Nova Scotia Duck Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 3
  • Training: 9
  • Size: 5
  • Mind: 10
  • Security: 6
  • Relations with children: 10
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Shedding: 6


The name of this breed comes from Nova Scotia, Canadian the province where it was bred in the 19th century.

The dog has a unique hunting method. She makes a lot of noise on water near the shore, thus luring wild ducks that so stupid that they swim very close. Then turn hunter to knock them out, and the dog will already get prey from the water.

The nova scotia duck retriever withstands ice water that allows you to hunt with them even in winter.


The dog is medium in size, not tall and strong. The skull is wide slightly rounded, with a conical, not too long muzzle and flat nose black or brown. Middle eyes size, oval, light. Ears are triangular with rounded tips, medium sized and lowered. The tail is long and fluffy. Color can take on different shades of brown or orange. colors.

  • Nova Scotia duck retriever is a moderately active dog and she need about an hour a day of physical activity.
  • A dog can have a strong prey instinct that will encourage them to chase cats or other small animals whom they see on the street.
  • If you prefer clean and tidy dogs, Nova Scotia Retriever is not the best choice for you. They molt profusely and love frolic in the mud.
  • Nova Scotia Duck Retriever is a rare breed, therefore it can be difficult to find a good breeder who will have puppies.



A playful and zealous breed, this dog loves to do its job. She is smart, friendly, attentive, obedient and devoted to her to the owner, patient and friendly with children, careful with strangers.


Some say that this breed has a wonderful temperament, like the popular golden retriever but nova scotia duck the retriever is known to be a little wary around strangers and unfamiliar animals. She gets along well with other dogs and others. pets.


The dog loves to learn, so it is easy to train. FROM constant and varied training, excellent results can be reached very quickly.

A haircut

The coat of this dog must be brushed daily, especially during the molting season. Bathe as needed.


The dog is resistant to weather changes and with a high level activity. Likes to train, swim and go fishing. She needs in socialization and training.

Common diseases

The Nova Scotia Duck Retriever is usually a healthy dog, but it can be prone to certain diseases:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • progressive retinal atrophy;
  • Collie eye anomaly
  • deafness.


The dog is used to hunt wild birds in water and on land, and as well as a wonderful companion.

Breed Information

A country Canada
Life span 12-14 years old
Height Males: 45-54 cm Bitches: 42-51 cm
Weight Males: 20-23 kg Bitches: 17-20 kg
Long wool longhair
Colour various shades of brown or orange
Group for kids
Price 1500 – 2500 $

Breed photo

Nova Scotia Duck Retriever - Photo Nova Scotia Duck Retriever - Photo Nova Scotia Duck Retriever - Photo Nova Scotia Duck Retriever - Photo

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