Why does the dog have red eyes

Sometimes redness of the eyes in domestic doggies remains unnoticed by the hosts. The problem is that the iris animals are large compared to human, therefore reddened proteins are virtually invisible. However, an attentive owner must will see the problem. Dogs, like their owners, may have red eyes after being in the wind in a smoky room or because of tiredness. But the causes of red eyes in a dog may be serious, requiring urgent appeal to a veterinarian. In this article will talk about conjunctival hyperemia in dogs – disease red eyes.

Reasons why a dog has red eyes

It must be clarified that a dog does not always have red eyes are a symptom of any ailment. Completely safe if proteins blush, for example, in a sleepy animal. It’s important to figure out в каких случаях стоит бить тревогу:The dog has red eyes

  • Травма головы или глаз – настораживающие симптомы вsimilar cases besides redness – visible increase or reduction in the eyeball, pronounced vascular pattern, dilated pupil, severe lacrimation (and sometimes excretion blood), squinting, whining;
  • Ingestion of a foreign body or chemical into a canine eyes – in these situations, in addition to the fact that the doggie blushed eye, the following symptoms will be observed: lacrimation, attempts animal paw to relieve intolerable itching and pain. Eye area swollen, it is difficult for the animal to look at the light, sometimes it is impossible open your eyes at all;
  • Allergy – if the dog has red eyes and is watery, there is nasal discharge, sneezing, coughing, itching, panting, swelling in areas of the eyes and larynx, then the situation may be in the reaction of the body any allergen (food, medicine, new shampoo, smoke and etc.);
  • Viral, fungal or bacterial diseases – such ailments are one of the main reasons why dogs blush eyes. With conjunctivitis, keratitis, uveitis, mycosis and other diseases observed: lacrimation, purulent leakage exudate from the eye, a feeling of pain or pain, swelling, swelling of the eye apples, frequent blinking, clouding of the cornea;
  • Helminthiasis – it happens that dog eyes blush due to fault nasty worms that usually settle in the digestive tract (in an animal disorders of stool, vomiting, fever, weight loss, purulent discharge from the eyes, cramps). But sometimes parasites directly affect the organs of vision (it happens, for example, with teliasis). And then it’s hard for an animal to open eyes, eyelids stick together from pus, eyesight sharply worsens;
  • Hypertension – dogs may have high blood pressure eye hemorrhage, visual impairment, pendulum movements eye, shortness of breath, fainting, obsessive running around in a circle (animal without tired “cuts circles”);
  • Anemia (iron deficiency) – sometimes dog eyes blush and with a lack of iron. Other symptoms of anemia in animals are: lethargy, increased pulse, respiratory problems, pallor mucous membranes in the mouth, unwillingness to eat;
  • Diabetes mellitus – with such an endocrine disease (he susceptible to spitz, dachshunds and poodles, mature, not sterilized pets of other breeds) cataract often develops, which is expressed in the appearance of a whitish spot on the eye. And from constant fluctuation there are also blood glucose damage, which leads to redness. In addition to eye problems, there are almost always symptoms such as: frequent pulse, dry mouth, bad breath breathing, thirst, diarrhea and vomiting, worsening of the coat;
  • Hypothyroidism – with ailments of the thyroid gland of a dog suffer not only from inflammation of the vessels of the eyes, but also from weakness, hypothermia, low heart rate, constipation, skin problems, low blood coagulability;
  • Oncology – with eye tumors in dogs, the following can be observed: staining of protein and cornea in red, asymmetrical pupil, visual impairment, swelling in the eye area.

Dog red eye treatment

Since the red whites of the eyes in animals can cause very serious diseases (the same oncology), it is better to deal treating red eyes in a dog after visiting a veterinary clinic. However, at home, you can also try to help. песику:Eye drops for dogs

  1. Надеть на шею животного защитный воротник. Often inflamed red eyes itch terribly. Therefore, the dog can try them scratching with a foot, which is quite dangerous;
  2. The eyes of the dog should be washed with plenty of clean and cool running water (recommended duration of procedure is not less than 10-15 minutes);
  3. Well remove inflammation decoction of chamomile (or other plants with anti-inflammatory effect) and cooled tea leaves;
  4. Relieve redness and save a pet from eye pain drops for animals “Tsiprovet”, “IRIS”, “Desacid”;
  5. Ophthalmic drops can be instilled into the animal’s eyes Artificial Tear, Natural Tear, Diamond Eyes (the last of these drugs is preferable, since the product was created specifically for animals);
  6. Treating red eyes in a dog often involves the use of 1% Tetracycline eye ointment – an antibiotic, relieving inflammation;
  7. If the dog has red eyes, and at the same time the pet then case seeks to relieve itching with the paw, antihistamines can help drugs (“Zodak”, “Zirtek”, “Suprastin”, etc.);
  8. When an animal experiences not only an unpleasant itch in the eye, but and pain (for example, after an injury), you can use 2% Novocaine solution (instilled directly into the conjunctival bag).

The above actions to assist the doggie with reddening of the eyes is perhaps all that can be done independently, before consulting a specialist. If eye condition the animal does not improve in a day or two, a visit to the clinic is necessary apply immediately, especially if:

  • There is a discharge of blood or pus from the eyes of the animal;
  • Every day or even hour, the dog’s eye condition worsens (for example, if in the morning the dog just squints, and by the evening already cannot open his eyes at all, etc.);
  • If besides protein hyperemia, there are alarming symptoms (diarrhea, vomiting, temperature jumps, refusal of food and etc.).

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