Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth Fox Terrier


Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 6
  • Training: 6
  • Size: 4
  • Mind: 7
  • Security: 5
  • Relations with children: 9
  • Dexterity: 9
  • Shedding: 5


Small and seemingly unremarkable dog the smooth Fox Terrier, in fact, played a big role in dog breeding. These dogs, along with the Greyhound, are among the first started to take part in exhibitions. Breed smooth-haired the fox terrier is very significant, as it is the first in the family Fox Terriers officially recognized by the Kennel Club in 1875

The origin story begins around the 18th century – the most a long-standing factual confirmation is the portrait of a beloved dog – a fox terrier named Pitch, painted by her master, Colonel Thornton in 1790. The ancestors of the smooth-haired Fox Terrier can count the brown terrier and the smooth black black terrier (these the dogs are extinct today), in addition, their DNA contains traces of bull terrier and beagle.

In the 18-19th century, a smooth Fox Fox Terrier was widely used for fox hunting, which, in principle, is clear from the name of the breed (fox (fox), in English means “fox”). They can burrow holes and pursue your prey with amazing tenacity, especially if consider the small size of this dog. Nowadays, they are rarely turned on. for such purposes, at least in the CIS. However, for example, in England, this type of hunting is still popular with some avid hunters.

American Kennel Club Recognized Smooth Fox Terriers in 1885, the breed standard was drawn up a year later – in 1886. Among other things, a smooth-haired fox-terrier is “founding father” of many modern terrier breeds. Other in words, many breeds of terriers came precisely from smooth-haired fox terrier. By the way, hunters of the 18-19th century were more appreciated dogs with white coat, as in the active phase of hunting, when foxes drove out into the open, the dog was easy to see and accidentally not confuse with a fox.


This is a small dog with the right physique, muscular, taut, not prone to the accumulation of excess weight. Paws medium length, tail is short, bent up. The neck is a little longer than average muzzle elongated, ears hanging on the cheekbones. Color can be pure white, white with black, black and tan or red marks.


Smooth Fox Terrier is very friendly and open. character, and as usual applies well to all people. Regardless of whether it is a stranger or a close family friend, a dog will perceive it normally, and most likely will try make friends in the first hour of communication. If not in the first 10 minutes.

These animals have a huge amount of energy, they love to walk and spend time outdoors in a variety of games and entertainments, including with other dogs. Because of the big amount of internal energy, as well as a tendency to stubbornness, many dog breeders do not recommend starting this breed inexperienced owners who previously had no dogs.

They are pretty smart, have internal independence, but it happens so that the inner instincts and the desire to play and fool around, outweigh the mind, the cries of the owner and education. Especially so happens if he sniffs an interesting smell, or decides to attack a cat. Children are well received if they show respect attitude and do not harm the dog.

Smooth Fox Terrier is always happy to play, go to a walk, and generally spend time with interest. So how are these dogs have strong hunting instincts, with cats they are better make friends from a very young age. In addition, do not forget about early socialization of your pet, since the diversity of situations with other people, animals, new smells and sounds will make it more developed and open.


Despite its small size, this breed is able to learn various teams, different understanding and intelligence. However you you need to choose the right approach – game form, positive mood, kindness and patience – these are your best companions in this business.

In addition, do not forget to make classes diverse, and do not delay them in time, as this breed can quickly get bored. The dog will lose attention, you will be nervous, and no training will work. By the way, nerves, screams, beatings, should be excluded from the training process.

In general, a smooth-haired fox-terrier perceives training well, and finds interest in this, as it is food for the mind and diversity activities. In addition to training and teaching teams, be sure to correction of behavior and development of obedience is required – believe me, this will play you a good service, and you should not neglect it.


The smooth-haired fox terrier has a short coat, which virtually no maintenance. It’s enough to comb your pet once a week. Also, check your dog’s eyes daily for deposits and don’t forget to clean your ears. Bathe animal need at least once a week.

Common diseases

Breed Shorthair Fox Terrier Free of Genetic diseases, health problems are still there, like everyone else. Among them:

  • deafness;
  • lens displacement;
  • distichasis;
  • cataract;
  • Legg-Perthes disease;
  • dislocations of the shoulder;
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • idiopathic epilepsy;
  • goiter.

Breed Information

A country Great Britain
Life span 13-16 years old
Height Males: 36-41 cm Bitches: 33-38 cm
Weight Males: 7.3-8.2 kg Bitches: 6.8-7.7 kg
Long wool short
Colour white, white with black, black and tan or red marks
Group for children, hunting, for an apartment
Price 150 – 700 $

Breed photo

breed smooth-haired fox-terrier smooth Fox Terrier dog smooth-haired fox-terrier

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