Petroleum jelly for constipation in dogs: how valid when applied

In dogs, as in humans, a violation of the bowel movement is a phenomenon not uncommon. More often, of course, it manifests itself in the form of diarrhea, but sometimes there is stagnation of feces, and the dog cannot independently empty the intestines. This is a rather dangerous condition, and if nothing if you don’t take action, then the animal may develop persistent stagnation, leading to intoxication. In this case, there is a risk of death. a dog, both from severe poisoning and pain shock, arising from a rupture of the intestinal walls. The problem is solvable especially if the owner immediately pays attention to the first signs difficulty defecating in a pet. In veterinary practice often use petrolatum for constipation in dogs: what is this remedy and how to apply it correctly to help the four-legged to a friend?


  • 1. Is Vaseline oil dangerous?
  • 2. How does petroleum jelly work?
  • 3. Good, safe, effective— What’s the catch
  • 4. How to understand that a pet has constipation
  • 5. Dosage of liquid paraffin
  • 6. The correct supply of medicine to the dog
  • 7. Enema with Vaseline Oil
  • 8. When to use vaseline for constipation in a dog is impossible

Is petroleum jelly dangerous?

This is a tool that is obtained in the process of oil refining, also called liquid paraffin. It is an analogue of mineral oil used for technical purposes. A similar description may alarms owners: is petroleum jelly really safe for pets? Experts confirm that this tool harmless, as it consists of large molecules, not capable of penetrate the pores of the intestinal walls. Thus its particles never enter the bloodstream. Vaseline oil for constipation in dogs

In addition, the environment of the digestive tract cannot disturb molecular structure of oil. Therefore, having got through the oral cavity into the body and passing through all the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, it leaves it almost unchanged. This product is neutral and cannot become cause health problems for a four-legged friend. Oil is active used to treat people suffering from difficult bowel movements. In this case, liquid paraffin is also not destroyed, being in the human body, and leaves it with feces, not undergoing changes.

How does petroleum jelly work?

The mechanism of action of liquid paraffin is simple: it covers dry feces in an oily layer, and thanks to such lubrication they can come out of the anus in a natural way. Also oil envelops the internal surfaces of the intestine, which is not only facilitates the process of removing dense, shriveled feces, but also protects the intestinal mucosa from solid damage feces.

Liquid paraffin has a slight tonic effect, which may slightly increase intestinal motility. This is a great option. with moderate constipation, when bowel movement does not occur in for two days.

Good, safe, effective— What’s the catch

Petroleum jelly is a truly effective remedy that just use it and wait a long time for the result. But all But there are a number of nuances that can be called “fly in the ointment honey. “First of all, liquid paraffin also has side effects. for this reason it is less and less used in medicine, and veterinary doctors do not recommend using it for a long time.

Oil does not interact with digestive enzymes, however, studies have shown that it is intensively washed fat-soluble vitamin elements. This phenomenon may become the cause of the development of the following diseases:

  • rickets;
  • osteoporosis;
  • reproductive system diseases.

If the dog breaks the limbs for no reason, the next mating ended with nothing or other pathologies are discovered, maybe they arose on the background of the use of liquid paraffin. Not recommended use paraffin to treat constipation for longer than a week. In that case, if this measure is necessary, the dog should be given multivitamins – their Only a veterinarian can prescribe. Petroleum jelly with constipation in dogs read the article

In some cases, the use of liquid paraffin causes animals profuse diarrhea, vomiting and other disorders in the functioning of organs Gastrointestinal tract. In case of any negative reactions of the body, it should immediately stop medication and seek help from to the vet.

It should be noted that if the pet refuses to take oil voluntarily and has strong resistance when trying to him to drink, you can not fill him with a large portion in the throat. If though a small amount of the drug will penetrate the lungs, are high risks of developing lipoid pneumonia. This disease occurs in very severe form and often fatal.

How to understand that a pet has constipation

If the dog cannot be emptied within 1-2 days, but no more, it is worth resorting to the use of liquid paraffin. But when the pet tormented by constipation much longer, solve the problem with this funds will fail, in this case can not do without consultation a doctor. You can understand that the dog has constipation by the following signs:

  • the pet does not walk in the usual way, but spends time sitting under a bush;
  • doggie can worry, whimper, changing place “seats”;
  • due to prolonged constipation, it becomes lethargic, sedentary;
  • the main signs of severe constipation are a swollen belly, drilling, which arise due to the abundance of gases and accumulated feces.

In case of alarming symptoms, consult with by the veterinarian. In addition, he will tell you how to use it correctly. Vaseline oil.

