Podenko ibisenko

Ibizan Hound , Ca Eivissenc, Podenco Ibicenco, Ibizan Warren Hound

Podenko ibisenko Ibizan Hound, Ca Eivissenc, Podenco Ibicenco, Ibizan Warren Hound

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 1
  • Training: 5
  • Size: 7
  • Mind: 5
  • Security: 6
  • Relations with children: 8
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Shedding: 5


An old breed that originated in ancient Egypt for more than 5000 years back. They were bred for hunting rabbits and other small ones. animals that have been driven at speeds up to 64 km / h. Today, a dog of this breed is still used as such in Spain and other countries.


The dog is medium to large, slender and muscular. She has a long and flat head between ears, with a long and conical muzzle and big, brown nose, which has the same color as and wool. Eyes are small, almond-shaped, brown. Big ears having a triangular shape, erect and very mobile. Tail long, conical, curved at the end. Color white, brown and white, fawn, brown.

  • Podenko ibisenko is very good in apartments, if they owe way, attention is paid.
  • They must be on a leash when not in safe position. fenced area. They have a strong instinct for prey and will chase moving objects ignoring your teams.
  • Podenko ibisenko are excellent jumpers.
  • The dog needs daily exercise. If their the requirements in the exercises are not met, they can become destructive.
  • Podenko ibisenko easily freezes. If you live in cold or in humid climates, buy clothes for your dog.
  • These dogs are generally quiet indoors and can become couch potatoes, but they need a daily walk.
  • Podenko ibisenko is a rare breed. Get ready to spend your time on a waiting list if you are interested in one of these dogs.


The breed is smart, friendly and loyal. Podenko ibisenko is usually not aggressive, but they have a high instinct for mining and not suitable for homes with small animals. The temperature of the dog must be socialized correctly around other animals and children. They can learn to get along with cats if they grew up with them, but on the street the dog will chase cats and other animals.


The breed is relatively easy to train. With solid varied, consistent training, with gentle and friendly approach, good results can be obtained very quickly.

A haircut

The coat of this dog needs to be brushed to maintain its shine.


A dog that adapts to any proposed conditions, but feels better in a well-fenced yard where he can to move freely. She needs socialization and training.

Common diseases

Podenko ibisenko is prone to such diseases:

  • cramps
  • allergy;
  • Aksonov’s dystrophy;
  • cataract;
  • deafness;
  • retinal dysplasia.


This is an excellent hunting dog (uses eyesight, smell in hunting and hearing), but also a good companion.

Breed Information

A country Spain
Life span 12-14 years old
Height Males: 66-72 cm Bitches: 60-67 cm
Weight Males: 20-30 kg Bitches: 20-30 kg
Long wool short
Colour white, brown and white, fawn, brown
Group hunting
Price 900 – 1600 $

Breed photo

Podenko ibisenko - photo Podenko ibisenko - photo Podenko ibisenko - photo Podenko ibisenko - photo Podenko ibisenko - photo Podenko ibisenko brown - photo

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