The largest dog in the world (photo): Zeus and his “Colleagues”

The giant dog of Zeus, the usual sofa has become too small

They attract and frighten, cause delight and fear. at the same time – the largest dogs in the world are their favorites owners and a thunderstorm for their detractors.

However, size does not affect the good-natured nature of these giant doggie; many of them are tender with their tenderness or readiness to frolic, like little children.


  • 1 Zeus – god of canine Olympus
  • 2 The nature and lifestyle of Zeus
  • 3 Relay of greatness
  • 4 Giants Parade

Zeus – god of canine Olympus

In 2013, another fact supplemented the Guinness Book of Records – Great Dane Zeus was marked as the highest the dog that ever lived.

The largest dog in the world is 111.8 cm tall and weighs more than 70 kg, was born in the United States in Michigan, the town of Otego.

Next to this simply incredible dog, the owners seem teenage children.

According to them, you need to be very careful that Zeus accidentally not stepped on your foot, otherwise there will be a bruise.

And if the dog suddenly wants to stand on its hind legs, its height, the envy of the coaches of the basketball teams will be 2.24 meters.

So hide the goodies on the top shelves of cabinets from Zeus did not work.

The daily diet of the giant mastiff consisted of 14 kilograms dog food.

Moreover, if the owners wanted to go with their pet to a picnic, a simple passenger car was not suitable for this.

Especially so that the transportation of Zeus becomes possible, a truck was purchased.

"Маленький" песик, который съедает за день столько, сколько некоторые люди едят за неделю

“Маленький” песик, который съедает за день столько, скольконекоторые люди едят за неделю

For passers-by, a great mastiff evoked mixed feelings. Mistress Denis Dorlag, shares that sometimes she heard questions, such as: “This dog or horse? ”

And there’s nothing to be offended, because the dog is really in size could easily compete with a pony.

Particularly courageous were asked to be photographed with this dog, who, however, he was not opposed.

The nature and lifestyle of Zeus

Like all well-trained German Great Dane, Zeus was different nobility and good nature.

His boundless devotion to the master was expressed not only in impeccable obedience, but also in the desire to sit with him on hands.

Kevin Dorlag, the owner of the dog, said that the dog was it’s quite difficult to understand why it used to be seated on his lap, and now avoiding the manifestation of this kind of tenderness.

Самая большая собака в мире по кличке Зевс выглядит "Великаном" среди этих собак

Самая большая собака в мире по кличке Зевс выглядит “Великаном”среди этих собак

Zeus sometimes liked to play, but these games required hosts maximum care and concentration.

Jumping 70-pound “joy” 112 cm tall any may tumble to the ground.

Moreover, the peculiarity of all dogs is that they do not realize to the end of their strength and size, therefore regard them destructive action as intentional sabotage is not worth it.

Moreover, 70 kg is not the limit for German Great Dane, their weight, like among the Turkmen Alabaev and the Caucasian shepherd dogs, can reach 90 kg, and the lowest of agrees growth at the withers of 80 cm.

Being a star of solid size, Zeus led a socially active lifestyle, of course, is not without the help of its owners.

So, he was a welcome guest in the hospitals and schools of the district Kalamazoo

And the dog did not just show himself, but participated in special socialization programs for children, helping to overcome fear of dogs.

He was also involved in canistherapy – this is a treatment through communication with a person’s best friends.

Zeus has such advantages in such sizes

In such sizes Zeus has its advantages

Zeus died at the age of five in September 2014.

Relay race of greatness

Before Zeus the title “largest dog in the world” was worn by the Great Dane named George.

His height at the withers was about 110 cm, and he weighed 111 kg and he didn’t look fat at all.

Like Zeus, George was a socially active dog, regularly participating in charity events and attending a variety of TV show.

Well-built, with a beautiful silver color, George was incredibly photogenic.

The master of George’s great mastiff seems like a midget compared to his favorite

Master of George’s great mastiff seems like a midget compared to my favorite

George seized the baton of greatness from his big the predecessor of the Danish Great Dane Gibson.

This doggie grew at the withers – 108 cm, and standing on his hind legs, he reached 2.13 m. Moreover, for his mistress, Sandy Hall, Gibson became real find.

According to her, she, being carried away by breeding dogs since 1982, dreamed of raising the tallest dog. Well then, dreams come true!

Despite its truly gigantic size, Gibson is a very friendly and calm dog.

Despite its truly gigantic dimensions, Gibson is very friendly and calm dog

Before Gibson, the world’s tallest dog was recognized The 70-pound doggie Nova, who lived, like the rest of her followers in the USA.

Standing on its hind legs, Madame Nova reached 1.8 m in height. Funny, but this beautifully built noble dog was very afraid little doggies.

But she often loved to behave like a puppy. She rode around the floor, stole from the table goodies, rushed like a frantic housework.

But when the daughter of the mistress came with a three-year-old son, Nova behaving like the most gentle nanny in the world.

