Kuvas (Hungarian Kuvas)

Kuvasz, Hungarian Kuvasz

Kuvas (Hungarian Kuvas) Kuvasz, Hungarian Kuvasz

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 2
  • Training: 5
  • Size: 10
  • Mind: 5
  • Security: 10
  • Relations with children: 8
  • Dexterity: 6
  • Shedding: 9


This is one of the most popular watchdogs in Hungary. His the origin is not clearly established. They are supposed to have been brought from Asia by nomadic tribes.


Large dog with a slender, muscular and flexible body. She has a large head, proportional to the body, with a long muzzle and black nose. The eyes are slightly slanted and dark. Pretty ears small, have a V-shape and lowered. The tail is medium length slightly bent. Color white or light shade of ivory.

  • Kuvas requires a confident, experienced owner who understands them independent character.
  • Kuvas is suspicious of strangers and may be too aggressive towards them. Obedience training is a must.
  • Your Kuvas can become aggressive and upset if he is on chains. This is a breed that should work. He needs a lot, fenced yard, as well as long daily walks.


Character Smart, funny and sensitive dog. is he barks only when necessary. Strong and brave, he protects herds from wolves and bears. It may have a dominant character, and even be cruel to other dogs or animals if he was not socialized from a very young age.


This breed was used in cattle breeding, as it has protective instinct, which makes it not quite the right choice for middle family. However, it can get along well with children when provided that they are always supervised. Kuvas is also very gentle and affectionate to his family.


He needs firm, but gentle, well balanced and sequential training. It must be trained by a person with experience that gives him a chance to achieve self-confidence.

Kuvas is smart and how many guard dogs he thinks he does all for yourself. Learning can be difficult and requires a lot of patience, time and sequence.

A haircut

Kuvas sheds heavily, especially in spring and autumn. Clean them by at least once a week, but recommended every two to three days.


The dog is resistant to bad weather. She feels good in active family. Kuvas needs daily exercise and he needs a long walk .. He needs socialization and training.

Common diseases

Kuvas may be prone to such diseases:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • dissecting osteochondrosis;
  • von Willebrand disease;
  • gastric expansion (inversion of the intestines);


It is used as a watchdog for cattle. cattle and farms. Due to its fine coat, noble appearance and fidelity, he became a pleasant companion dog.

Breed Information

A country Hungary
Life span 10-12 years old
Height Males: 70-76 cm Bitches: 65-70 cm
Weight Males: 45-52 kg Bitches: 35-40 kg
Long wool average
Colour white, light shade of ivory
Group guard
Price $ 800 – $ 1,500

Breed photo

Kuvas - photo Kuvas (Hungarian Kuvas) - photo Hungarian Kuvas - photo Kuvas Hungarian - photo Kuvas - photo Puppy of the Hungarian Kuvas

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