Assessment of breed characteristics

Adaptability Definition of how easy a dog is. can adapt to changes in life. Grade 5
Shedding Level Level and frequency of hair loss in animal. Grade 2
Level of tenderness Level and amount of tenderness and affection that the dog gives back in return for attention to itself. Grade 3
Need for Exercise Daily Activity Level dogs. Grade 3
Social need Required number of dog contacts with other animals as well as people. Grade 3
Housing ratio Factor that determines the level of noise and other inconvenience that the dog can deliver to the owners in the ratio apartment size to dog size. Grade 5
Grooming Number of bathing, combing, as well as necessary number of professional grooming sessions required the dog. Grade 1
Friendliness in an unfamiliar environment society with strangers or in an unfamiliar environment. Grade 3
The tendency to bark The tendency to bark and its frequency and volume. Grade 2
Health Issues Potential Health Status dogs. Grade 3
Territorial tendency of the dog to protect his house, yard or even a car owner. Grade 1
Cat friendliness A trend towards cat tolerance and reduced manifestation of hunting instincts. Grade 1
Intelligence Dog’s ability to think and solve emerging difficulties (not to be confused with learning!). Grade 3
Education and training Level of difficulty in training a dog perform certain actions. Grade 3
Friendliness for children Factor determining how much the dog friendly to children, whether she likes to play with them and endure some children’s pranks. Grade 1
Game activity The concept is determined by its very name, and, usually found in almost all dogs. Grade 3
Observing Dog’s ability to detect presence a stranger in his territory. Grade 1
Friendliness for other dogs Dog’s tendency to find common language with other relatives. Grade 3

Brief description of the breed

Whippets are small (their growth is 45-51 cm, weight – 7-14 kg) graceful dogs that are great companions for active owners. But another name for the breed (small English greyhound) states that these dogs are bred to participate in the hunt. Them structure (elongated skull, dryness, developed muscles, long limbs) allows whippets to poison grass at high speed small game (rabbits, hares, foxes, etc.), however, the pursuit occurs when the dog sees the “victim”, by smell and footprint Whippets are not looking. Many whippets are able to run at a speed of 60-70 km / h, which unites them with another English breed – Greyhounds (also extremely fast dogs). Moreover, in addition to speed, Whippets, Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds have common relatives, presumably living in the days of ancient Rome, brought in British Isles BC In the 19th century whippets even called “greyhound for the poor” because small English greyhounds were considered less pretentious in content. But quite these dogs are not bad for living in an apartment, if the owner can give enough time to walk with the pet. Living with people and other pets in the house, whippets are completely unpretentious in terms of care, and their small dimensions will not require much space, even in the smallest apartment. So whippets are dogs with a proportional and harmonious addition. Their head is elongated, in the upper part the skull is flat, the transition from the forehead to the muzzle is not bright severity. The muzzle tapers to the tip of the nose. Eyes are rounded, have living expression. Jaws well developed, scissor bite. The ears of small English greyhounds are pinkish, small. The neck is arched long, smoothly turning into a strong long back with developed the muscles. Whippets chest deep and wide enough, ribs springy. The stomach is picked up. The tail is long, at its base noticeably wider. The limbs are long, bony, with well-developed and strong shoulder blades and hips, quite muscular (especially back). Whippet hair is short and thin, snug to to the body. Colors are varied: black, white, piebald, isabella, blue, red, spotty (spots of any shade of those listed in combination with white).

Whippet photo:

Whippet photo 1 Whippet photo 2 Whippet photo 3Whippet photo 4 Whippet photo 5 Whippet photo 6Whippet photo 7 Whippet photo 8 Whippet photo 9 Photo of Whippet dogs |

Origin history

There are only two main versions of the origin of the Whippets. According to some researchers, small English greyhounds were obtained by breeding dogs of breeds such as Greyhound, Italian greyhound, terrier. Great Britain bred a new breed of greyhounds (whippet) was used not only as hunting, but also to participate in dog racing while hunting for a mechanical hare. End 19 centuries (around the 1890s) whippets became very popular on territory of the British Isles, and already in 1903 was approved Breed standard. Moreover, the main breeders of these small greyhounds it is considered English miners who are in their free grueling work time loved being distracted by canine competitions, as well as with pleasure participated in the capture of game with the help of such tetrapods. By the way, the name of the breed comes from the old English word “whipp”, meaning about “a small fast dog for hunting.” Another version of the occurrence Whippets are much more interesting. According to those depicted in the temples, the tombs of the pharaohs of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece to dogs (according the exterior is very reminiscent of modern whippets, Italian greyhounds and Greyhounds), the ancestors of the breed were the ancient Pharaoh dogs (pharaonic greyhounds). For example, often such greyhounds were depicted with Roman goddess Diana (patroness of hunting, fertility, animal and plant world). Many historians claim that the ancient pharaoh greyhounds appeared on the British Isles for the first time back in 55 BC. By surging the blood of dogs of others Breeds of the world was a small English greyhound-whippet.

Whippet character

Whippets are not only sensitive and fast hunters, but also loyal domestic dogs. Most dog owners this the breeds mark their watchdog qualities. And whippets are not aggressive to outsiders, but to strangers almost always belong incredulously. These graceful dogs get along well with the children involved in any outdoor activities kids. Of all the greyhounds, it is character Whippets are considered the most good-natured. In addition, whippet males often even more reverent bitches in relation to their own master and other family members. These are very affectionate, loyal, active dogs, Suitable for families who love traveling, traveling outside the city. They are unobtrusive and feel good mood or condition health of the owner, rarely spoil property for the sake of the game and their own entertainment. For owners who do not have a minute free of time, whippets are hardly suitable. They need a lot of time for walking, running. Often these dogs are invited to participate in any sport – agility, frisbee, freestyle. If the whippet’s owner will have the idea of teaching the dog hunting skills, then this is likely to be the best option for a pet breed small english greyhound. Whippets are very recognized in hunting hardy, able to deliver prey to the owner on a huge speed. In addition, whippets are very trained, they smart, rarely resist host commands. These dogs are different a lively mind, poise and wonderful behavior. In when whippet becomes a companion dog, he is great adapts to the foundations of the family that acquired it.

