Smooth Fox Terrier (photo) – White fidget with smart eyes

Smooth Fox Terrier


Origin: England

Class: Group 3. Medium Terriers

Use: Hunting, Extermination rodents. Good watchmen and wonderful friends loving active recreation

Color: White predominates, maybe completely white, white with reddish-brown, with tan black stained. Tiger, red or brown colors do not count right

Size: Dogs: 7.3–8.2 kg, 36–41 cm; females: 6.8-7.7 kg 33–38cm

Life span: 12-15 years

Smooth Fox Terrier was erected at the end of the 19th century. The main purpose of the dog was to help in the hunt. Dog physiologically similar and is a shorthair version Kerry Blue Terriers and Wirehaired fox terrier.


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  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
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Breed history

At the end of the 18th century, a breed such as Smooth Fox Terrier. Then fox hunting in England became popular, hunters needed a dog that would help expel foxes and badgers from their shelters.

Smooth Fox Terrier

Fox hunting in fox blood

Breeders’ notes on breed development since that time preserved little. However, the smooth-haired fox terriers hardly have changed since then. For several centuries, by crossing, breed development took place.

More white pigment appeared in the coloration, and the shape of the head acquired classical outlines, which are characteristic of modern to individuals.

Smooth Fox Terrier

These are noble and intelligent animals, distinguished by strong physique

Interesting! Fox Terrier Caesar was favorite of the English king Edward VII. On the dog’s collar was the inscription “I am Caesar. I belong to the king.” After the death of the king, in 1910, the grieving pet followed the funeral procession on an equal footing with everyone.

Smooth Fox Terrier

The dog was so attached to the owner that it followed funeral procession along with all

In the 1920s, the smooth-haired fox-terrier became one of the most recognized purebred dogs. Like pets, they became popular in the 1930s after the detective film “Thin man”.

A television fox terrier named Asta played its part perfectly, and the breed’s popularity soared.


A dog of this breed is medium in size. She is not a leggy, but also not short-legged. Short back, body like sports horseback horseback limbs and carry forward limbs far forward – in according to the length of the housing.

Compactness, not burdened with a gross physique – this is the main feature of the animal, which can easily be considered a classic dog standard.

Smooth Fox Terrier

The color is dominated by white with brown or black spots, sometimes without them

The description of the dog is as follows:

  • The eyes are dark, medium size, set deep, and located close. The expression of the eyes gives the impression of a smart and energetic animal.
  • The ears are small v-shaped. Adhere rather to the cheekbones, not directed to the sides, and vice versa, to the muzzle, their part sticking out set on cartilage.
  • Jaws have a scissor bite, powerful.
  • The muzzle is elongated, the nose is black.
  • The tail is strong, high set. Usually part of it stops at birth. The tail is an indicator of the dog’s condition – Fox Terrier, he should not bend the ring or dangle. About such a tail can safely say that it is a “gun.”
  • The coat is straight, smooth and snug. To the touch of a fur coat stiff, thick undercoat. Color has a feature – predominance white with brown or black spots, or without them. White the color of the dog was valuable in that it was easier to detect during hunting.


Smooth Fox Terriers are overly temperamental. They are mischievous and agile, almost always in motion and love to walk. In this they are similar to Russians, Estonian and other breeds of hounds dogs.

Nature endowed animals with a sonorous voice, so their barking during the hunt, it is so distinctly heard even from deep foxes.

Parents of this breed are friendly to family members and sociability, quickly become attached to the owner. Get along well with children, however, do not leave their communication without the attention of adults, so that the dog does not break out during the game instinct.

Some individuals are jealous and do not want to share owners care with anyone. With other types of animals it is better without Do not leave supervision. Fox Terrier is able to start without a reason a fight with another dog, including a fighting one, even if she will be in a larger weight category, such as Ca de Bo or Amstaff.

Smooth Fox Terrier

In general, the fox terrier is a rather peaceful dog, but its not should be left alone with other animals and children

Interesting fact! Title the fox terrier has some ambiguity, and it’s not without reason that their middle name is fox terrier. The first reason is clear – the “fox terrier” comes from two English words: “fox” – fox, “terra” – “earth”. it means the dog is a good fox hunter. But the second reason the prefix “fox” in the name most likely hides a trick and resourcefulness, thoughtful actions like a fox. Reviews fox terrier owners confirm foxes temperament. “When, for example, the dog does not want to perform any command, he can pretend that he did not hear. And to see what is on the table at the owners will not stand on its hind legs, as if made an ordinary dog. To do this, the terrier will bounce high about the table and will remember how they are located, who are interested in it items.


Foxes are very cunning dogs

Keeping in a house with pets like lemmings, ferrets, rabbits, degu proteins, hamsters, guinea pigs are unsafe. The fox terrier can perceive rodents as lunch. With cats often friendly contact is established, especially if they have grown together.


Occasionally Smooth Fox Terrier acts as a watchman. and readily demonstrates fighting ability to the owners. Despite the freedom-loving, a little stubborn disposition, the dogs given The breeds are still great guards.

Interesting! Owner reviews suggest that the fox terriers get along well with small children, contrary to all doubts. There are cases when a dog participated in many children’s games: fitting doll clothes, spectacular makeup, laying in the crib. What not children would come up with their games, the fox terrier would be happy with everything supports and is always ready to participate.

Dogs were originally bred for hunting and grazing, therefore, they are very hardy and ready for activity from morning to in the evening. Fox Terriers tend to spend time in motion, games, exploring new places. The dog is suitable for people leading active lifestyle.

Keeping an apartment without long walks so energetic dogs will be inappropriate.

Smooth Fox Terrier

When choosing a breed, you should consider energy and vigor representative of this breed at any time

Care Features

Some breeds require regular bathing, haircuts and grooming. with coat to maintain cleanliness and health animal. Smooth Fox Terrier, on the contrary, will not take a lot of time to care.

