Why does the dog hiccup?

Hiccup attacks are quite normal for a person, but can it be considered their norm for dogs? You can be absolutely sure that hiccups have dogs are also considered the norm.

What causes hiccups in dogs?

Just like in humans, a diaphragm spasm occurs, as well the lung muscles in dogs contract, causing hiccups. Spasm is having effect on the vocal apparatus, sharply opening and closing the hole between the vocal cords. This is precisely the reason. sound when hiccuping. In puppies, it can periodically hiccups occur after eating too fast or liquids when they overeat, or when they strongly excited or frozen. In fact, scientists still haven’t figured out the exact reason why humans, dogs and other mammals hiccup. One theory holds that hiccups are residual after intrauterine development. Exists many documented cases of intrauterine hiccups different types of mammals. It is possible that the hiccup of the embryo is one way to start the muscles involved in the process respiration. This theory also explains why hiccups are more common. happen in puppies, not in adult dogs. Most likely by as your puppy grows older, hiccups will happen in him less or less at all. But in accordance with another in theory, a hiccup attack is one way a puppy’s body to remove gases or indicates some violations in the digestive tract.

How can a dog get rid of hiccups?

In most cases, hiccups go away on their own. Of course, There are many popular ways to get rid of hiccups in people, such as holding your breath, sticking out your tongue, or fright. But, unfortunately, it is still not revealed which of these ways really helps. It is very doubtful that fear or an outstretched tongue will help your dog cope with a fit of hiccups. Surely, as soon as you try to scare your pet or start making him stick his tongue out (and even if you resort to another popular way), most likely it will cause him much more anxiety than hiccups. However, there are three ways that surely can be useful when your puppy hiccups:

  1. Try to normalize his intermittent breathing. Help your dog breathe more calmly and rhythmic pace. Most often this can be done by forcing a pet lie on your back and relax it, gently scratching your tummy.
  2. Give me a drink of water. As well as people, it helps dogs deal with a fit of hiccups drinking water. Just make sure that the pet drank water slowly and calmly.
  3. Make sure your dog is eating as much as possible. slower. A hiccup attack can occur after being too fast. absorption of food by a dog. Start giving your pet small portions. feed at a time.

What to do if the hiccup attack in the dog does not stop?

If your dog’s hiccups last longer than in for several hours, and if the sound of hiccups gradually begins reminiscent of wheezing, intermittent and labored breathing. In this case, it is best to take the dog to vet for examination. Bouts of hiccups that don’t may be a symptom of more serious problems with health.

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