Stopping the ears and tail in dogs

The stopping of the ears and tail in dogs is carried out with cosmetic and therapeutic goals. In other words, the first reason for shortening the tail and giving the ears a triangular erect shape – compliance with the rules of cynological organizations that once established that stopping is necessary to improve the appearance of the dog. And although all more often bans are introduced by stopping by amending breed standards (as happened, for example, with a German boxer), a peculiar tribute to fashion remains among breeders. The second reason stopping – the desire of the owners to rid the pet of the ear diseases (otitis media, to which Central Asian (Alabai) and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, for example). In addition, the ears and tail are vulnerable. places for some fighting breeds, they can be damaged during dog bout time. Some owners consider being held early age of operation necessary to match the exterior animal to breed standard, others are categorically against stopping procedures out of pity for puppies. Meanwhile, this manipulation is carried out at least first of our era – the ancient Roman fighting dogs stopped their ears and tails to avoid injuries to these parts of the body and subsequent treatment. From time immemorial times, stopping was carried out for shepherd dogs guarding peasant possessions. Frequent invasions of hungry wolves forced dogs to protect their cattle at the cost of numerous bites and lacerations on the body, but the ears and tail were quite vulnerable for predator fangs. Another reason for stopping is shortening the ears. and tails to burrowing hunting dogs that suffered injuries during time of prey of the beast. Sometimes the game, feeling the imminent end, tightly clutched, for example, in the ear of a dog, so that trimming the ears and shortening the tails was considered a necessary measure.

Do dogs need a stop?

Today, dogs are stopped at the request of the owner. Even breeds such as Doberman, Cane Corso, German and Canary dogs, most varieties of terriers and many others are increasingly passing this procedure, although their usual appearance still has erect ears, and sometimes a short tail. If the pet is purchased as companion, is it worth it to stop her – the owner decides. However, in favor of abandoning the procedure, there are several Reasons, for example, are:

  • The tail of the dog is a kind of litmus test of her mood. The tail, raised up with small vibrations of the tip, indicates that that the animal is angry. Looking towards the back, but relaxed and a tail wagging from side to side represents a good-natured the location of the four-legged friend, and lowered down to the rear limbs – a sign that the animal is depressed by something;
  • Now the need for dogs for farmers’ land conservation. Therefore shepherds “retrained” in companions and home caretakers. Unlikely dogs whose everyday life takes place on the territory of the apartment and walking platforms, someone injures the tail or ears;
  • Dog fights no longer have their former popularity. Bloody sport – destiny of ardent adherents of aggression in animals. Most of dog fighters have long become good-natured companions of the owner’s family, and the threat of a torn ear or a broken tail remained in the past;
  • Ear diseases can be successfully treated and even prevented. with good care by the owner. Yes, and ailments arise, in fact, not from hanging ears, but from a lack of attention to organs hearing;
  • Docking is a simple operation. However, after its holding the owner is required to observe certain hygiene and care rules seams on the tail and tips of the ears. Any infection can not only harm the animal, but also take its life; Finally, many standards The breeds are already revised. Stopping is increasingly becoming voluntary operation, and not a prerequisite for the exhibition activities. Therefore, even familiar to some breeds acute-angled erect ears can now remain hanging, and short short tail – long.

However, the choice still remains with the owner. By the way, stopping is not is too painful for pets, although there are some risks and contraindications for the operation. Therefore the owners it is advisable to contact specialists without taking responsibility in your hands. Firstly, something can go wrong at home to the plan (nervous situation, poor fixation of the puppy, unsanitary conditions, possible bleeding, etc.), secondly, without experience, the ear or tail can be excessively shortened.

Stopping the ears of a dog

Theoretically, the ears of dogs can be stopped at six months, and later. However, the ideal option is 2 or 3 months. Cartilage during this period the fabric is quite tender, which has a beneficial effect on the absence scars on the ear after the process of removal of sutures and wound healing. IN at an early age, ear cupping is performed under local anesthesia, whereas individuals more mature need general anesthesia. (along with the introduction of anesthesia) lasts about 40-90 minutes. During surgery, the animal removes the edges of the ear by cutting off part of the cartilage. Subsequently, stitches are placed on the wound, which are removed for 8-10 days. The ears are bandaged to prevent infection, the bandages are removed 2-3 days after stopping. The first days are the most unpleasant – ears they hurt, and an open wound is the gateway for infection. Because the vet prescribes painkillers and antiseptics, explains to the owner ear care principles. To prevent injury cropped ears on the neck of the animal put on a special collar, which is worn until the seams are removed – at least a week. And for giving the ears a standing shape (if necessary, for example, Dobermans or Great Dane) dogs put on a special frame, with the help of which cropped ears rush up. Final and the formed look of beautiful cropped ears is not achieved earlier than six months after medical intervention. Sometimes the ears of dogs stop already in the first days of life (in 7-10 days). It is possible, but quite risky, because even knowing well the subtleties of the breed it’s not easy to guess the proportions of the ears relative to the head and the whole body animal in the future. Cutting off the ears, making them excessively small and short, you can give the dog a ridiculous look. Incorrectly attached the shape can subsequently be adjusted by re relief, which will cause stress dogs and regular pain sensations. Stopping in adulthood is fraught with several problems – bleeding, increased pain, delayed healing, the formation of an ugly edge of the ear. a visit to a clinic or calling a doctor at home, the owner should make sure that the dog is in perfect health. Before stopping the puppy’s ears is not fed for 12 hours. Before cosmetic surgery should ask the veterinarian in detail about all contraindications to anesthesia and the intricacies of seam care.

Dog tail docking

Tail docking is considered the most painless procedure in Comparison with ear cupping. But tail vertebrae are also necessary delete in the clinic (or at home with a veterinarian). Tail to dogs removed in the first week of life, due to bone immaturity systems (tail vertebrae are more like cartilage), lack of high sensitivity to pain at an early age. Usually, remove part of the tail for puppies without anesthesia and suturing – they monitor only the purity of the stump. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes. The puppy’s limbs are tightly fixed, after which at the clipping site vertebrae removed hair. The skin on the tail is sanitized and pulled as much as possible to the anus of the dog, sometimes the tail pulled by a tourniquet. Then clipping is performed and antiseptic measures, and the retracted skin is finally released, covering an open wound. In rare cases, suturing is required. Typically, small puppies have a fairly tight bandage. Preferably put on a protective collar on the animal – this will not be possible lick the stump and bring in the infection. You can stop the tail later, but then general anesthesia will be required, and the animal will feel stronger pain and resist. By the way, some breeders themselves stop the tail with a tight gum. The right place on the tail dogs tightly tied up, which contributes to the disruption of the influx blood to the tip of the tail. After a few days, an undesirable area tail drops off without surgical intervention. However in in some cases, such home stopping can lead to spreading necrosis to healthy dog ​​tissues, which can be costly pet of life. Therefore, the best way to remove part of the tail is Visiting a veterinarian before stopping the tail the animal also does not feed 10-12 hours. All possible symptoms ill health (fever or fever, disorders Gastrointestinal tract, apathy, lack of appetite, etc.) should be noticed by the owner. Proper care of the remaining stump is required – changing the bandage in the early days, the use of funds for disinfection of wounds and early healing of tissues. Usually process healing takes about 2 weeks (or slightly more) if there were all prescriptions of the doctor are observed. When the edge of the “new” tail heals, it is advisable to visit the veterinarian again to make sure in the absence of complications.

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