West Highland White Terrier (photo):

Origin: Highlands Scotland Class: FCI classification: Group 3 “Terriers”, 2 section “Small Terriers” Use: the breed was bred for hunting a burrowing beast. Currently used as a companion. Color: white Sizes: growth at the withers: 25-28 mix: 6-10 kg life: with proper care 12-15 years

The cheerful and curious West Highland White Terriers are rightfully considered the most affectionate of all terriers.

Cheerful and curious West Highland White Terriers rightfully considered the most affectionate of all terriers


  • 1 Contents
  • 2 History of the breed
  • 3 Psychology
  • 4 Application
  • 5 How to choose a dog
  • 6 Care features
    • 6.1 Grooming
  • 7 Walk
  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
    • 9.1 characteristic diseases
  • 10 Vaccinations
  • 11 Knit


  • Breed history
  • Psychology
  • Application
  • How to choose a dog
  • Care Features
    • Combing
    • Walking
    • Food
  • Health
    • Characteristic diseases
    • Vaccinations
  • Knitting

A small white dog of the West Highland White Terrier breed is similar to funny soft toy with a big head and perky raised ponytail. But do not let the cutest appearance deceive you: West Highland White Terrier is a very serious dog, like most terriers. Selflessly brave, energetic, well adapted to hunting in the harsh conditions of mountainous Scotland, the messenger is able to be a watchman and an excellent companion.

This breed has a large supply of energy

This breed has a large energy reserve.

Breed history

The dog was bred in the mountains of Scotland. Harsh and stingy Highlanders would never feed a dog just for beauty. All Scottish Terriers are remarkable working qualities. Medium, brave and strong with jaws, terriers helped mountain hunters to get foxes, otters and dangerous heavy badgers.

Most Scottish Terriers are similar and obviously have common roots. The West has a resemblance to scotch tape and core-terrier.

West Highland White Terriers are intelligent dogs with good manners

West highland terriers intelligent dogs with good manners

At that time, it was believed that light-colored puppies were weaker and larger susceptible to disease, so little white terriers ruthlessly rejected. But then the hunters realized that the white dog wasn’t so easy to confuse with the beast and inadvertently kill in the heat of the hunt. Especially contributed to fixing the white color of the breed enthusiast, Colonel Edward Malcolm. Colonel bred on his estate Poltalloch exclusively white and cream terriers after on the hunt, his beloved red terrier was killed by mistake. White dogs preferred also the Duke of Argill of Rosnit and Dr. Flaxman from Fifshire. Thanks to these three people, the West Highland White Terrier acquired its characteristic appearance.


Vesti is a real terrier full of boiling energy. As everyone terriers, lead prone to domination and needs serious upbringing and socialization. It is not recommended to take terriers for a child under 10-12 years old. Firstly, the news is not too loyal to small children. Secondly, the child is unlikely to be able to become a West real authority: the dog needs a harder hand. It’s connected with the fact that Vesta, for all her lovely white fluffy, possess remarkable will, stubbornness, ingenuity and a penchant for adventurous pranks. It’s just amazing how dodgy can to be the intelligence of this tireless adventurer.

West Highland White Terriers are confident and decisive breed

West Highland Terriers Confident and Decisive breed

Vesta is incredibly loyal to its masters and at the same time terribly are jealous. If you feel like stroking another in his presence doggie or even a cat – your pet can be terribly offended and rush to punish a competitor. If you want to start the house yet one animal larger than a snail, have it in view of.

Like most terriers, vests love to start a fight, and with equal fury, the terrier is able to throw himself at the little chihuahua, and on a huge bullmastiff, one head of which weighs more than the whole messenger.


West Highland can still go hunting with you. Sensitive hearing and sonorous voice make West a great watchman – about any incident, he will immediately inform you with a bark of bark. With news You can engage in moving kinds of dog sports, keep it just “for the soul” and for long walks in good company.

Active and cheerful kid

Active and cheerful baby

How to choose a dog

Vesta is becoming more popular and unscrupulous people profit from the sale of pseudo purebred puppies. Therefore never buy a dog in the market. Even with luck, and a puppy bought will be healthy, it’s not at all necessary to grow out of it West Highland, not the usual little white cur.

