Unspoken Dog Walking Rules

There are certain unwritten rules that are necessary. perform while walking dogs. Many do not even suspect about them, but their implementation is mandatory in any civilized world. Consider the basic requirements that will protect you from possible troubles and will help not overshadow the process of walking your pet.

Ten unspoken dog walking rules:

  • Greet other dogs and their owners. Of course it doesn’t mean that they need to shake hands or shake hands the owner. Just at least smile or nod your head. This is evidence of courtesy and your openness.
  • Take pet treats for a walk. Pocket, filled with goodies, will be able to help you out in various situations while walking. Your pet is breaking free, doesn’t want to come to you after you let him out for a walk – you There is a great opportunity to solve such problems. Just for that offer your pet goodies.
  • Dress correctly. No one will go for a run in tuxedo or for an official meeting in a tracksuit. The same There are rules for the clothes in which you walk the dog. Dress comfortably! It is best to wear lightweight practical items. If a you walk your dog in the cold season, then your coat or the down jacket should not hamper the movement. Remember that you may you have to run or get dirty.
  • Attention! Cats! For most cats – affectionate and gentle animals. But for some reason, their contented appearance is not always pleases the dog, and sometimes even causes outright aggression. Be prepared for the fact that your pet can at any time chasing a walking cat. This behavior is serious problem for most dog breeders. That is why it is necessary avoid walking dogs in places where cats walk. The best thing walking with dogs in specially designated places.
  • Allow your pet to sniff other dogs. Each the dog loves to poke his nose in a not very pleasant for the owner places. Of course, we mean the process of sniffing under the tail. Do not limit your pet to this. The nose is the main organ thanks to which dogs receive information about the outside world and about animals that inhabit it. Dogs sniffing each other They get to know each other and get comprehensive information about a new friend. The main thing is not to allow such sniffing to continue. too long. As a rule, “normal” sniffing continues. few seconds.
  • No sex in public! In no case don’t let your pet copulate on the street, especially since random dogs. It is also necessary to suppress behavior when the animal imitates sexual intercourse on your or another’s leg, or by doing this is with my friend. To stop such a dog outrage sometimes there’s enough of the confident “Don’t!” command or any other, which the pet perceives as a ban. Also not worth it to photograph such indecent behavior of an animal, especially post similar photos on the Internet.
  • Clean up the feces! Take a bag for a walk. is he will be needed in order to collect the last of your dog into it. Not need to clog the environment! Always clean after the pet. The used bag must be thrown into special bins, not leave it anywhere.
  • Unauthorized entry prohibited! Don’t let your pet in the front gardens, in the flower beds or in other people’s yards in order to to relieve the need. This behavior of the animal is clearly no one like it. In the urine of the animal there are harmful substances that adversely affect the plant. That’s why every trip to the flower garden or flowerbed leads to disastrous consequences for flora.
  • Keep your pet on a leash! Regardless where you walk: in a park, on a city street, in a forest or in a field, never let the dog off the leash. Even if your pet is very affectionate and not aggressive, he may be injured more large dogs. Also, the dog can relieve the need for the wrong location. That is why strictly comply with the inadmissibility requirements. walking dogs without a leash.
  • Make a holiday out of a walk! Do not limit dog in her desires for a walk. Try to follow wherever you want dog, also let her do anything, unless of course however, this does not violate the above rules and social principles. In this case, never allow the pet to eat leftover food from the ground or rummaging through garbage bins.

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