Stopping the ears of dogs

Stopping ears in dogs is most often a cosmetic procedure. Less often, it is carried out for medical reasons. In Europe, abandoned of this procedure 3 decades ago, gradually and in our country the number of stopping operations is reduced. Why expose animal unpleasant operation, if absolutely necessary not?


  • 1. What happened to stopping
  • 2. Indications for dog ear cropping
  • 3. What you need to know
  • 4. Dog stopping procedure
  • 5. Caring for the dog in the postoperative period

What happened to stopping

The owner who acquires a puppy belonging to such breeds like a pit bull, doberman, schnauzer, pinscher, alabai, dwarf pinscher, Boxer, Cannes Corso, Giant Schnauzer faces a choice – stop ears puppy or not. Many justify the operation compliance with the exterior standards of the breed, others – prevailing even in antiquity traditions, when fighting and hunting breeds dogs stopped their ears to protect them from damage in fights.

Stopping the ears of dogs

Is it so? Interesting historical research in this area. Despite the fact that antiquity traditions are confirmed by frescoes in Ancient egypt and image engraved in ancient greek coin (V c. BC. E.), and at that time there was a debate about the need such animal abuse.

A traveler from the ancient Greek city of Pylos described his impressions of visiting Rome. In notes dated V century. BC e., he mentions the brutal habit of the Romans to cut their ears and tails to dogs. It was believed that thus prevent the disease animal rabies.

Dog tax was introduced in medieval Europe, depending from their “specialization”. In order to distinguish which animal “how much”, they cut their ears, tails or tails and ears.

In 1987, they published the “Convention on the Rights of Pets.” In her it was forbidden to carry out cosmetic operations that were not justified medical need.

Indications for dog ear cropping

Indication for the operation of stopping the ears, except for aesthetic arguments (compliance with exterior standards and giving a formidable look), are the medical grounds:

  • necrosis of the auricle;
  • neoplasms;
  • sores;
  • injuries.

Stopping the ears of a dog

Basically, ear cropping is a tribute to fashion or stereotypes the appearance of a particular breed, from which civilized society has long been abandoned. But if the owner intends to exhibit dog in countries that are not signatories to the Convention, or in terms of aesthetics decides to shape the animal’s ears then it should pre-learn all the features of the operation and postoperative caring for a puppy.

Good to know: ear diseases in dogs.

What you need to know

  • Now the cosmetic procedure for stopping is carried out not only in a veterinary clinic, but also at home. There is such a service – departure of a specialist at home.
  • Veterinarians advise to stop the ears in the period when the cartilage is not yet fully formed, but the animal can already transfer procedure.
  • The operation is performed for puppies at 2-3 months of age and up to 1 of the year.
  • Ears form decorative rocks a little earlier, and giant – a little later.
  • In puppies up to 3-4 weeks, it is more difficult to assess future sizes and make the form proportional. In addition, removal of part of the ear shells are best done after the puppy’s first vaccination.

Dog stopping procedure

The operation is carried out under general anesthesia, therefore, it is necessary to prepare animal, so that the procedure goes without consequences. Before surgery The dog must not be fed for at least 10 hours. Puppy must be completely healthy.

The animals are operated under local potentiated anesthesia. For this, novocaine and antipsychotic are used. In some cases dogs are operated under general anesthesia. On the operating table for a dog put on a muzzle, fix paws, hold the body so that the animal did not move.

Veterinarian cuts and shaves wool, processes ears antiseptic solution and draws a cut line or fixes special pattern. The pattern clamp presses blood vessels, which reduces bleeding. Before applying patterns, skin on the auricle maximally moves to the base of the ear. On ear clip applied marking risks to accurately measure the amputated portion of the ear.

The operation is performed using a scalpel. If the ears of the animal fleshy, large, then blood vessels cauterize.

After the ear is stopped, the wound edge is sutured with a skin suture and is treated with antibacterial drugs. Whole procedure takes 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours. Also to close the wound surfaces use special glue.

With pit bulls and Staffordshire terriers, their ears stop at 2/3. At the dogs and dobermans leave rather long auricles, giving them a pointed shape. On the edge of the ear also exists fashion. It can be straight or S-shaped.

4 types of stopping ears in dogs

4 types of stopping ears in dogs

The doctor calculates the length of the ear, depending on the length of the muzzle. At representatives of the same breed may be of different lengths ears. The ideal stump size is the distance from the outer corner of the eye to the front of the ear.

In addition to certain standards for each breed, there are also valid options, from which the owner of the animal chooses.


  • wean the dog to bite;
  • dog life span;
  • how to clean the dog’s ears.

Dog care in the postoperative period

So that the animal does not damage the seam, as well as those breeds, which do standing ears after surgery, it is necessary for the pet put on a special collar made of plastic. For giving earplugs shells of a “standing” form, they are glued or imposed special frame. If the dog is anxious, then immediately after surgery, she can be given pain medication.

Care for the dog after stopping

Seams are processed in several ways:

  • hydrogen peroxide and brilliant green;
  • alcohol infusion of calendula;
  • streptocide.

The veterinarian’s recommendations should be strictly followed. postoperative period and cleanse the edge of the ear from the scab, soaking with peroxide and gently removing it with a swab. To relieve itching and easier remove crusts, you can use Levosin ointment. Seams are usually removed after a couple of weeks. If improper healing occurs, need to contact a specialist to avoid deformation stumps.

The relief procedure must be carried out in a veterinary clinic, and do not trust random “specialists.” The dog must be in calm, comfortable conditions. The apartment needs to be maintained clean so that the dog’s ears are not infected.

After the seams have completely healed, staging ears. Since the methods of different breeds are different, it’s better consult with a specialist beforehand – how is it do the right thing.

3-4 days after the seams were removed, you can do shell massage. For this, the ear is captured with a large and forefinger finger and rubbing movements massage, moving from bottom to top. If you follow all the instructions of a veterinarian, then healing will pass quickly and without complications.

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