Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff, Do-Khyi, Tsang-khyi, Zang Ao

Tibetan mastiff Tibetan Mastiff, Do-Khyi, Tsang-khyi, Zang Ao

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 2
  • Training: 2
  • Size: 10
  • Mind: 2
  • Security: 10
  • Relations with children: 9
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Shedding: 9


The Tibetan mastiff is considered one of the first dog breeds. is he used to protect the flocks and homes of the Tibetan people.

The breed is independent, protective, and very loyal that makes her a great guard dog. This is an ancient breed of dog. Tibetan mastiff is supposedly the ancestor of all Molossian dogs.

A highly questionable study in the agricultural laboratory University of Animal Reproductive Genetics and Molecular evolution in Nanjing, China, found that while the most common dog breeds genetically descended from a wolf approximately 42,000 years ago, the Tibetan mastiff was genetically derived from a wolf about 58,000 years ago.


The Tibetan mastiff is a huge, strong dog, with a large body. At dogs a large, wide head with a square muzzle. Lips are big and hang down on the sides. The eyes are medium sized, slanting and dark brown. The ears triangular, medium size. The tail is long, fluffy and arched on back. The fur is two-layer, with a fluffy, thick inner layer and outer layer with straight, coarse hair. The fur may be black black with tan, golden brown, gray with or no brown areas around the eyes, lower legs, under the tail and on the face.

  • Be careful your little cute teddy bear grows to 45 – 75 kg. The size of the dog makes it unsuitable for living in a city apartment.
  • Tibetan mastiffs are usually active in the morning and evening. If a your schedule does not allow walking with them at this time – this breed does not for you.
  • Behave indoors
  • Tibetan mastiffs are very smart, independent and stubborn, they sensitive to human mood.
  • The Tibetan mastiff needs early socialization.
  • This breed is not recommended for inexperienced owners. Tibetan a mastiff needs a confident trainer who is consistent and firm, but also loving.
  • Not recommended for homes with small children.


This is a calm, restrained and a bit stubborn dog. Good balanced, brave, worthy, he loves children, but can misinterpret some harmless acts. Tibetan Mastiff is careful with strangers. If he talked from an early age with other dogs or other pets not there will be no problem.


Tibetan mastiff is a strong-willed and very intelligent breed of dogs, however this breed requires proper training. With the right training, he will be obedient, nimble, and will do what the owner will say.


The Tibetan mastiff is a very affectionate, loving, and loyal dog. Clever dogs, but can also be very stubborn.


Training this dog should be done by a trainer with great experience in dog training, he must be firm without being tough, without beating the dog, he should be calm and good balanced so that the dog trusts and respects its the owner.

Without a dominant and strong trainer, this strong-willed breed can exhibit destructive behavior.


The fur of the Tibetan mastiff needs regular cleaning even during Shedding it should be daily.


The Tibetan mastiff is a good watchman and loyal companion.

Interesting facts 1. This guard dog Born in China as early as 1100 BC. After she lived in isolation in the Himalayas, the breed turned into a Tibetan the mastiff we know today. 2. In Tibet, Tibetan mastiffs called “do-hye”, which translates as “attached dog.” They are held chained to the gate and released only at night. 3. Tibetan Mastiffs love the cold, so they can and will play for hours in the snow. 4. Tibetan mastiffs have exceptionally strong jaws and teeth, and coupled with amazingly high intelligence that generates boredom and their legendary love of wood can lead to amazing destructive actions in your home.

Did you know? Tibetan mastiff puppy was sold at a record price of 19 million yuan (approximately 1.9 million dollars), making him the most expensive dog in the world.

Breed Information

A country China
Life span 10-12 years old
Height Males: 66-76 cm Bitches: 61-71 cm
Weight Males: 45-73 kg Bitches: 34-55 kg
Long wool longhair
Colour black, tan black, brown, gray and golden
Group fighting, guard, guard, guard
Price 1500 – 6500 $

Breed photo

Tibetan Mastiff brown - photo Tibetan Mastiff black - photo Tibetan mastiff - photo Tibetan mastiff puppy - photo

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