but not elongated. Region between the fingers is covered with hard, copious wool that protects this region. Pads are covered with hard, dark skin, fleshy and thick ones. Vault claws are pigmented in dark color. On hind legs may be dewclaws, their presence allowed.
  10. The tail is thick, tapers a little towards the end, covered with copious, dense coat. Saber-shaped, its the tip bends a little. In a calm state, he drops to hock joint, when moving the tail rises above the line the spine.

Quality of coat and possible colors

The Estrell Shepherd Dog has a strong, thick spine, not very stiff, its structure resembles a sheep. The hair is smooth or slightly wavy, it fits snugly to the body. There are two types of shepherd dogs – short and long-haired, but both have abundant coat.

Wool of non-uniform length:

  • on the limbs, under the elbow joints and in the head short, dense;
  • on the ears – the coat is even shorter, very soft, silky;
  • the tail is perfectly pubescent, the hair elongated, decorating – long-haired individuals at the end there is a brush;
  • Estrell shepherds have a rich collar around their neck, but some individuals, he is not very pronounced.

Long haired portuguese shepherds can have luxurious tows in the back and on the back of the forearm.

The second layer of wool is shortened, of a decent density, at the roots thin hairs intertwined with coarse. Undercoat more clarified than hiding wool. Dogs of the following colors are found: fawn, wolf gray with yellowness.

Character and temper

The Estrel Shepherd Dog describes highly intelligent, bold and self-confident dog. Like other representatives of shepherd breeds, she is inclined to accept solutions, even in difficult situations. During breeding Portuguese mountain shepherd similar qualities supported and developed so that the pet can survive in harsh conditions and to fulfill security qualities.

Dogs are unusually hardy, desperately loyal to the owner and distrustful of strangers. It is worth noting that an unfriendly attitude towards strangers have always been encouraged during educational process. The shepherd has not only a sports physique, but also passion, therefore, can act as a worthy adversary any predatory animal.

In a calm environment, the pet is balanced, imposing, but with danger in seconds gathers and can immediately act. He will fearlessly protect his home and family without looking at the number and size of attackers, sometimes significantly exceeding the Eestrel himself. Thanks to attentiveness and Vigilance Estrell Sheepdog is an ideal watchman.

The family who bought such a dog receives not only excellent guard and watchman, but also a faithful, affectionate four-legged friend. The dog will protect the family, especially children, considering them the weakest and vulnerable members of the herd.

The pet needs early socialization when doing this conditions, the pet will get along well with other pets animals, even small ones, as well as brothers. Although not immediately, dog get used to another dog living with her under the same roof.

Portuguese Mountain Shepherd is a true leader with a pronounced territorial instinct, therefore, will not allow that on her territory was invaded by strangers, be they humans or animals. Naturally, a pet with such a sharp temper needs a strong, self-confident master who can prove his dog superiority, skillfully controlling it and directing energy to the right channel.

Estrel Shepherd is a hard worker, so it’s not worth it start as a companion. The dog must be able to spend energy and use your natural data.

Training and education

As already noted, the mountain shepherd shepherd is not easy character, she is wayward and stubborn. The owner should consider this. as soon as the puppy crosses the threshold of a new home. Already in the first day the owner needs to show the pet what exactly he is here the main, and subsequently periodically remind this stubborn. If a don’t do it, after a few months the owner will not succeed to cope with a grown-up favorite. Estrel Shepherd Dog Stands

The dog must be socialized, it is desirable that he took a course obedience. The owner will have to tune in for a long, consistent, regular training. Definitely needed show persistence and patience, do not forget about praise and promotion. You can’t be too soft, but also rude, careless the dog will not tolerate relations in his address. Corporal punishment also unacceptable in the training and education of Estrels, it is only them embittered.

Experts do not recommend starting a pet like this for beginners, since this animal needs a strong arm, lasting walking and classes, as well as compulsory education and training. Not everyone will be able to control the Estrell shepherd.

Dog care

Representatives of this breed are quite unpretentious, but their plentiful coat still requires attention. Dogs are combed out. weekly, but during seasonal molting the number of procedures desirable to increase to speed up the process and free the pet from faded hair. They bathe a shepherd infrequently – 3-4 times a year, and between washing, you can do cleaning with a special brushes.

For preventive purposes, you should examine the oral cavity, eyes and ears of a pet. If discharge appears on the eyes or acidification, you can rinse them with a weak tea leaves or chamomile decoction. Wipe the inner surface of the ears with a wipe, removing dirt and excess sulfur. Such hygienic procedures will stop the active growth of bacteria leading to various serious eye and ear infections.

If stony deposits appear on the teeth, then it’s worth consult a veterinarian and go through the procedure professional cleaning. For prevention, you can give your pet solid food, large bones or special dentological goodies.

In active dogs, the claws are abraded naturally if this does not happen, then claw cutting should be applied as their regrowth.

Periodically recommended to maintain your pet’s health. visit a veterinarian for an examination, make timely vaccinations, carry out antiparasitic and anthelmintic treatment.

Breed diseases

Mountain shepherd – hardy and adapted to live in any climatic conditions, it very rarely gets sick. However, like all large dogs, she has a tendency to hip dysplasia joints – a serious disease, the progression of which hind legs may fail.

In addition, more often than other pathologies in the Portuguese mountain Shepherd dogs are diagnosed with dermatological diseases, cardiomyopathy and volvulus.


Such a large animal should receive the required amount protein and carbohydrate foods. The owner can feed the dog in kind products or finished industrial rations. In the second case it is important to give preference to high quality feeds, otherwise high risks of developing a urolithiasis in a dog. Estrel Shepherd in the wild

When compiling a menu, the owner will have to choose only healthy ingredients and maintain their balance. 50% ration should consist of meat and offal, the rest is cereals, vegetables fruits. Twice a week, the dog can be given eggs, sea fish, kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt.

As a top dressing, you can add fish oil, bone flour, vegetable oil – linseed, olive. Subject to prohibition chocolate, confectionery and bakery products, canned and pickled products, smoked meats. In addition, you can not treat dog scraps off the table.

When feeding ready-made rations to additional sources vitamins and minerals are not required, but with a “natural” optimal the complex will pick up the veterinarian.

Conditions of detention

Estrel Sheepdog is an exclusively street option, moreover the dog is not suitable for chain keeping. She should be free move around entrusted territory, watching everything happening.

In an apartment, such a large pet will be very crowded, especially he likes to bark loudly, which is unlikely to please the neighbors. Best of all, a shepherd dog lives in the countryside, in the countryside or the village. The yard should be surrounded by a reliable high fence.

The dog needs compulsory walks – morning and evening, it is desirable that he had the opportunity to run freely.

Photoestrel Shepherd Dog Estrel Shepherd MuzzleEstrel Sheepdog is watchingEstrel Shepherd PuppiesEstrel Shepherd YawnsEstrel Shepherd Dog LiesEstrel Shepherd Dog with a reward

Estrel Shepherd Dog Video

Puppy cost

Portuguese Mountain Shepherd – a rarity on the territory Russia, so the future owners will have to make efforts and spend a lot of time to get a puppy of this breed. The cost of an Estrell shepherd is 40000-50000 rubles.

Portuguese Mountain Shepherd – a worthy representative of the shepherd breeds, proud, freedom-loving, but extremely smart and devotee. Such a pet is not a toy, it needs to be educated, trained and pay attention, then the dog will become a great helper and favorite families.

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