Norwich terrier (Norwich Terrier)

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier (Norwich Terrier) Norwich Terrier

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 4
  • Training: 7
  • Size: 2
  • Mind: 7
  • Security: 6
  • Relations with children: 9
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Shedding: 1


The Norwich Terrier was bred in the UK in the 19th century. They are one of the smallest terriers. Norwich was bred to hunt rabbits and hares. Today he is a funny companion who guards your house and yard, as well as a fighter of rats and other parasites.


A small dog, one of the smallest terriers, with short and strong body. She has a wide and rounded head, trapezoidal muzzle. The eyes are small and dark. The ears small, with sharp ends. The tail is short and straight. Color wheat, black with brown, brown.

  • Norwich terriers have a high instinct for prey and they must not walk without a leash when they are not on a fenced territory.
  • Norwich Terriers need at least two long walks in day to keep them fit and help them use the excess energy. They are great dogs for walking.
  • Norwich Terriers can coexist with other dogs and cats, but the breed typically classifies rabbits, gerbils, or other small rodents, like prey. They are not suitable for homes, where small pets move freely.
  • Barking indicator that your Norwich Terrier sees something suspicious, bored, or his exercise needs were not fulfilled.
  • Norwich terriers can live in apartments if they are given a lot exercises.
  • Norwich is a rare and therefore expensive breed.


Norwich Terrier is loyal, active, curious and brave. They are a solid rock full spirit with a loving heart. They are fearless and assertive, but never are aggressive or irritable. Norwich thrives on communication.


This is an affectionate and dedicated dog to its owner. She does not have no problems with children or other dogs or others pets. He announces strangers by barking and then calms down.


Easy to train. Training should be good balanced without being harsh and cruel.

A haircut

The dog is very easy to clean. Daily brushing and combing is important. The hair should be combed regularly with a brush and trimmed 2-3 times in year.


A dog that can easily adapt to the proposed conditions Life: in an open area or in an apartment. She needs socialization and training.

Common diseases

Norwich terriers are prone to such diseases:

  • Tracheal collapse;
  • elongated soft palate;
  • epilepsy.


He loves walking and digging. Today it is rarely used for hunting small animals and more as a pet.

Breed Information

A country England
Life span 12-14 years old
Height Males: 24-26 cm Bitches: 24-26 cm
Weight Males: 5-6 kg Bitches: 5-6 kg
Long wool average
Colour wheat, tan, black and tan, brown
Group for kids
Price $ 800 – $ 1,500

Breed photo

Norwich Terrier - photo Norwich Terrier (Norwich Terrier) - photo Norwich Terrier (Norwich Terrier) - photo Norwich Terrier - photo

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