Stronghold for dogs

Dog owners often have a dilemma about which drug ecto- and endoparasites choose to be effective, easy to Use and safe for pet. Popular veterinary drops are called a remedy for worms, fleas and ticks Stronghold for dogs. In this article we’ll try to figure out what is this medicine, and also how to use it correctly.

Stronghold: when and how to use it

“Stronghold” – antiparasitic colorless or faint yellow solution. Produces this product developed in the United States, the company “Zoetis.” Stronghold for dogs – drops whose the effect is due to selamectin, paralyzing parasites. According to the instructions for use, the drug helps to cure and защитить питомцев от следующих болезней:Stronghold for dogs

  • Анкилостомоз – поражение собачьего ЖTO Т круглыми червями- nematodes;
  • Dirofilariasis is a disease caused by nematodes, which enter the body with mosquito bites. As a result of the disease the lungs, heart and blood vessels of the dog suffer;
  • Otodectosis is an ear tick. Parasites without spreading to the whole body of the animal, haunt the ears of the dog. They eat sulfur skin, lymph, without leaving your “home” (animal’s ear);
  • Sarcoptosis is an ailment that appears due to scabies mite. Most often, the ears of the dog are affected, stomach, elbow and knee joints;
  • Toxocariasis – nematodosis, as a result of which they suffer dogs lungs, blood vessels, intestines;
  • Flea infestation and flea dermatitis – fleas feed the blood of animals, often the saliva of such parasites causes in dogs severe allergic reaction.

Dosage and administration of Stronghold drops for dogs

Depending on the weight of the animal, Stronghold may contain 6% (60 mg per 1 ml) or 12% (120 mg per 1 ml) selamectin. For ease of use, the manufacturer produces pipette with antiparasitic drops, clogged with lids разных оттенков:Dosage of Stronghold drops for dogs

  • Для песиков весом до 2,5 кг – пипетки с лиловой крышечкойvolume 0.25 ml;
  • For pets weighing up to 5 kg – with a purple lid of 0.25 ml;
  • For those whose weight is up to 10 kg – pipettes with a brown cap 0.5 ml;
  • For animals weighing up to 20 kg – pipettes with a red cap 1 ml;
  • For dogs up to 40 kg – with a 2 ml dark green lid.

In each package of drops “Stronghold” are 1, 3 or 6 blisters with pipettes. But how not to make a mistake with the right packaging facilities? First you need to weigh the dog in order to know its exact weight. Focusing on the mass of the animal, you need to purchase at a veterinary pharmacy packaging of the drug with pipettes with a lid of the desired shade. So for an animal weighing, say, 2 kg, you will need to buy one pipette with drops “Stronghold 6%” with a purple cap. And if the weight of the dog too large, for example, 60 kg, then several Stronghold 12% pipette: one with a dark green cap (for animals weighing up to 40 pounds) and another with a red cap (for animals weighing up to 20 pounds).

Stronghold Drops Special Information

Instructions for use

  1. The expiration date of drops at the withers of the parasites “Stronghold” makes 36 months at a temperature up to + 30 degrees;
  2. The Stronghold begins its work on the destruction of parasites 24 hours after application to the skin of the dog. When the parasites living on the surface or inside the body of the pet, died, the drug continues to operate for 1 month, preventing new invasive diseases;
  3. It is required that the age of the puppy to be applied the drug was more than 1.5 months;
  4. The drug is approved for pregnant and lactating females (preferably after coordination with the veterinarian);
  5. Only in rare cases after application of drops (usually after overdose) in dogs there are such unpleasant consequences: nausea and vomiting, salivation, trembling;
  6. The drug is absorbed into the tissues of the animal half an hour after application. However, it is better not to pet the dog, bathe or to allow babies within 2 hours after application drops;
  7. The product can be applied to dry skin of the dog at the withers. So that the doggie could not lick the drops. It is important that the dog’s hair in the place of application was not wet, and the withers were not on the skin damage;
  8. Drops with a 6% content of selamectin can be applied to cats. “Stronghold 12%” for dogs is not suitable for domestic purses.

Instructions for use drops

Instructions for the use of drops of Stronghold for dogsInstructions for the use of drops of Stronghold for dogsDownload to pdf format: “Instructions for use of drops of Stronghold for dogs ”

Drops “Stronghold”: reviews of the pros and cons

The preparation “Stronghold” has a fairly detailed instruction in which it is indicated that the tool can prevent the occurrence of parasites on whole month. The manufacturer promises that dogs in most cases without side effects transfer the effect of the drug to the body. What do dog owners think of Stronghold? Having studied reviews on the Web, highlight the advantages of antiparasitic drops:

  1. The complexity of the drug. The tool treats and protects dogs from external and internal parasites at the same time;
  2. Stronghold almost never causes allergic dogs reactions;
  3. Drops are easy to apply: easy to apply, quickly absorbed, a doggie does not need to be isolated for a whole day from children;
  4. The drug “Stronghold” is suitable for puppies older than 6 weeks, while many products can be used for animals older 8-12 weeks;
  5. Stronghold does not smell too bad;
  6. The owner does not have to calculate the right dose of the drug, it’s quite simple to get the right dropper, knowing the weight of the dog.

Despite the visible advantages, there are drops of Stronghold and flaws mentioned by owners who are already tried the drug on their pets:

  1. Stronghold eliminates fleas perfectly, but is not always effective in against ticks;
  2. The drug eliminates only nematode worms. If in the body If dogs have cestodes or trematodes, then Stronghold will not help. КUnfortunately, not all owners know what type of helminths spoil life to a pet. In addition, Stronghold does not always help from nematodes, if there are a lot of them in the body;
  3. Drops do not in all cases act for a whole month. It happens that fleas or ticks appear on the body of the animal after 2-3 weeks after using Stronghold;
  4. Stronghol is a rather expensive drug compared to domestic medicines of the same orientation;
  5. Stronghold is a popular veterinary medicine that, to Unfortunately often fake. Wanting to save some owners stumble on low-quality drops that cause the strongest in dogs poisoning. Of course, the reputation of the original the drug.

The cost of the drug “Stronghold”

The price of Stronghold drops in online stores is approximately the following:

  • From 220 to 290 rubles for 1 pipette for doggies weighing less than 2.5 kg;
  • From 250 to 450 rubles for 1 dropper drops for dogs up to 5 kg;
  • From 320 to 450 rubles for 1 pipette for dogs weighing no more than 10 kg;
  • From 350 to 500 rubles for 1 dropper drops for animals do not heavier than 20 kg;
  • From 430 to 650 rubles for 1 pipette for dogs weighing up to 40 kg

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