The smallest dog in the world

The smallest dog in the world lives in the Polish city of Wroclaw. With a height of 6 cm, the weight of a Chihuahua Tudi is only 300 g.

The smallest dog in the world in her arms


  • 1 official record holder
  • 2 Secret Tudi – in moderation
  • 3 Do not step on the dog

Official record holder

Until recently, the palm in this category in versions of the famous Guinness Book of Records held by a representative the same breed from Puerto Rico, nicknamed Milli, weighing 170 g and only 6.53 cm tall at the withers.

Former Millie record holder

Tudi’s secret is in moderation

Trudy Size Compared to Apple

Chihuahua dogs have never been large but Tudi’s parameters are impressive: she’s not above the average apple. Mistress the crumbs explains this by the fact that the dog eats very little, and to drink Tudi, just put a “saucer” in the form of a bottle cap.

Don’t step on the dog

Trudy plays with a matchbox

The owner of the dog complained that she always had to be extremely careful and careful not to accidentally step on the pet, Moreover, the color of Tudi repeats the color of the floor in the house.

The smallest dog in the world with a toy

The future champion has every chance to get into the Guinness Book. Most likely, this will happen in the near future, but for now miniature dog happily poses in front of numerous cameras fans and members of the press.

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