Russian Greyhound (photo): Elegant aristocrat and furious hunter

Russian greyhound


Origin: Russia

Class: Greyhounds

Use: Hunting, Tribal breeding

Color: black, white, red, tan, cream yellow

Weight: female 25-40 kg, male 34-47 kg

Height: female from 65 to 78cm, male 70 to 83 cm

Life span: 10-12 years

Russian greyhound is a breed that combines speed and grace, strength and fragility. Dogs of this breed were admired at one time classics – A. Pushkin, L. Tolstoy.


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  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Psychology
  • 4 Application
  • 5 Puppy Selection
  • 6 Power
  • 7 Care features
  • 8 combing
  • 9 Content and walking
  • 10 Health
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

Russian greyhound is a breed that combines speed and grace, strength and fragility. They were kept only by noble gentlemen and aristocrats, and greyhound puppies gave bribes. Thoroughbred price Greyhound puppies have always been fabulous.

Russian greyhound

The combination of speed and grace, strength and fragility

The origin of a slender and elegant Russian greyhound originates many centuries ago. In chronicles provided in the 16th century by German since the time of Prince Vasily, this employee was mentioned breed.

The standards characterizing the Russian greyhound were established in 1650, they have remained so to this day. Later, the famous cynologist Artyom Boldaryov suggested that the ancestors of this breed were ancient large dogs with whom once hunted in Russia boar. Another suggestion was that the breed occurred as a result of mixing a finnish dog and hound.

Russian hound greyhound symbolizes speed, breaking the distinction between eastern and western beagle dogs. For centuries, the Russian greyhound evolved and developed in Russia, which has both European and Asian part.

Russian hunters brought the breed to perfection. Considerable size tenacity, strength and courage – qualities that helped dogs in hunting time to chase wild animals.

Russian greyhound

For centuries, the Russian greyhound evolved and developed on Rus

Amazing wool makes the greyhound doubly more beautiful – it’s quality is also inherent in Afghan hounds having also long but even coat. In the 18th century, the breed came into fashion among the noble aristocrats of Russia. The royal family was not exception, containing the whole nursery.

While breeding, they presented Russian puppies as a gift greyhound (it was considered an insanely expensive gift) to noble gentlemen European states.


The height of the dog at the withers is: for males from 70 to 83 cm, for females from 65 to 78cm. Impressive and stately, the Russian greyhound has conical physique. She is considered as a hunting dog, and hound – can compete in terms of hunting even with Estonian or Russian hound. Honors males is a kind of hump on the back, due to speakers vertebrae. Greyhounds, dogs were nicknamed for their agility and playfulness.

The elongated torso gradually tapers towards the head, which continues narrowing to the very tip of the nose. Nose itself bulging forward, it is always black, regardless of color.

  • Eyes large almond-shaped, dark in color, with friendly look.
  • Ears are set high, in normal condition they are set back. BUT when a dog listens or acts wary, ears rise.
  • The teeth are strong, healthy, and the jaws are well developed. Incisors have scissor bite.
  • The neck is graceful, slightly muscular, and there is no underparts.
  • Chest elongated, strongly elongated towards the front paws.
  • Tail low landing, in the form of a sickle or saber.
  • Forelegs are straight.

The upper part of the hind limbs is wide. The hind legs are long, muscular, ending with an oval with tightly clenched fingers.

The coat is long, silky with beautiful waves.

The color is most often white with a golden tint, passing from light to dark tones. The color is white with a fiery hue, diluted with an admixture of black.


The stereotype that the Russian greyhound is still alive today intended for hunting only. In fact, it can be kept at home and like a pet. Indoors it is balanced and calm dog, but on the street she shows excitement and playfulness.

Russian greyhound gets along well with pets, provided that they grew up together. However, do not contain a representative this breed with fighting dogs such as Amstaff, Pit Bull Terrier or Ca de Beau.

These are affectionate and peaceful animals, until they are let out on the hunt. Here, of course, hunting instincts are included, developed as much as any other breed.

An aristocratic and graceful dog, with all its sophistication, adapted for hunting, even in the most severe conditions.

Unfriendly, elegant, calm, Russian greyhound instantly able to turn into a fierce opponent to fight with the enemy.

Russian greyhound

Russian greyhounds are born hunters


At home, the dog is more like an expensive accessory lying in the middle of the room. The animal may not spend hours move away from your place without requiring fuss around you. FROM strangers a little shy. But after a short dating, she can start flirting with a new friend if he she will be nice. Greyhounds do not show aggression to strangers, without significant reason.

Russian greyhound

Sometimes instincts prevail over common sense

Dogs of this breed are sensitive, like affection, although they exhibit restraint. But with all the meekness of the pet, you must remember that in his blood runs the blood of a hunter. Therefore, do not trust Russian greyhound places where game is found. Pasture, bird yard help her imagine that she is on the prowl. The consequences may be unpredictable.

Before you buy a Russian greyhound, it is important to evaluate your opportunities, willingness to spend all her free time with her.

Puppy selection

To buy a puppy of a Russian greyhound just like that right away, practically impossible. The breed is not too common, it may have to order a new friend for several months in the nursery or at breeding people. In order to fully To develop, a greyhound takes three years. Therefore, it is important at this time surround the dog with care and proper care.

