In order not to get sick – vaccination?

We often compare animals and children: about both worry, love, feed, but sometimes we forget that animals, like small children, need to be put on time vaccinations. Vaccination of dogs, cats and other animals will help your pet develop immunity and avoid severe infectious diseases.


Often, pet owners think, “My pet doesn’t go out street, then he can’t get sick. “In fact, get infected an animal can also be a dangerous virus, having spent all its life in the walls apartments. There are several explanations for this: – We are the source of infection we bring ourselves to the apartment- On clothes and shoes (remember, I played at least time a pet with your street shoes?) – Guests may come to you, at which there is a sick animal; – The pet may accidentally jump out to the street (especially if you live on the ground floor) or to the porch. Thus, all animals need to be vaccinated without Exceptions: Vaccinated cats and dogs are not eligible. in exhibitions and competitions, and if you need to urgently leave, then it’s impossible to take an animal with you without a veterinary passport – this is smuggling.


– Only clinically healthy animals can be vaccinated; give vaccinations to pregnant and lactating; – It is worth postponing the procedure if the animal is under stress (for example, after a long trips); – Do not vaccinate sick animals and those with less than two weeks ago received antibiotic treatment; – Better temporarily cancel the vaccine if you even suspect that your pet infected from other animals; – Before vaccinating cats, dogs and other animals, it is necessary to get rid of parasites.

After the procedure, the veterinarian observes for some time pet to understand there are no allergic reactions to the drug. IN for three weeks you can not carry out planned surgical operations (e.g. castration).

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