Wackderm-F for cats

Dermatophytosis, which is popularly called ringworm – fungal infections, rarely leading to serious complications or the death of a cat. But they significantly worsen the quality of life tailed pets. In addition, fungi are dangerous for owners. cat, and especially for babies, the elderly and all those whose immunity is weakened. The drug “Wackderm” for cats, manufactured Metropolitan company NPViZTS “Vetzverootsentr”, allows to warn and cure dermatophytosis in pets.

What is Wackderm-F?

“Wackderm” (or rather, “Wackderm-F”) for cats – a vaccine, which is a pink suspension. Release the veterinary preparation is carried out in glass bottles placed in cardboard packaging (10 pcs each). The amount of suspension in each vial is 1 ml, which is equal to 1 dose of the drug funds. Vetpreparat “Wakderm” for cats contains fungal culture of strains of pathogens that cause dermatophytosis. Across a month after the injection in a healthy animal occurs formation of immunity against infections caused by pathogenic fungi. Immunity is maintained for at least 1 year, in during which the owner may not be afraid that the pet gets sick. “Wackderm-F” is also used to treat depriving in cats, combining it with other drugs that kill the harmful fungus (antibiotics, ointments based on sulfur, miconazole, thiabendazole; tablets with terbinafine; immunomodulators, etc.).

What diseases will Wakderm-F help with?

The vaccine “Vakderm-F” is successfully used for prevention and treatment the following diseases:

  • Trichophytosis – a type of ringworm caused by fungi of the genus Trichophyton. Ways of infection lie in the communication of the cat with individuals with trichophytosis individuals (and their things – stove benches, bowls, brushes, etc.), in contact with rodents (mice, rats). Sometimes the animal can be a carrier of the fungus without external manifestations illnesses. In other cases, the owner can observe with his favorite symptoms: the appearance of bald spots (most often at first on the head, and after and throughout the body), disheveled and brittle hair, dandruff, itching, inflammation of the skin, discoloration and exfoliation claw;
  • Microsporia is a disease that is also called lichen. The causative agent is Microsporum fungi that await the animal with contact with an infected cat during a walk (fungal spores may be on grass, in soil). Sometimes microsporia can even the cat who doesn’t leave the apartment gets sick, if, to for example, disputes will end up on the wearer’s clothes or shoes. Like trichophytosis, microsporia can occur in a latent form when symptoms of the disease are not visible to the owner. In acute form of the disease round, hairless areas of the body, broken off, can be observed, like cut hairs at the site of the focus, whitish scales on the skin, inflammation and vesicles on the skin, the appearance of ulcers.

Ringworm can affect a pet of any breed, however long-haired animals are most susceptible to the disease (Persian, Himalayan, Angora cats). At risk there are kittens, babies, cats of old age and weakened individuals. But even adult animals whose health is good enough can catch the causative agent of the disease both at home and outside. That’s why the vaccine against lichen for cats “Wackderm-F” is relevant for pet owner of any age.

Features of the drug “Wackderm-F”

Instructions for use of the suspension “Wackderm-F” indicates The following important facts to consider before give the cat an injection:

  1. Shelf life of unopened vaccine is 1 year at temperature 2-10 degrees. The liquid in the opened bottle is effective for half an hour, and after this time it should not be used. If for any reason the color or consistency of Wackderm-F have changed, in no case should you use it for treatment or prevention. According to the rules, a bottle with a suspension, which unsuitable for injection, should be boiled for an hour, and after dispose of;
  2. The drug can be pricked to kittens who have reached 1 month of life;
  3. Before starting vaccine prophylaxis or treatment “Wackderm-F” should first destroy external parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.), then internal (worms). Dermatophytosis Therapy should be started no earlier than 10 days after deworming;
  4. Before using the vaccine, a cat should be shown. to the vet. Particularly vigilant is the injection “Wackderm-F” if the animal is still too young or old, and also exhausted;
  5. “Wackderm-F” is strictly contraindicated in cats with increased body temperature sick with infectious or non-infectious diseases, pregnant women in the later stages, as well as nursing animals. If the cat is diagnosed with other diseases in addition to dermatophytosis, it should be previously cured and only after the permission of the veterinarian, start treatment with “Wackderm – F”;
  6. After administration of the suspension, the cat may experience drowsiness, loss of appetite, tightening under the skin at the injection site. These symptoms as a rule, observed in a cat for 1-3 days;
  7. If the dermatophytosis in a cat is in the stage of incubation period, the introduction of “Wackderm-F” can trigger the appearance of clinical signs of the disease (hair loss, peeling skin, the appearance of suppuration, etc.).