Russian greyhound

When choosing a puppy, take an interest in his pedigree

Important! Before you get a pet of this breed, you can consult an experienced dog breeder. is he tells about breed standards, helps to choose a puppy with a good pedigree. Explain for what purpose you need just such a puppy, whether it is hunting, club breeding or participation in exhibitions. If you do not participate in competitions and breeding planned, you can choose a dog with average performance the exterior. The price of such a puppy will be much lower, but otherwise he will not yield to an elite-born pet.

Russian greyhound is perfect for those who love sports, often goes hiking. The dog will be a good companion for riding the bike. Several kilometers of runs per day are beneficial act on the muscular system for the hound breed.

If you do not have time and energy for long walks, we offer see the next selection of breeds dogs: https: //

In order for a healthy, strong dog to grow out of a puppy, you need not only about it care and feed – you need to put your soul into his upbringing and love him. Weigh All Arguments Before You Bring Home greyhound puppy.

Russian greyhound

Not every dog ​​can compare with the Russian hound in running

  • If someone at home is allergic to the coat animals – it’s better not to start a dog.
  • For a thoroughbred dog, suitable conditions are required. A small apartment, where there will not be enough space for a pet, definitely not suitable. A large animal needs its own space, not a door mat.
  • When there are children under the age of three in a family, then a pet institution need to wait. After all, a puppy is also a child and time for it, most likely there will be little left.

Russian greyhound

The pet requires location, attention and affection


It is logical that hunting dogs are used to eating meat. but Russian greyhounds have long adapted to regular dog food, in including dry feed. But anyway, pet diet should contain essential nutrients substances.

About which is better: ready-made feed or naturalka, you can read here: https: //

The advantage, of course, should be given to animal proteins. origin. Food must be nutritious, with content vitamins, mineral salts, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Much in dog’s nutrition depends on age, climate and level activity.https: //

An indicator of the correct ratio of nutrients is condition of the coat, then it is healthy and shiny.

Advice! If the greyhound is bad appetite, replace one plentiful feed with several fractional ones feeding. Digestion will not be overloaded and well-being pet will improve. After eating, the animal must rest, therefore the walk will have to be postponed for a short while.

Care Features

Caring for a greyhound is easy. The Russian greyhound itself is very clean and neat dog. Not in her style to get dirty and wallowing in the mud, which pleases the owners. But leaving despite The described nuances are nevertheless provided.

Bathing too often is not necessary. But it’s necessary periodically trim the hair between the phalanges of the fingers to paws looked aesthetically pleasing.

Long-term maintenance will help maintain a graceful nature. Stay outside in free space. Therefore so it is desirable that the dog is kept in the private sector in fenced yard.

The Russian greyhound, of course, can miraculously live in tenement houses. But then you have to walk daily with dog using harness. Sometimes going out with her in places where there are few people to give plenty to run without a leash.

Russian greyhound

Beautiful coat is the first sign that the dog is right look after


Long hair needs to be combed 1-2 times per week. IN molting period is especially necessary to maintain a neat kind of. When combing with a brush or foaming aid, all falling wool and spools are removed. It also helps get rid of wool falling on the floor.

By caring for hair, you save the animal from infection parasites. Indeed, in a tangled hairline, they can faster fleas and scabies mites appear.

For prevention, it is necessary to use special means, sold at every veterinary pharmacy. It could be a collar drops, powder or spray. When swimming, use specialized flea shampoo.

Content and Walk

The pursuit and pursuit of greyhounds in the blood, this is their passion and meaning existence. This can be a problem during a walk. Therefore, the greyhound must be controlled when it is free is walking in the street.

If the dog finds an interesting object to pursue, then immediately follow him. You can only let the dog go if she obeys the owner’s commands implicitly, usually already middle-aged individuals.

Russian greyhound

More than anything, greyhounds like to run freely


Greyhound life expectancy is 10 to 12 years. Most The greyhound had a long life cycle of 14 years and 3 months. Dogs, physically healthy and energetic in youth, in middle age will be more strong. The most common causes of premature death are cardiovascular problems.

Like other dogs with a large torso, Russian greyhounds gastrointestinal upsets, colic are common. Inversion the gut is a life-threatening condition, it has an anatomical origin.

Russian greyhound

Always contact your veterinarian on time


Regular examination by an experienced veterinarian and timely done vaccinations protect your dog from serious illnesses. Against parvovirosis puppies are vaccinated three times – at 6, 9 and 13 weeks. On the 8th week are vaccinated against glanders, hepatitis, leptospirosis, then the injection is repeated at 3 months.

A rabies vaccine is given no earlier than 6 months. Vaccinations are then recommended to be repeated annually.

Necessarily shown prevention against worms. A drug taken on the 20th day of life, with a repeat of approximately 2 weeks.

You can read more about how to give a dog a pill. learn from articleshttps: //


The first estrus of a female is usually missed. For the first time she comes in 7-8 months. Then the bitch is ready for fertilization every six months. Knit at an early age dogs impossible, because the young dog is not yet strong enough for bearing full-fledged offspring.

The most optimal age for mating is 2 years. This applies to males, they also need to reach maturity for breeding. Knitting usually planned in advance, looking for a partner to match the breed with corresponding pedigree.

Russian greyhound

Russian greyhound – a responsible mother

During estrus, the female should not be released unattended so that she did not walk with a random dog.

Russian Greyhound: Elegant aristocrat at home and furious rival on the hunt

Russian greyhound is a breed that combines speed and grace, strength and fragility. Dogs of this breed were admired at one time classics – A. Pushkin, L. Tolstoy.

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