Maintenance and care

Whippet can be settled in an apartment, giving the dog a certain space, and in the territory of a private house (or cottage), with provided that the owner will not leave the dog for long loneliness. When living with a greyhound in the fresh air should eliminate all drafts, long stay in cemented surface. Mandatory conditions for street living are aviary and a booth that should be insulated for the winter period, soft bed with a removable cover, which if necessary can be wash. In the most severe frosts, it is better not to risk it, since these Shorthair dogs can easily freeze and become ill. IN cold days, even for street whippets, you can make an exception, inviting him to live in the house. By the way, often during the winter walks on whippets put on overalls and shoes. The owner of such fast dogs (especially if the dog is kept in the city) is not vigilance should be lost because whippets in whose veins flows the blood of hunters may well set off in pursuit of any object or animal, run away or get into trouble. That’s why else a whippet baby puppy needs to be accustomed to urban life (noise trains, car signals), and indispensable attributes of walks – collar and leash. Whippet walks ideally are 2-time outings of at least 1.5 hours (especially for a dog, living in an apartment that does not have enough facilities for full physical activity). If for any reason the dog owner cannot devote much time to walking, it is worth think about how to diversify the life of a pet, which games will be he is interested in (for example, apporting the ball, pulling the rope, hide and seek, etc.). The game must be age appropriate animal, and the owner must calculate the strength of the dog and his own, so as not to harm the pet. Not bad if near the house there is a walking area where you can meet other dog lovers, because that’s where the whippet will be able to chat and play with your tailed brothers. True, contacts with the outside world is better to start when the animal is vaccinated and learns the simplest commands (“to me”, “next to”, “fu”, “sit”). By the way, often whippets can overstretch the leash, as if driving the host. This behavior dog needs to stop. Whippets-hunters are dogs that the owner loads enough. From an early age they accompany the host during field trips, therefore, as a rule, they don’t experience lack of movement. But in the process of hunting, a dog can easily be injured (for example, bitten by a burrowing animal), so that the body of dogs after the capture of game should be carefully examined for wounds, ticks, abrasions. Take part in the hunt dogs that not only received all vaccinations, but also passed deworming (or the prevention of helminthiasis), as well as periodically swallowed by the owner. Whippet hair care uncomplicated, because it consists in the weekly removal of dead hairs and skin flakes with a rubberized glove or brush. For animals of this breed, pronounced molting and the presence of “dog” smell, they are fairly clean in nature. Whippet bathe no more than 2-4 times a year (if it is not about the exhibition dog), the rest of the time just washing the paws and removing unnecessary hair. Dog ears should be examined for parasites, pollution and pathological discharge. Ear cleaning held weekly with a cotton pad moistened a special tool for removing sulfur deposits (sometimes use baby oil, boiled water, decoctions of herbs). Teeth it is advisable to clean daily, and for the prevention of tartar and to eliminate plaque, the owner can purchase treats for the dog, not only cleansing the cavity of the mouth, but also supplying the body vitamins. Whippet’s eyes are wiped daily (or every 2 days) using gauze soaked in water or tea leaves. Nimble Dogs like Whippet need to cut their claws for at least 2 once a month, because when running long claws can lead to limb injuries, as well as joint problems and gait.

Training and education

The Whippets feature is a clear capture of the host’s mood, therefore, from the first day in the house, the owner must build the right relationship with the dog. Puppy at first not easy, therefore, the owner must affectionately, but without permission to show the puppy that there is no danger in the house, ill-wishers. When the process of getting used to new housing will be passed, you can take the puppy for a walk to get acquainted with the surrounding world. The sounds of the city, people, other animals should not scare the baby. But you can’t let the dog go from hand until all vaccinations will be given (the danger is diseases: plague, rabies, leptospirosis, adenovirus, infectious hepatitis, enteritis). Slowly from the very first days the dog should be accustomed to simple commands. For example, when a puppy begins to indulge, the owner must strictly say: “Fu!” Whippets are smart, so team learning isn’t is too complicated. But these animals are categorically not it is recommended to beat or scream at them. In punishment, you can simply change the tone of your voice from friendly and quiet to more severe, loud. An encouragement for a dog of this breed will be the presence nearby with a beloved host, a treat and generous praise for obedience. IN as a training course with whippets most often pass OKD (General training course). After mastering the commands, the dog may well be trained in hunting or participating in sports competitions (coursing, racing, etc.).

Health and Disease

If the dog does not show interest in games, it becomes lethargic and lethargic, she has symptoms of ill health (gastrointestinal tract disorders, temperature changes, limping, mournful whining without causes, fainting, shortness of breath, overweight or underweight, etc.), then the owner needs to contact the sensible as soon as possible by the veterinarian. Better yet, call him home or (if the condition pet allows) to bring the animal to the clinic. Procrastination or self-selected (therefore, often incorrect) treatment may lead to the death of a friend. It is desirable that the whippet owner have medications agreed with your doctor for first aid on housework in cases of poisoning, bites, electric shock, and so on. Whippets live an average of 10 to 14 years. And most often their health fails, but there are certain problems that, although rare, but there are: deafness (congenital), eye diseases (atrophy retina, corneal dystrophy), heart disease (mitral stenosis valve), poor blood coagulability (von Willebrand disease).

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