Pampers for dogs

Disposable diapers, and millions of parents will agree kids, a very convenient invention that makes life much easier. But this product is also actively used for the hygiene of sick people. and not only that, they found their application for home care animals.

Has the dog undergone surgery and cannot stand up? Has appeared the need to transport a puppy who is not yet able to control physiological processes? Yes, there never are situations when and a four-legged friend needs a diaper. And, naturally, when choosing diapers for dogs a lot of questions.


  • 1. When a diaper may be needed
  • 2. Sizes of diapers for dogs
  • 3. How to train a dog for diapers
  • 4. DIY diaper for dogs

When a diaper may be needed

Pampers for dogs

More recently, the news of the appearance of diapers for dogs caused people only smile or perplexity. Naturally then followed by the question: “Why does the pet need this accessory?”. However quite diapers soon became quite commonplace, moreover, it’s difficult not to evaluate their convenience for the tail itself and for the owner. Of course, we are talking about using them in certain situations:

  1. The postoperative period. After surgery the dog may lose control over time urinating. Also, the owner of the animal often receives the recommendation of the veterinarian not to take the pet for the first time to the street. If the dog can walk into the tray – fine! And if not, or dimensions Do dogs not allow this? Then they will come to the rescue diapers.
  2. Old age. Having lived all his life in the family, the dog, to Unfortunately, much earlier than a person approaches life sunset. And this period in all animals, as well as in humans, proceeds differently. One of the health problems of many old doggy is enuresis – urinary incontinence. And this, not only that is not pleases the owners, and often the “embarrassed” old man himself makes you very worried. Again, you can use diapers to avoid trouble.
  3. Estrus. Even very clean females can still get dirty things, so here it’s advisable to put diapers on the dog. And on walking, he will protect the “bride” from excessively nimble gentlemen.
  4. Travels. If during a trip on a personal car you can stop and walk your four-legged friend, then on an airplane, train there is no such possibility. Some pets agree for a long time endure, but puppies, elderly or dogs with health problems are unlikely whether they will do it.

Sizes of diapers for dogs

Sizes of diapers for dogs

Going to a veterinary pharmacy or pet store for diapers (only here you should purchase accessories for pets), you can know only the breed of the pet. One important criterion is product size:

  • Small – diapers for the tiniest – Yorks, toy terriers, chihuahua, pomeranian, etc.
  • Medium – diapers for pets a little larger – Pekingese, dwarf poodles, Bichon, etc.
  • Large – large – for representatives of medium breeds – cockers, French Bulldogs, Welsh Corgi, etc.
  • Extra – large – large diapers suitable for collies, Husky, pit bull and other dogs of a similar size.
  • 2 Extra-large – thanks to such diapers large, and even giant, pets will not be left without hygiene products. These are the dogs Mastiffs, Dalmatians, Alaskan Malamutes.

Today it is not difficult to purchase diapers for dogs, but to persuade your pet to try it on, may cause some difficulties.

How to train a dog for diapers

Even if purely out of curiosity, a four-legged comrade will allow clothe himself in a diaper, then, in order to remove it, he does not it will take a lot of time. How to make the dog obediently wore new “clothes”?

How to train a dog for diapers

Initially, you need to buy 2-3 products and look at pet behavior. In addition, this will determine if diaper in size. The easiest way to owners of dogs, accustomed to walk in clothes. They are less upset, quickly agree to fitting and do not tear off the diaper. Animals after surgery or seriously ill patients endure all manipulations with themselves steadily, courageously and calmly.

In other cases, training may take longer but if the diaper is comfortable, then the dog is fast enough with it get used to. For the most resistant, you can apply the following tactics:

  • The dressing process can be accompanied by conversations that distract pet from the actions of the owner.
  • Having dressed his pet, you must immediately start the game or offer something tasty to distract the dog from business urgent.
  • Learning is best to start with short-term, 15-20-minute fitting, gradually increasing the duration of wearing diapers.
  • If the dog does not forget for a minute about his new accessory and all the time trying to rip it off, you can initially wear it under the usual clothes.

It’s very important to be patient and not forget to praise a pet.

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DIY diaper for dogs

If there is a need for a diaper for a dog, as such was not at hand, then a similar product can be built with hands. To do this: diaper for a child, normal stapler, needle with thread.

Pampers for a dog with their own hands are made from diapers for a child

Do-it-yourself diapers for dogs are made from diapers for child

Important recommendation: for a small dog or A medium-sized baby diaper is suitable for a baby from 2.5 to 5 kg. If the pet is larger, then the product will need more size.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • You should cut the elastic bands that are on the sides products.
  • Velcro must be removed from the cut parts.
  • Stapler fasten Velcro to the top and bottom diapers.
  • Make everything so that the edges of the brackets are fine bent and located on the outside to prevent scratching delicate pet skin.
  • The diaper is ready – you can try on.

Large dogs make diapers even easier. Required cut a hole into which you can easily stick your tail in when dressing favorite. So that the filler does not fall out, the edges can be slightly overcast. And that’s it, diapers can be worn immediately.

Dogs are one of the most devoted animals, sometimes ready for life. give away for your family. And, of course, they deserve proper care and comfort, especially in difficult times for them.

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