Advice! Never buy a dog on the market

Contact reputed nurseries with a good reputation, do not first year working with the breed. In this case, you can get all possible help in raising and raising a puppy, see parents of the baby and make sure West puppies Highland White Terrier reared in good conditions.

Great companions for children and adults.

Great companions for kids and adults

Experienced dog breeders recommend choosing the wrong litter a large puppy, but the most nimble, active and curious. Carefully inspect the baby: it should have clear eyes, without any discharge, clean wet nose, clean and pink ears. The stomach should not be swollen and there should be no signs under the tail loose stool.

Care Features


White wool vesta requires constant care. Two to three times per week the dog needs to be combed, once a month – to wash. To save the characteristic appearance of the vest is necessary several times a year to cut or trim. Trimming is a must for show class dogs. If you’re not going to attend exhibitions, you can just cut your pet. It is faster and cheaper, but worse wool quality.

Owners to cut hair around anus and genitals usually prefer on their own. It is necessary for hygiene and ease of care.

Advice! Be sure to regularly inspect the ears of the dog, trim the nails if they are not erased yourself.

Most people prefer cutting their West Highland White Terriers.

Most people prefer to cut their West Highland terriers


With vests you need to walk at least 2 hours every day, and while walking, the dog should run around and release his own energy. Powerful leisurely walks on a leash – not for the news. FROM they need to play, work out, run. That is why terriers not very suitable for older people, but great for families with middle-aged children.

If you live in your own house with a plot, you may wait for disappointment. Vesta loves to dig everything and everywhere. If you cherish your flower beds and a well-groomed garden, it is better to go there do not let. But you can fence a small one for your pet plot on which he will be able to satisfy his digging inclinations. Pour a bunch of sand and sawdust there, and West will digging selflessly without harming the garden.

It is advisable to walk longer and play active games at home and outdoors with your pet

It is advisable to walk longer and play active with your pet games at home and outdoors


Vesta is unpretentious in food, but prone to food allergies. IN the diet of terriers should be enough meat, fish, vegetables.

Having opted for dry food, use Super premium and premium professional feed. IN some feed lines have special ones designed for small terriers and west highlands.

Natural feeding is harder, but dogs are better and faster grow on natural feed. True, provided that you You can feed the West in a balanced way.

Meat should be at least one third of the total volume. Lean beef and veal, rabbit, lamb meat, beef offal (especially tripe). Give pork not allowed. 1-2 times a week you can offer low-fat boiled sea boneless fish.

A third of the diet is cereal, of which preference should be give buckwheat and rice. Barley, corn, millet, pearl barley and semolina are not suitable: they only load the digestive the system.

Feed the puppy and adult dog only after a walk

Feed the puppy and adult dog only after a walk

Milk can only be given to puppies, but dairy products include in the diet is necessary. Low-fat kefir, cottage cheese should make up at least 1/5 of the dog’s diet.

Vegetables are suitable zucchini, cabbage, greens. Terriers with gnaw at carrots and beets with pleasure, but these bright dyed fruits, their coat color may change, which undesirable for show dogs. From fruits you can give apples, pears and other fruits if the pet is not allergic.

Important! It’s forbidden to give bird bones, smoked and spicy foods, and feed the dog waste with the table


Characteristic diseases

Although West Highlands have a longer lifespan, they certain diseases are characteristic. Predisposition to some of them are transmitted genetically.

West Highlands are ill:

  • food allergies;
  • atopic and yeast dermatitis;
  • cataract
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • joint diseases;
  • meningoencephalitis.

Some dogs are born deaf.

It gets along well with people and animals

It gets along well with people and animals


Vaccination is done according to general rules: the first vaccination produced by a breeder at the age of 4 weeks, from plague and parvovirus. 10 days before vaccination, you need to give the kids an anthelmintic. The second vaccination occurs at 8-9 weeks – plague, hepatitis, parvovirus enteritis, leptospirosis. After 2-3 weeks you need to do third vaccination with the same vaccine + rabies vaccine.

In the future, vaccinations are given annually.

When we vaccinate our pet, we protect ourselves as well

When we vaccinate our pet, we protect ourselves


You can knit a dog only after it reaches maturity, in age 2-2.5 years. Only breeding dogs are involved in mating class valuable in terms of breeding. A couple is picked up at the club. It is strongly not recommended to carry out independent knitting and generally not knit breeding animals.

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