By the way, on sale in addition to “Wackderm-F”, developed exclusively for cats, there is also a suspension of “Wackderm” for cats, dogs, rabbits, fur animals. It also produces NPViZTS Vetzverootsentr.

How to use “Wackderm-F” for a cat?

To administer a vaccine to a pet, a one-time preparation should be prepared syringe. The injection site must be treated with alcohol, and then carefully insert the needle into the cat’s muscle in the inner thigh area. Across 10-14 days the procedure is repeated, but the drug is injected into another limb (if the first injection was into the left leg of the animal, repeated injection in the right and vice versa) .Dosage of the drug Wackderm – F is calculated as follows:

  • Animals aged 1 to 3 months – 0.5 ml “Wackderm-F”;
  • Animals older than 3 months – 1 ml Wackderm-F.

Reviews about the injections of the drug “Wackderm-F”

“Wackderm-F” – a medicine to prevent unpleasant fungal lesions from which the skin, hair, and sometimes claws of a cat. However, inattention to the rules of introduction the drug can lead to sad consequences that reflect some reviews of owners who decided to give the pet an injection “Wackderm-F”: Review No. 1: “Suspension” Wackderm-F “I do not recommend to those who self-medicates animals, as I once did myself. IN last year I picked up two kittens from the street, brought the next day at the vet clinic. The doctor decided that kittens may have ringworm lichen made scrapings. He ordered me to come for the result later. But I decided not to lose time and bought a package of “Wackderm-F”. Did injections that evening, without really reading the instructions, even worms and fleas did not poison. As a result, one kitten died after 3 days, the second barely pumped out (with the help of a veterinarian). So if u do injections such a drug, it is better in the clinic and only after a recommendation a doctor. And the kittens, by the way, had dermatitis, do not deprive them at all … “; Review No. 2: “She herself worked in a pet store for 10 years. About the vaccine I can only say good things to Wackderm-F: the price is not high, Verified manufacturer (for more than 20 years they have been producing veterinary drugs), the tool really acts and protects cats from depriving. Some owners are afraid that after the introduction of the vaccine, Cats begin lichen “in all its glory” and do not give a second injection. And in vain, because after a few days the symptoms begin to disappear, and the cat’s immune system successfully fights the causative agent. I and to my family friends (I have a dog and two cats) I introduce this the drug is annually for prevention. Never unpleasant there were no consequences … “; Review No. 3:” Our pet cat caught trichophytosis. I was scared scared because at home the child is six months old, but the disease is contagious! The doctor prescribed ointments and suspension “Vakderm-F” intramuscularly. Itself do injections I was afraid, drove to the clinic several times. The doctor, by the way, warned that the remedy is effective, but for the liver of a cat heavy. And the side effect can be from him in the form of lethargy. After two cat injections in bald areas in the muzzle and tail region wool began to grow, the very appearance of a fur coat became much more attractive. I think Wackderm-F, together with sulfuric ointments, did the trick … ”

The cost of the drug “Wackderm-F”

Perhaps the lowest price for the vaccine “Wackderm-F” is listed on the website manufacturer (vetzverocenter.ru) – 76.89 rubles per 1 bottle. Consequently, a package containing 10 bottles will cost 768.90 rubles. The maximum price of the bottle is about 150 rubles, that is, the packaging of the drug will cost 1,500 rubles. If For the prevention and treatment of cats, not Wackderm-F, but “Wackderm”, the amount will be slightly lower – from 69 rubles to 120 rubles per bottle or from 690-1200 rubles per package.

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