Why does the dog whine

Dogs cannot tell the owner of their sorrows by words. But often the doggies try to attract the attention of a person, raising the whining. Sometimes a dog whines for no reason, but more often there really is a problem: illness, hunger, stress. In this article, we will try to find out why animals can break the silence with mournful howls.

Reasons Why a Dog Can Whine

  1. Whining as a means of manipulation – animals are wonderful understand how to exploit the owner in their own interests. So, house dogs often whine, begging for a piece sausages or wanting to quickly start the game with the owner. And the more often the owner responds to such calls, the more will whine dog;
  2. Boredom – dogs can also mope. And if the animal sadly lying staring at one point, or wandering around idly housework, whimpering, it may be precisely because of boredom;
  3. The desire to satisfy natural needs is often ours pets whine when they are hungry or thirsty, they want to use the toilet or, for example, froze. So they signal to the owner so that helped them as soon as possible;
  4. Nocturnal sounds during rest – animals also dream, not all of which are pleasant and pacifying. Suppose a doggie could to see how a flock of angry mongrels pursues him, and led to whining;
  5. Discomfort or fear in the absence of the owner – if the dog whines at night in the dark or casts a voice during the daytime when in there is no owner in the house, fear and worries may be the fault of everything (where could a human friend go, if he doesn’t return?);
  6. Whining in unison – often in an apartment building hear the whole “choir” of whining dogs. If, for example, in the third on the floor the dog began to whine because of hunger, then on its fourth can easily support the tailed fellow, whining for company
  7. Submission to the owner or other animals is one of reasons why the dog whines. It happens that the domestic dog who committed fault (bitten shoes of the owner or torn curtains), as if apologizes to a man, showing his reverence by whimpers. Or, on a walk, a young and inexperienced pet may well whine when he sees a mature fellow in the way;
  8. Hunting instincts – even a room dog can wake up excitement, for example, at the sight of chirping sparrows in a window or sitting on a tree sly cat. Doggie understands that prey is like and close, but you can’t get it, and therefore whines with annoyance;
  9. Sexual hunting – if the animal runs and whines, do not finds places, then estrus can be to blame for everything or soon offensive when it comes to the bitch. Almost as restless can to behave and males, feeling nearby the current “girlfriend”;
  10. Illness is the most dangerous of the reasons when dogs whine. It is important to carefully monitor the animal, which alarming symptoms are associated with whining:

Vet and dog

  • when the dog shakes his head intensely, scratches his ears and whines, there may be an ear disease (e.g. otodectosis, otomycosis, otitis media, etc.);
  • if the pet whines after eating, there is a problem with gastrointestinal tract (gastric ulcer, gastritis, peritonitis, ascites, oncological processes etc.);
  • in cases where the pet whines when pooping, everything can be blamed there are pathological processes in the intestine (colitis, obstruction intestines, proctitis, etc.);
  • whining dog when urinating, if she has ailments genitourinary system (cystitis, urolithiasis, complications after estrus, etc.);
  • if in addition to whining, the animal also has a temperature, discharge from the nose and eyes, upset stool when the dog does not eat, and sometimes it doesn’t drink, it loses weight dramatically, then it may be bacterial, viral, or fungal infections;
  • the dog behaves extremely restlessly in a large congestion worms inside the body. In these cases, in addition to whining, there will be symptoms: diarrhea, alternating with constipation, vomiting, coughing, weight loss, shortness of breath, worsening of the skin and coat, itching in anus area;
  • if the dog whines and shakes (trembling and cramps), she is sick, rapid pulse, saliva flowing, breathing becomes shallow, diarrhea is observed, then poisoning can be suspected, medicines or spoiled food.

All the reasons why a dog whines with pain cannot be mentioned. If the animal is clearly unwell, it is important to deliver as soon as possible. him to the vet clinic or to call a specialist at home. In some In situations, the time for the possibility of healing is literally minutes. Therefore, you should always pay attention to related whining symptoms.

How to wean a dog from whining

We agreed that if the animal whines with pain, then we need to consult a veterinarian. And if the dog just gets on your nerves the owner, as if aching? If he’s full and drunk, he has relieved, played enough, feels great, but still does not calm down? Отучить собаку скулить без повода можно так:Beagle

  1. Снабдить уголок животного интересными игрушками, которые можноmake it yourself or buy at a pet store. If the doggie used to whining from boredom, he will have something to do with himself;
  2. In no case do not follow the lead of the manipulator dog, accustomed to whining to get a treat or coerce the owner to the game. Better try to tolerate dog whining than letting the animal has the upper hand;
  3. If the dog whines when the owner is not nearby, you can do so: retire to another room for 12-20 seconds. During this time you need to carefully listen to whether the dog will whine. If a doggie spends all 15-20 seconds in silence, it follows from the heart praise and treat him. If right after the owner leaves “sobs” will sound, it is worth opening the door and strictly say: “Fu!” (or “You can’t!”). Of course, such a trick needs to be done with a dog, trained elementary teams;
  4. To deprive the dog of an opportunity to whine idle, you need load it as much as possible. Dogs spend a lot of energy on active and long walks, running, training, sports, home games. The stronger the pet gets tired, the less desire he will whine;
  5. Before leaving home (to work or study, to the store, to visit and etc.) it is important to make sure that the dog is not hungry, that in his bowl there is pure water, that with the well-being of the animal everything is in order. It is advisable to spend at least 10-15 minutes before time to tune her to a calm mood;
  6. If the animal is used to whining when the owner is not at home, you can resort to the use of mild sedatives on herbs (like drops “Cat Bayun”). However, it is better to consult with a veterinarian.

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