All you need is just swimming as it gets dirty or after rolling out in the mud. The coat in dogs of this breed is smooth, tight adjacent, sheds very little.

Advice! To defuse the lower legs from scratches when your pet enthusiastically greets you, you need to keep his claws in order. To do this periodically cut and file them with a special file.


The smooth terrier coat needs only to be cleaned from time to time. brush with hard bristles to maintain growth direction hair and comb out molt undercoat. Furminator no need to use.

This type of cover protects the animal from heat, almost no dirt sticks, this advantage was convenient with the participation of the dog in hunting. The top layer of hair is so dense that it does not give enough quickly dry the undercoat after bathing.

Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth Fox Terriers dry for a long time and this must be taken into account, letting them walk in cold weather


Walking the terrier preferably on a leash and use harnesses, because he is not indifferent to the pursuit of everything that moves. When keeping in the yard, it is important to take care of a fence over which the terrier could not jump.

If you let him go for a free walk, he can get carried away and easily get lost.

Fox terriers are prone to training the most diverse teams and tricks, love agility.

Smooth Fox Terrier

Smooth foxes are good at training


An adult smooth-haired fox terrier is fed twice a day. How much food to give depends on the metabolism and individual features of each dog. They, like people, each have their own nature and level of activity. For example, a very active dog will eat more food than calm.

Usually two bowls of dry food are enough. Food dogs should contain all the beneficial trace elements. No doubt in dry feed has everything you need. Good when there is an opportunity feed the dog the usual food – porridge, meat, vegetables.

If the dog is not picky, that is, it does not depend on dry mixtures, you can combine food: in the morning dry food, and porridge in the evening, or vice versa.

Determining whether a dog eats enough is very simple, using practice test. Look at her from top to bottom, with this should the waist stands out, but the ribs should not bulge.

Then put your hands along the spine with your fingers apart. down. With a free touch, the ribs should not be felt, but with light pressure they appear. Conversely, if the ribs are bad palpated, then the dog overeats.

Smooth Fox Terrier

The nutrition of young animals should contain all useful trace elements


If you are buying a smooth-haired fox terrier puppy, Find a trusted breeder who will provide the pedigree on both parents. Take an interest in the physical health of ancestors in several generations.

Thus, there is a greater chance of having a healthy and smart pet. Undoubtedly, the price of a puppy with a good pedigree will be significantly higher than the price of a pet with a lesser known origin.

The risk of pathology is reduced if the puppy’s parents Smooth Fox Terrier, will be over two years old.

Characteristic diseases

Smooth Fox Terriers, overall, hardy breed, without any serious health problems. Some signs diseases do not appear until the animal reaches full maturity. But it is important to know from what diseases the representatives of this breeds suffer most often.

Smooth Fox Terrier

Signs of many diseases do not appear until the animal reach full maturity

The list of major diseases is as follows:

  • With a predominance in color in dogs, white is often deafness occurs. If such a problem is found, keeping and training a deaf dog will require a lot of attention, patience and time. To make life easier, there are many benefits, vibrating collars and other devices.
  • Middle-aged individuals are often predisposed to cataracts. Turbidity the lens of the eye causes vision problems, delivering the dog inconvenience. Sometimes you have to resort to the help of specialists for surgical removal of cataracts. After surgery, vision is being restored.
  • A common disease among small breed dogs is deformation the hip joint. She can be confused with dysplasia. the hip joint. The disease can be treated surgically, but a good prognosis after rehabilitation therapy.
  • Hip dysplasia is transmitted by inherited condition. In this case, the femur does not fit snugly to Hip joint. Dogs experience pain and limp on one or both hind legs. But you may not notice the pet any signs of discomfort with hip dysplasia joint. As the dog ages, against the background of the disease may develop arthritis. Veterinary care includes supplements and medications that help reduce arthritis pain in some cases, surgical intervention is indicated. Dogs with dysplasia it’s better not to knit the hip joint so that the disease doesn’t inherited.

Breed features

Smooth Fox Terriers love to eat, which can become a cause of excess weight. Be sure to watch them. diet and regular exercise to keep them fit.

Smooth Fox Terrier

Fox should not be left alone with pets, “but that they themselves are to blame, let them not climb! ”

Features of representatives of this breed are as follows:

  • It may be difficult to educate, but despite this, training efforts are recommended. Visit with a puppy a special school at the dog club in your place residence.
  • You need to be prepared for the fact that the fox terriers are many and piercing bark.
  • Do not leave the fox terrier in private with your home animals.
  • Dogs are very energetic, they will need about 30 to 45 daily minutes of intensive training. If they do not get the opportunity burn your natural energy, then they will spend it not where necessary, turning housing into rubble.
  • They are loyal to family members and love to play. But sometimes smooth-haired fox terriers, too energetic in games with small children, so their communication should not be left to chance.
  • Jump much higher than you might imagine. And yet, ready constantly dig undermines and pits under fences – and all this to try to escape from the yard and take plenty of walks.

Smooth Fox Terrier

After an active day, dogs need a good rest, and the owners also will not hurt


Smooth Fox Terriers ready to mate after the onset third estrus- so the animal’s body strong enough to bear the young. In order to the dog was active, it is better to bring the female to its territory, rather than vice versa.

Fox Terrier pregnancy is calm, but dog birth is better to be carried out by a specialist.

Puppies are born completely helpless, so you need to equip in the house is a special dry and warm place for their maintenance. Vaccinations for babies are done as usual, after sweeps of worms.

Dogs A to Z Smooth Fox Terrier

A smooth-haired fox-terrier was bred at the end of the 19th century. The main the dog’s purpose was to help hunt

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