Komondor dog (photo): King among shepherds



Origin: Hungary

Class: according to the International Film Festival group – 1, section – 1, number is 53.

Color: only white, and black dogs, but this color does not meet the breed standard

Sizes: male growth at least 70 cm, bitches not less than 65 cm, males weigh from 50 to 60 kg, females from 40 to 50 kg

Life span: 10-12 years

Komondor – a dog adapted to work as a shepherd and the guard. Luxurious wool allows her to perfectly mask in sheep flock.

Looking at the photo, we can assume that this animal is enough large and has a lot of weight. But actually it’s about two times lighter than many other breeds of its size, e.g. Hovawart, German Boxers and Tosa Inu.

Under the long rope dreadlocks you will not see either eyes or paws, not a tail – only the black button of the nose stands out against the white wool.

This dog, in the absence of a potential threat, is calm and balanced, but when danger approaches, it becomes aggressive and without hesitation, attack the enemy.

The Komondor doesn’t attack like a fighting dog, he inflicts powerful head blows, which completely demoralizes the enemy – that’s how he breaks the back of a wolf that has attacked the herd entrusted to him sheep.


The fury and swiftness with which the Komondor attacks can soften only with a complete lack of resistance


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  • 4 How to choose a dog
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  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

As a result of research, scientists came to the conclusion that the ancestors of the Komondor are ancient shepherds crossed with wolves (by the way, a modern hybrid of a wolf and a shepherd is called Wolfhound). Also, some notice a certain the similarity of the Komondor with the South Russian Shepherd.

But the Hungarians have another version, but rather a legend that this dog came from an unnatural “marriage” of a sheep and the wolf.

Komondors came to the territory of Hungary from coastal areas Black Sea, where they lived together with the Magyar tribes. They are there were used as guards and helped to graze flocks.

But the Golden Horde drove the tribes from the settled territory, behind them loyal dogs followed and about ten have passed since then centuries, but in Hungary these shepherds still live since


Due to the fact that the Komondor was forbidden to cross with others dog breeds, he completely retained his original external appearance and character traits

Interesting! The king among the shepherds – so christened This dog is medieval author Amos Comenius. Such a “talking” the nickname was liked by many connoisseurs of this amazing breed and remember him even today. They often just say “king”, forgetting that “among the shepherds”!

The origin of the breed name is also controversial. Alone Based on the nickname given by the ancient author, argue that the name Komondor is not accidental, as translated from Italian “cane commodore” it means “king of the dogs.”

Others believe that the Magyars themselves called these animals and the name is in no way dependent on a medieval nickname.


The behavior and character of an adult dog Komondor breed is largely depends on timely and proper socialization. Puppy follows with early years to teach communication with other dogs, people, and adapt it to different situations.

If these requirements are neglected, then in the character of the pet aggression will prevail.


An animal developing in a good caring atmosphere will become a great pet – loving and faithful

  • Komondor grows up late – by about three years. Looking at photo, it’s impossible to even imagine that such a large dog capable of acting like a puppy. Everyone should know this feature. potential owner so that after the character, at first glance, an adult pet did not raise questions.
  • If there is no threat, then the representatives of this breed behave calmly. They are completely indifferent to strangers and strangers. to children. But at the same time they show friendliness to their friends the owner.
  • The Komondor is always insanely devoted to his master and all members of his families. He suffers a change of ownership very difficult for this dog this situation is fraught with stress. And if you chose it as your pet, then remember – this is forever!
  • The Hungarian Shepherd is independent and intelligent, but at the same time cunning and stubborn. As a small puppy, she may be prone to leadership and will try to dominate the owner. Flatten “sharp corners” of character will help early training – aged 4-6 months.

Interesting! Dogs are stubborn Komondora, therefore, the choice of a trainer should be approached with special care. Bitches, on the contrary, are more affectionate, and dressure give in much easier!

  • Komondor learns information quickly, but training should different, otherwise the dog will get bored and further refuses to execute commands. Training in which there will always be a lot of new information, will bring positive results.


Only a positive learning style is allowed, which will backed by constant praise and goodies. Aggressive behavior in the process of education will lead to the formation of negative pet character traits

  • This dog will become a real “stone wall” for your children. There are no circumstances in which she could harm kids. Komondor will happily share games with children, wake them in the morning and loyally lick.
  • A guard shepherd selflessly guards the house every night, in the afternoon she sleeps for a long time. You can hear Komondor barking only in exceptional cases, even he attacks silently. The voice of this The dogs are bass and very loud.


Initially a Komondor breed dog, such as Kangal, was bred to protect sheep flocks and their protection against predators. Hungarian Shepherd made the right decisions. and acted independently without any prompts from her the owner.

She is an excellent watchman, and when an enemy approaches, she’s swiftly attacks and acts mercilessly.

In the United States, the Komondor is a leader in the list of dogs, demanded by the police and security services. They perform in pedigree dogs, like Groenendali, and as well as bodyguards of dignitaries, including President of the country. Their main responsibility is to search explosives.


In the United States there is a specialized nursery in which these guard dogs are bred for a slightly different purpose – Komondora trained to help sick people and the mentally disabled children

How to choose a dog

The Komondor dog is an expensive pleasure and a rarity, therefore, they acquire such a pet mainly in nurseries. Average The price is about $ 1200.

Dog handlers examine puppies when they are 45 days old. At this time, identify the basic standards of the breed and establish them compliance. Then the young Hungarian shepherd is put up for sale.


