Enterosgel puppy for diarrhea: dosage, methods application

Enterosgel is an effective drug that quite often prescribed to people. Moreover, many experts prefer to this particular remedy. But it is also successfully used in veterinary medicine, as a relatively safe adsorbent with high efficiency. Like any medicine, you need it to feed the animal carefully, and it is desirable for the owner to know reception features and the right dosage, especially if necessary give Enterosgel to a puppy with diarrhea.


  • 1. How does the drug work
  • 2. Dosage and duration of administration
  • 3. How to give a gel to a puppy
  • 4. In which cases the dog should not be given

How does the drug work?

If doggie developed diarrhea, vomiting appeared, changed the consistency of feces and an impurity appeared in it, then similar signs indicate impaired function gastrointestinal tract. The reasons may be different, but in in most cases, medication with adsorbing effect. Enterosgel puppy with diarrhea

Such drugs are mainly borrowed from the “human” pharmacies, and they successfully cope with their difficult task – collect and remove toxic substances from the body. Just like that Enterosgel is a remedy – a medicine that has a unique structure with a porous, organosilicon matrix. Issued in in the form of a transparent gel without a pronounced taste.

The gel acts, in the human, in the canine organism, equally, its components are sorbed and excreted from the affected organs any endogenous and exogenous substances, including products pathogens, food allergens, salts heavy metals that can poison a pet.

In addition, Enterosgel is able to bind and remove from excess metabolic products of the body – bilirubin, urea, lipid complexes, cholesterol. The benefits of this drug The following can be attributed:

  • it does not settle and does not stick to the mucous membranes;
  • does not penetrate tissue;
  • does not reduce the absorption of vitamin components and trace elements;
  • does not violate the intestinal microflora;
  • Does not change the color of feces.

Enterosgel has a pronounced fixing effect, therefore it is recommended to give dogs with diarrhea and vomiting, regardless reasons for their occurrence.

Dosage and duration of administration

Enterosgel dogs are given twice daily between meals, before or after eating. It is important to consider that the interval between consumption funds and feeding should be at least 2 hours. Concerning duration of therapy, it all depends on what caused diarrhea:

  • in acute poisoning, a 5-7-day course of administration is required Enterosgel;
  • with chronic intoxication – 2-3 weeks treatment.

The veterinarian selects the dosage individually. But more often a single dose for a large pet (weighing more than 40 kg) is 2 tsp gel, for a smaller dog – 1 tsp And if you suffer from diarrhea puppy, then the dosage must be reduced by 2 times: the groats are given 1 tsp Enterosgel, small babies – 0.5 tsp

How to give a gel to a puppy

Some owners are more lucky and their pets are no problem eat the gel. But most often they run into resistance – doggies refuse such a “treat”, by all means try to spit out a tasteless medicine. Enterosgel puppy

Experts recommend squeezing the product onto a spoon, place her pet deep in the mouth and pour a little water from the syringe, waiting for the puppy to swallow. You can also dilute the gel with water in 1: 3 ratio, stirring until the product is completely dissolved. The fluid should be drawn into a syringe, inserted into the mouth and held muzzle before triggering swallowing reflex.

In this case, you can also use the trick – mix the gel with a treat so that the pet licks it. Just to be observed – sometimes the pets turn out to be trickier, and then the yummy disappears, and lumps of gel remain. After taking Enterosgel, it is recommended drink a doggie, this will accelerate the effect of the drug.

In which cases the dog should not be given

There are a number of pathological conditions in which to give adsorbents, including Enterosgel, cannot be given to animals:

  • if the poisoning is caused by the following toxic substances: cyanide, acids, alkalis, organic solvents;
  • with complete intestinal obstruction;
  • with a decrease in peristalsis and loss of intestinal tone;
  • with peritonitis;
  • with perforation of the intestinal walls.

In addition, in some pets, an individual intolerance to active or excipients included in composition of the drug. Enterosgel dog

Enterosgel – a drug that has established itself well as in medicine and veterinary medicine. But give it to the puppy carefully, given the particular state of the four-legged friend, his age and other factors. Best for puppy diarrhea consult a veterinarian, but if this is not possible, then give the drug, based on existing recommendations.

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