Despite its size, Nova is afraid of barking small dogs on the street

Despite its size, Nova is afraid of barking small dogs on the street

Parade of Giants

The expression “largest breed of dogs” can be understood in two ways. Some are guided by criteria such as growth at the withers.

And in this sense, the dogs are leaders today. Others pay attention addition and weight, and here the dog is not the most massive the dog.

Irish Wolfhounds belong to that category pets that you should carefully weigh before starting all the pros and cons.

These are quite high dogs, the height at the withers of males begins from 79 cm.

History knows the Irishman nicknamed Broad Bridge weighing 108 kg and height at withers 100.3 cm.

Thus, along with the Great Dane, Irish wolfhounds are recognized the tallest dogs in the world.

Irish Wolfhound - home sheep, lion on the hunt

Irish Wolfhound – home sheep, lion on the hunt

Leonberger dog breed can also claim the title of highest, because the growth of a male at the withers can reach 80 cm and more.

Large, thick, mostly red, shaggy wool, balanced character and noble manners – this dog is already very much like a lion, being a living embodiment of the coat of arms German city of Leonberg, where the breed was bred.

Leonberger - a strong shaggy dog   with a brave heart

Leonberger – a strong shaggy dog with a brave heart

Leonbergers are not only excellent watchdogs, they are used to work as lifeguards on the water.

They did not win world prizes for their external data, but how many people are grateful to them for a saved life!

The title “largest dog in the world” was Neapolitan Mastiff Hercules from Great Britain. Its weight was 128 kg.

Moreover, the owner did not have the goal to feed the dog, according to him, The dog’s nutrition was correct, but he grew and grew.

Before Hercules, this title was worn by the English mastiff of Zorb.

With a height at the withers of 94 cm, he weighed 156 kg, and in length from nose to tail end he was 2.5 meters!

Hercules was very fond of eating a kilogram steak for dinner

Hercules loved to eat a kilogram steak for dinner

Mastiffs are descendants of dog-shaped dogs whose ancestor was a tibetan mastiff.

A long time ago, Celtic came from Great Asia to Great Britain tribes, and with them the predecessors of the English mastiffs.

Weight record holder mastiff Zorgo

Weight record holder Mastiff Zorgo

Mastiffs used to process gems that mixed with meat and allowed the dog to eat.

After such “processing” the stone acquired a special luster.

And in order for the pebble to be removed from the litter in time, to the dog was assigned a person, a “henchman”, whose duties included the search and seizure of jewelry.

Tibetan mastiff is often called a bear, the reason is truly impressive dog sizes.

The representative of this ancient breed has a height at the withers of 70 cm and weighs up to 82 kg. And thanks to the thick long hair this doggie looks just huge.

Moreover, the distinguishing feature of the Tibetans is their almost feline cleanliness.

Tibetan mastiff Hong Dong - the most expensive dog in the world

Tibetan mastiff Hong Dong – the most expensive dog in the world

An interesting fact in the history of the breed is that its a representative named Hong Dong has become the most expensive dog in the world, whom a rich Chinese man, a coal tycoon, bought for a half million Euro.

In Stavropol also lives a huge dog, having the title of big dog of Russia.

His fairly characteristic nickname – Bulldozer – is very him fits.

Moreover, this nickname was given to the wolfhound for a reason. Master, Alexander Khudyakov, said that he loved this little puppy raking snow like a tractor.

Being the largest dog of the CIS for several years, the Bulldozer He won a lot of diplomas and titles. The working weight of the dog reached 113 kg

The bulldozer is a real four-legged athlete

Bulldozer – a real four-legged athlete

Saint Bernards, on average, are about 70 cm tall at the withers.

However, genetic “shots” happen among them when a cute teddy bear grows a dog of incredibly huge sizes, sharply dominant against the background of the dimensions of fellow tribesmen.

Such “gigantism” is already seen in puppies Serbernara, characterized by a stronger physique.

If each such case were recorded in the Book of Records Guinness, St. Bernards could well argue with who is the most the biggest dog in the world.

For example, in 1987 they “noticed” St. Bernard Benedict, who weighed as much as 140.6 kg.

But this is not the limit, before him the “baby” Heydan Dark Blue, growth in withers 94 cm, weighed 138.23 kg.

St. Bernard - a loyal and very obedient dog

Saint Bernard – a loyal and very obedient dog

If in one article you try to talk about all the breeds, claiming to be the “biggest dog in the world” then write will have a lot.

We didn’t talk about the dogue de Bordeaux, Newfoundland, Boerboel, bullmastiff and our other smaller brothers, which are not so small.

One can only guess what else the breeders will offer, working to improve the genetics of a person’s best friend!

Newfoundland is a large dog that has a tendency to make decisions independently in a variety of situations.

Newfoundland is a large dog that has a penchant for independent decision making in various situations

The largest dog in the world: Zeus and his “colleagues”

Next to this incredible sized dog, the owners seem teenage children. You need to be very careful so that the largest dog in the world named Zeus did not accidentally step on his foot, otherwise there will be a bruise.

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