It is advisable to acquire a puppy as early as possible in order to have opportunity to influence the formation of his character

When choosing a puppy of the breed Komondor, you should pay attention to lack of such exterior flaws:

  • the nose is colored unevenly;
  • there is no stroke around the eyes;
  • the coat is sparse and short;
  • the skeleton is narrow and short;
  • the stomach is too matched;
  • malocclusion;
  • the tail is short, twisted, lies on the croup.

A potential owner should not choose a dog from a photo, so how important it is to take into account its nature.

Shyness is unacceptable for a small Hungarian shepherd, like excessive aggression. She won’t come to strangers right away, being wary, as if studying a new person.


Well, if the puppy is curious, behaves balanced and calm

The price of a puppy will always be determined by its quality. Besides In addition, the good name of the nursery and the costs of content.

Any thoroughbred dog involves a huge investment decent breeder, but too low a price can testify that pets were only knitted as if.

Baby puppy is a lottery, as it meets the standard can only be considered when the dog reaches 6 months old age, therefore, its cost may be low.

The price of a promising Komondor, which has already grown and is fully meets breed standards, will be in a completely different range.

Care Features

A small guard shepherd should live only in the house and only an adult dog can be accustomed to living on the street.

Important! Putting a Komondor on a chain is unacceptable, since he can regard this as an insult and then will difficult to establish lost contact!

  • You can wash a dog of this breed with special shampoos and only after checking for sensitivity.
  • The Hungarian Shepherd’s hanging ears, overgrown with thick hair, therefore, they need constant purification by the means sold in veterinary pharmacies.
  • Between the fingers, the hair grows very thick, so it’s easy miss a driven splinter that can provoke inflammation and suppuration. For this reason, many breeders recommend to cut the hair on the pads in warm weather of the year.
  • Thick felt cords get wet after drinking and eating natural foods and often do not have time to dry out. Summer this is facilitated by the hot breath of the animal. Going on “conservation” of moisture and food debris, which leads to reproduction pathogenic bacteria. For this reason, the beard of the dog should wipe thoroughly both after eating and after walks.


Any photo of a guard shepherd komondor vividly shows her thick long wool braided in ribbons. Shaping her ends in the second year of the dog’s life and such a “fur coat” requires special care.


It is impossible to comb the hair of a Hungarian shepherd, as it grows their strands must be disassembled to prevent tangling

In autumn and spring, the Komondor sheds, but at the same time a large amount wool does not fall out. And after the final formation of the “cords” all fallen hairs remain in the tourniquet. Characteristic dog smell absent even if the dog has been exposed to rain.

To care for the dog do not use a furminator – the coat is too specific, and does not comb as usual way.


This guard shepherd needs constant physical loads and daily walks in the fresh air. If the pet living in a city apartment, the owner should spend on Walk at least 2 hours a day.


At the same time, it is advisable to keep it on a leash in order to prevent troubles, as the Komondor can attack passers-by, seemed to him intruders


Hungarian shepherd is unpretentious in food and eats relatively little – about a kilogram of food per day. Dogs of this breed are not prone to obesity and can eat both dry food and natural food.

  • A puppy at the age of 1.5 months is fed 5 times a day;
  • a dog in 2-6 months – 4 times a day;
  • after six months – three times a day;
  • adult dogs – twice a day.

Important! A pet that lives on the street should receive a slightly larger amount of food – increase its diet 15% off!


In good conditions, the Komondor lives about 10-12 years and has good health. This is due to his lifestyle, purpose and habits that have not changed for many centuries.

Characteristic diseases

  • Entropy – inflammation of the eyes that occurs due to friction eyelashes on the cornea.
  • Deformation of the joints of the paws – susceptible to this disease representatives of any large breeds and Komondor are no exception. For To prevent this problem, a young dog should walk at an accelerated pace – at a trot. It will strengthen the muscles limbs.


Often walking down the stairs and steep descents is not worth it. Running and walking up are welcome


Vaccinations are made polyvalent either monovalent vaccines.

Polyvalent drugs (for several diseases) Hungarian shepherd is vaccinated according to the following scheme:

  • the first vaccination in 1.5 months – from hepatitis, enteritis, plague, leptospirosis and adenovirus, but rabies is not included in this list; vaccination is repeated after a couple of weeks, but only on condition that the first procedure went without complications;
  • after changing teeth, this vaccination is done again, but to the above list of vaccinated infections add rabies vaccine;
  • subsequently, such revaccination is carried out once a year.


Vaccinations are given only to completely healthy dogs.

Mandatory monovalent vaccines (from only one specific diseases) are administered in the following sequence:

  • from enteritis – at the age of 1.5 months and repeated after two weeks;
  • from plague – at 2.5 months and again at 7 months;
  • from rabies – after reaching 8 months of age.

Dogs are vaccinated against leptospirosis after they are 4 months. If the first injection was administered before 6 months, then it repeated six months later.

There is no separate vaccine for adenovirus in our country, but it included in some polyvalent preparations manufactured in other countries.


After vaccination, the pet should rest, it should be protected from colds, do not bathe or overwork


Bitches of at least 18 months of age are allowed to mate. Males untie a little earlier – from 15 months. Komondor binding representatives of other breeds is unacceptable.

Dog Komondor: King among the shepherds

Komondor – a dog that is visually increasing in size thanks to the coat. When she rushes towards you, only visible white, chaotically fluttering harnesses under which a powerful torso. And if you are an uninvited guest, then be careful – in such case for Komondor you automatically become potential the enemy.

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