Miniature Schnauzer (photo): a great friend, reliable and faithful brave man



Origin: Germany

Classification: Group FCI – 2 (pinchers, Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, as well as Swiss cattle dogs), section 2 (molosses)

Usage: Companion Dog, Family pet

Color: Pure black with the so-called black undercoat, pepper and salt, pure white with white undercoat, chocolate tan (not recognized by FCI)

Size: Post: 30-36 cm; weight: 4-8 kg

Life span: 14-16 years

Miniature Schnauzer dogs are extremely active, like energetic exercises and loads, fun and noisy games, good being trained.

Such pets are extremely active in various family activities.

The miniature schnauzer dogs are extremely active, they love energetic exercises and loads, fun and noisy games, they are extremely active in various kinds of family events.

These are very energetic and freedom-loving pets playing with which is a pleasure


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 Puppy Selection
  • 5 Care features
  • 6 combing
  • 7 Walk
  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

For the first time, the miniature schnauzer breed began to be mentioned at the end of the 19th century. The bred Zwergschnauzer puppy was registered in 1888.

And here’s the first exhibition in which these dogs took part, passed in 1899.

On the territory of the USSR, the first miniature schnauzers actually appeared in 1974 year.

Then from the USA Fritz Tinker Casanova took out two girls and one a boy.

Later, L. Popov brought them from Czechoslovakia for several years.

Moscow nurseries began to breed these cuties in 1980, when the first puppies from dogs of the Lviv border school appeared.

Miniature Schnauzer color

Miniature schnauzer color “pepper and salt”


Like other breeds of the family, including the schnauzer, the miniature schnauzer is very mobile and watchful. This dog is very easy to obey commands.

It’s not very friendly to strangers, but it’s different in mind, always ready to stay helpful.

He does not show unnecessary aggression, but not a big ten. Such trait resembles the character of the dog breed leonberger.

Distrustful of strangers, always careful.


Like other schnauzers, the miniature schnauzer is very mobile and vigilant. This dog obeys commands very easily.

Zwergschnauzer can be called a big dog, enclosed in small body.

The miniature schnauzer dog is wary of everything that his surrounds and, like kuvasuili Groenendael, has a great desire to defend the owner.

These cute dogs love to bark, which characterizes them as good watchmen.


Miniature Schnauzer is chosen by those who need a companion or just family pet. Since the dog requires constant attention, families where there is always no time for him is not fit. These are good friends for children, loving family, they bring a lot of joy in the house


Most often, those who need to buy a miniature schnauzer puppy companion or just a family pet.

Because he is like Ipomeranian German Spitz, requires constant attention, families where there’s never enough time for him, not fit.

Good friends for children, loving family, they give a lot joys.

Miniature Schnauzer respects the classics

Miniature Schnauzer respects the classics

Puppy selection

If you decide to have a puppy, then it is best to visit miniature schnauzers nursery.

It will be useful to visit several exhibitions at which dogs of this breed are represented.

Decide which miniature schnauzer you want to buy. Choose the color and gender, decide what exactly you need from the dog, which goals you want to achieve.

After all, the choice of an exhibition puppy and pet is somewhat is different.

If you do not have enough experience, take care of the invitation an expert from the outside so that the latter helps you do exactly right choice.

Serious Baby Miniature Schnauzer

Serious baby miniature schnauzer

The usual age for a puppy is two months.

Regardless of the purpose for which you acquire it, carefully consider the health status of the dog, as well as the conditions in which it is contained.

In the premises in which the puppies live, must be observed absolute cleanliness.

Coming out of the aviary, the puppies of the miniature schnauzer will show you their character. And though outwardly they are very similar, but inwardly each of them individual.

Like St. Bernard puppies, some are immediately fun and they will run up to you interestedly, wanting to meet you. Others may Do not pay attention to you, doing your important business.

And although the choice of the character of the dog is purely individual, but still It is recommended to take active puppies with no signs. aggression.

The family of white schnauzers

White Schnauzer Family

The dog itself is square format, but not stretched. Pay attention to the puppy’s parameters:

  • The head should not be very narrow in the muzzle.
  • Even white puppies should have claws, eyes and nose. in black.
  • The legs should be parallel, their position can be good. consider while walking.
  • Ensure a good bite and all teeth.