Liquid paraffin dosing

If there is no way to ask your veterinarian about how to calculate dosage of the drug, you can focus on general recommendations:

  • 0.5 ml of oil is usually taken per kg of animal weight;
  • a single dosage should not exceed a volume of 20-30 ml;
  • the dose for repeated use is reduced to 15 ml if the dog weighs less than 8 kg;
  • if the dog weighs more than 10 kg, then the dose is reduced by 2 times.

The positive effect of the use of funds for oral admission will occur in about 5-6 hours, if Vaseline helped, then the dog empties profusely. In severe obstructed bowel movements oil is given to the dog every 60 minutes, but experts recommend withstand 4-5 hour intervals between doses. Give to the pet the remedy more than five times in 24 hours should not be. Vaseline oil

If the dog is tormented by frequent constipation, the drug is used in a course – give 4-5 days in a row or several days spend one enema. It is impossible forget about the measure – if you give your pet liquid paraffin for more than 5 days, then it can disrupt intestinal motility, and the tone of this organ will start to decline. In addition, the body will not be able to fully assimilate vitamins A, E and K, which causes development hypovitaminosis.

Proper Dog Medication

Maybe a person will appreciate that Vaseline has neither specific smell, no taste, but the dog has such a “tasteless” the medicine of appetite will definitely not cause. So, the owner will have to to contrive and “deliver” oil directly to the animal’s throat:

  • for this procedure, it is best to use a regular syringe by removing a pre-needle from it;
  • the dog must be in a sitting position, but in no case not to lie;
  • if the dog’s pocket size, you can ask for another hold the baby in his arms, holding his limbs and face, while the owner pours the remedy.

The medicine is administered slowly and you should make sure that the pet swallowed it. You can cheat and mix paraffin in a thick porridge and feed him with a spoon.

Enema With Vaseline Oil

This method is most preferred, as in this case petroleum jelly has the same effect as when taken orally, however, does not provoke the elimination of vitamins. But not recommended the introduction into the rectum of the animal liquid paraffin in its pure form. Beat it with a small amount before use. warm boiled water to a state of persistent, homogeneous emulsions.

The amount of solution is dosed as follows:

  • per 100 ml of boiled water is taken 20 ml of paraffin;
  • 10-15 ml per 100 ml of water is enough for small dogs.

Before the introduction of the solution into the anus, it must be warmed up to 38 ° C, and since the product does not dissolve in water, a container with Shake the liquid actively. The most convenient place for The procedure is a bathroom. Spend her next way:

  • if the dog behaves calmly in the bowl, it can be laid oilcloth and diapers or absorbent material and put the dog on side;
  • in the pear you need to dial the prepared solution, and its tip grease with vaseline oil or baby cream;
  • after the introduction of the solution into the rectum, the tail of the pet should press to the anus, and with the other hand massage the peritoneum – conducting fingers clockwise, slightly pressing.

If the abdominal wall tenses during palpation of the animal, then he is worried about spasmodic pains. Enema – The Fast Way to empty the intestines, and if you use a composition of water and Vaseline, the dog will begin to defecate 5-10 minutes after the introduction of fluid. White dog

Owners of representatives of large or giant breeds may to face difficulties – not every dog will be calm lie when an enema tip is inserted into his anus. In this case acting carefully is unlikely to succeed, and there is a risk of damage rectal wall. It’s best to have this procedure veterinarian.

If the dog’s belly is hard and it’s impossible to probe, it’s high Risks of gut twisting or intense cramping. If the owner is sure that the dog has no inversion, you can give your pet a universal drug with antispasmodic action. But it is not recommended to enter full antispasmodic dosage, as it lowers contractile function intestinal walls.

If using liquid paraffin on a bed or place the procedure formed oily stains, from Vaseline should be discontinued. After all, in this case, oil does not fulfill the functions assigned to it.

When to use Vaseline for constipation in a dog is impossible

Although liquid paraffin is practically harmless, it, like most therapeutic agents have a number of contraindications. His should not be used in the following cases:

  • with individual intolerance;
  • if the dog is carrying offspring – liquid paraffin has stimulating effect on the uterus, causing a reduction in its walls, which may provoke a miscarriage;
  • with the development of inflammatory processes in the peritoneum;
  • if out of the anus or mouth blood – these signs signal internal bleeding;
  • at elevated body temperature – in dogs this is an indicator, exceeding 41 ° C;
  • with intoxication of the body with phosphorus or phosphorous acids;
  • if intestinal obstruction has developed.

Another nuance – if the attempts at the animal are associated not with constipation, but swallowing a foreign object, inject petroleum jelly categorically prohibited!

Petroleum jelly – a means tested by time and sometimes which is a real salvation when a pet suffers from constipation. But do not forget that this drug has its own characteristics and it should be used very carefully.

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