Why a dog drinks a lot of water

Very often, owners do not pay much attention to the quantity fluid that the dog consumes. However excess consumption water, otherwise referred to as polydipsia, can signal pet health problem. In order not to miss any unpleasant sore, it is better to know in advance the reasons why the dog drinks a lot.

When a large amount of water is not dangerous

It should be noted that increased thirst is not always explained a disease. The dog drinks a lot of water on the following completely harmless причинам:Two dogs drink water

  1. Высокая температура на улице или в помещении (в жаруthe body quickly loses moisture, because the animal often has to go to a bowl of water);
  2. Large physical exertion (due to increased heat transfer animal drinks a lot);
  3. Tedka (a dog loses a lot of blood during this period, often pisses, and therefore drinks too often and in plenty);
  4. Pregnancy (polydipsia due to increased volume blood during the gestation of puppies);
  5. Lactation (giving milk to babies, bitch needs a plentiful drink);
  6. Condition after undergoing castration operations or sterilization (polydipsia due to a change in hormonal levels);
  7. Puppy (older dogs consume less water in comparison with young growth);
  8. Coat length (dog breeds with a dense hairline and drink more abundant undercoat than their shorthair brothers);
  9. Inadequate protein intake (low meat intake diet);
  10. Feeding salty or spicy foods (stockfish, spicy pepper soups, etc.);
  11. Conversion from natural food to finished dry feed, containing a minimum of moisture (not more than 15%);
  12. Taking certain medications (the dog often drinks water in considerable amounts in the treatment of diuretics, corticosteroids or anticonvulsants).

How much water does a dog need?

It is absolutely indisputable that the rate of drinking fluid for each own dogs. So, it’s stupid to compare the amount of drink, say, great dog and miniature Italian greyhound. Believed that on every 1 kg of body weight, the dog should consume about 50 on average ml of water. That is, for example, an American mastiff, whose mass is 75 kg should drink about 3.75 liters of fluid per day. BUT a baby Pekingese weighing 4 kg will get drunk and 200 ml of water per day. Moreover, in an animal of any size will surely drink heat or after running больше, что не будет считаться отклонением от нормы.The dog drinks waterКстати, большое значение имеет тот факт, какойthe diet of the dog. If the animal is on natural feeding, then in The quality of the liquid takes into account not only the water itself, but also the broths liquid fermented milk products and cereals on the water.

When thirst is a sign of ill health

Often dogs slurp water from a bowl because of significant deviations in health. The owner should be alert if thirsty any disturbing symptoms accompany. And now it’s time consider when polydipsia is caused by serious problems in работе организма:Dog Thirst

  1. Онкологические процессы – помимо жажды у собаки могутdisorder of stool, vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness, unpleasant odor from the mouth, discharge from a loop in bitches, apathy;
  2. Diabetes – with a similar failure of the dog, not only they drink a lot, but they also write a lot, are rapidly gaining weight (they diabetes appetite is usually “brutal”), often suffer from vomiting, lose vision as a result of the development of cataracts;
  3. Diabetes insipidus – with such an illness besides dog thirst suffer from low body temperature, experience frustration Gastrointestinal tract, eat little, lose weight, experience pressure surges;
  4. Liver disease (liver failure, hepatitis, cholangitis, etc.) – with such ailments, the dog can also drink often. In addition, such abnormal liver function is signaled by such symptoms: sagging abdomen against ascites, jaundice, gray-white color bowel movements, dark colored urine, frequent urination, soreness in the abdominal cavity;
  5. Kidney disease (nephrosis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis and etc.) – the need for absorption of a large amount of liquid It is often observed with renal problems. Owner needs beware if the dog has incontinence, if urine is dark or has blood, purulent, or mucous membranes impurities, if the animal feels discomfort during urination, refuses food or eats very little;
  6. Poisoning – the dog may feel unwell, the urge to vomit, upset stomach and the urge to drink water often, if you swallowed any poor-quality food. With more serious poisoning can be such symptoms: extreme agitation or apathy, increased pulse, fever, cramps, profuse salivation, diarrhea, discoloration of the mucous membranes (from almost white to blood red);
  7. Inflammation of the uterus (pyometra) in bitches – unfortunately, symptoms of uterine inflammation are similar to those observed with bacterial or viral infections, so determine exactly the cause of intense thirst is impossible without the help of an intelligent doctor. At animals are apathetic with a pyometer, they are often sick, there are diarrhea. At the bitches with such a disease, the stomach is very sore, and the temperature jumps from high to low;
  8. Hypercalcemia – in puppies receiving higher calcium norms, not only thirst, but also poor appetite can be observed. In addition, with hypercalcemia, there may be problems with growth, limb deformity;
  9. High fever – such a symptom, coupled with a strong thirst can be present in many diseases: problems with thyroid gland, with viral infections, with heart ailments, hormonal disruptions, bleeding.

What to do if a dog drinks a lot of water

Why a dog drinks a lot of water, we found out. And what should I do in then the owner?

  • First, you need to accurately measure the volume of fluid you drink. To do this, you need to know exactly how much water is in the bowl;
  • Secondly, you need to analyze how much water the dog receives from liquid dishes. If a pet eats soups, broths, likes to drink kefir or even milk, it is not surprising that water is consumed not so much;
  • Thirdly, do not worry if there are cases of “water slaughter” single, for example, after active games or running;
  • Fourth, it is necessary to determine whether there is a banal reason for a strong thirst. If, for example, a dog loves to feast on sausage, then a big water consumption is not bewildering;
  • Fifth, it is important to monitor the general condition of the pet. If a the dog not only often drinks, but also has, say, an increased feels nauseous and refuses food, it’s better Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Research will be able to determine what led to polydipsia.

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