There are other options that you can help figure out. expert.

But if you want to buy a dog for a family or a companion dog, they are not of particular importance. The main thing is the puppy’s health.

For the rest – choose the one that suits you the most like it.

Miniature Schnauzer in the fields

Miniature Schnauzer in the fields

Care Features


The length of the fur of the zerg is controlled by a haircut special machine. Usually the owners cut wool leaving a soft undercoat.

But for those who raise a show dog, you need to consider one more nuance, namely trimming during molting, that is plucking dead hairs.

If this procedure is carried out regularly, then the apartment never wool will roll. You can comb the animal by the facilitator.

The surface of the head, ears, abdomen and neck is treated special scissors to avoid pain.

The Miniature Schnauzer needs a daily combing procedure, and for such grooming you do not need to go to to a specialist.

From time to time it is necessary to swim with quality professional shampoos and conditioners.

The miniature schnauzer beard needs special attention.

Every time after eating, carefully wipe it wipes to remove moisture and food debris.


The Miniature Schnauzer is very fond of outdoor walks and active games. He will gladly keep you company in the game of frisbee and chases the ball


After vaccinations and quarantine, you can teach your puppy to walks.

Start short, just 5-10 minutes, varying the duration in due to weather conditions.

Gradually increase the duration to half an hour, and the amount reduce walks to 3 per day.

Despite the fact that there can be 3 or more walks per day, one of which should be lengthy and be at least an hour.

The rest can last 15-20 minutes.

Be consistent in the mode so that the dog knows that in the morning and in the daytime, walks are short, and in the evening – a long exercise, so that she has time to do all her business.

Since the baby often goes to the toilet, take him out for a walk. 4-5 times a day, and only after 2 months you can reduce the amount walks up to 3.

Use the harness for walking dogs.

Do not leave the schnauzer for long. It can be dangerous for your furniture.

Do not leave the schnauzer for long. It can be dangerous for your of furniture


It is better to develop a puppy’s nutrition with the help of a specialist.

In adulthood, the miniature schnauzer requires less energy, but nutrition must be complete and balanced.

It is necessary to feed a dog twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

At the same time, do not forget to give her raw meat or meat products 5 once a week, but do not give sausage and sausages.

2 times during the same period the dog needs fish, 1-2 times – egg yolk.

Every day in food should be present vegetables and top dressing.

And one day a week should be unloading.

You can also give your pet a dry purchase feed.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a Real Watchman

Miniature Schnauzer – a real watchman


Characteristic diseases

Miniature Schnauzer is a very healthy breed of dog.

But sometimes they can suffer from injuries sustained in connection with their activity, insects like ticks and worms.

If the dog likes to lift from the ground, may be present poisoning.

To protect your pet from ticks, it is worth buying special protective collar.

Allergic reactions in this breed are not observed.


The first vaccinations are given to puppies aged 8-9 weeks, that is, the nursery is doing this.

The following vaccinations should be done after 3-4 weeks with the same rabies drugs and vaccine.

Then vaccinated once a year.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a very healthy breed of dogs. But sometimes they can suffer from injuries due to their activity, insects and worms.

Miniature Schnauzer is a very healthy breed of dog. But sometimes they can to suffer from injuries sustained in connection with their activity, and also against insects and worms


Healthy, non-castrated dogs of this breed are not required. engage in mating from time to time.

If you want to have puppies that meet all standards breed, register at the club, where you naturally will pick the right pair.

But you need to remember a few points. First of all, knitting should be started only after the third estrus dogs.

Miniature schnauzers must be of the same color, since in Russia It is forbidden to mix dogs of this breed of different colors.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a wonderful, kind, loyal and courageous dog that can decorate your everyday life.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a beautiful kind, loyal and brave dog who will be able to decorate your everyday life

Even if the bitch is tall, choose a different male for mating large size as it will be better for future size puppies.

Knowing the flaws of your dog, carefully look at the candidate in partners so that there are no such flaws.

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