How to wean a dog to bark?

We express our thoughts and feelings with the help of the voice, and the dogs Express their emotions using barking. Experienced owners who they know their pets well, they can already bark in volume and frequency determine the mood of their home friend. It would seem in the barking of an animal is not surprising and reprehensible. But when a doggie is noisy almost incessantly, it can lead out even the most patient person. Consider just a few situations when the dog “woof-woof” can bring to white heat:

  • The owner unsuccessfully tries to watch a movie or talk on phone, but the dog does not stop;
  • The house has a small child who cannot fall asleep for an hour the reason for the loud barking;
  • The walls in the apartment building are thin, so all the neighbors are listening dog “concert” day and night;
  • A person has poor health (migraine, high blood pressure and etc.), and the animal only worsens the condition of the owner with noise.

Actually, situations when the barking of a dog can make you crazy, great multitude. In this article we will try to find out why the animal barks, how to wean the dog to bark and is it always worth it prohibit the pet from casting a vote.

Why do dogs bark?

Dogs bark for a reason. Usually animals in such situations:

  • Fear of something (for example, sirens, peals of thunder, screams, etc.);
  • Boredom (animals often remain alone, and yet painfully wait for the arrival of the owner);
  • Fun (doggies like to give voice, for example, when with they are played by the owner);
  • Anxiety (animals bark, for example, to the sound of a bell, a knock on a door, the arrival of strangers in a house, etc.);
  • Signal to owner or manipulation (dog barking may call the owner to the game, ask for a meal or invite to a walk);
  • Rage (sometimes dogs “quarrel” with others individuals, especially this males sin).

How not to act, weaning a dog to bark?

Wean the dog to bark at all in a row consistent and fairly solid host. Often people trying to rid the animal of the habit of barking, they behave wrong by making the following mistakes:

  1. Swearing and screaming in response to a dog barking. It happens that he the owner behaves no better than his unbelted dog. Not this way a rare situation is when, in response to a dog barking, cries are heard owner (“Shut up!”, “Tsyts!”, “You will get from me!”, etc.). Such human behavior will not only not calm the dog, but overexcite her;
  2. Raising a dog comes from case to case. Wean Dog barking at home is possible only through daily persistent classes;
  3. Beating as a means of keeping a dog silent. Tumaki – forbidden technique that can never be used;
  4. Inattention to the cause of barking dogs. Yes, there are situations when the animal barks incessantly and for no particular reason (suppose wants the owner to treat the cutlet off the table unscheduledly). But sometimes our favorites try to warn about something with the help of barking important (for example, about the penetration of a stranger into the house or about the smell of burning). So for starters, it’s important to recognize why the dog is barking;
  5. Following the whims of the dog. As we found out, animals sometimes manipulated by people. For example, many “watchdogs” love burst into voiced barking when they want to be treated to something with the table. So, do not go on about animals, giving them pieces of food from a plate. Dogs are cunning, but because they are every time will bark to get what you want.

Ways to wean a dog to bark

The following will help wean the dog to bark in the apartment and on the street advice:

  1. Learning the Quiet! Team (or “Silence!”). To the animal stopped barking at the command of the owner, you can take such measures: during the walk, wait until the dog starts to bark. In this case, you need to pronounce the command “Voice!”. After a couple of minutes barking carefully cover the pet’s mouth with your palms, uttering the word “Quiet!”. Once the animal is silent, it will need to be treated and to praise. This exercise should be done daily until the dog will shut up at the command of the owner without manual manipulation and treats
  2. Touching the ears of a barking dog. Amazing but some animals stop barking if the owner suddenly and not strongly grab their ears. This kind of action confuses the dog, and the owner has several saving moments to to switch the attention of the incendiary doggie to something (for example, on a toy);
  3. So that the dog does not have the desire to bark all around, it is reasonable to direct the energy of the pet to something useful. For example, many animals love dog sports (frisbee fishing flying disk, agility – overcoming obstacles, etc.), which not only give a lot of pleasant moments to the animal, but also exhaust him well. If there is no way to train a dog any discipline, you can just walk longer pet
  4. You can wean a dog to bark at home if you do not pay attention noise (but only in cases where the animal, barking, trying to manipulate the master). For example, a pet starts “song” if he doesn’t want the owner to close himself in the shower (toilet, another room, on the balcony, etc.). It’s wiser not to follow up on Buyan, and calmly do their own thing, not paying attention to barking. So the dog will understand that the owner will not be starved;
  5. Avoiding the factors causing barking. If a doggie, let’s say it goes wild with the sound of a washing machine cars, it is reasonable to take the animal for a walk while washing. Another option is to lead the dog into the room, which is located farthest from the washer;
  6. If the dog barks at the guests, you can calm the animal, asking to demonstrate the ability to give a paw to the owner first, and then to each of the guests. It is important that every guest praise the dog, loudly and sincerely pronouncing the word “Well done!”;
  7. Spraying water as a way to keep your dog silent. It happens that the animal barks at passers-by or at others dogs. If the command is “Quiet!” does not work, you can resort to the method spraying ordinary water from a small spray bottle. Just do not need to aim at the eyes of the animal, just spray water to the head or neck from a distance of about half a meter;
  8. Dog distraction from barking. To force the animal stop barking, you can come up with something special, let’s say to linger with the animal in unison or to clap your hands loudly. The only negative of this method is that in public this will repeat shame.

All of these methods can help wean a dog to bark if the owner is nearby. But what if the pet starts a “concert” in lack of owner? Well, if at home there is one of the members family that can calm the animal. If the doggie is completely one, special devices for weaning from barking or medications:

  1. Collars “Antilay” with citronella or lavender. how only the animal begins to bark, from a special capsule, built-in collar, odorous aromatic oil, whose the smell is unpleasant for animals;
  2. Ultrasonic collars – respond to barking by issuing an unpleasant sound that seems terrifying to dogs;
  3. Stun-collars – trigger at faster movements of the canine larynx. Electric shock is not strong, but enough unpleasantly;
  4. Soothing remedies on the plant basis (like “Fitex”, “Cat Bayun”, “Dbd Relax Plus”, etc.) – such preparations pacify lovers of barking well, but should be applied after consultation with a veterinarian.

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How to wean a dog to bark

Dogs, like humans, have a different temperament, behavior, habits. Some are quiet and thoughtful, others are loud and restless. For some, barking is a warning of danger, for others – an expression of any emotion (joy, fear, longing, surprise). What to do if you have a pet barking at any about? If there’s a baby in the house whom the dog constantly wakes up, neighbors, dissatisfied with the constant barking, and weekends that begin much earlier than desired— How to wean a dog to bark? In fact, with a competent approach, such behavior can be corrected.


  • 1. Why the dog barks
  • 2. The main mistakes of the owners
  • 3. Methods of behavior correction
  • 4. Video on how to wean a dog to bark
  • 5. How to leave a pet alone

Why the dog barks

How to wean a dog to bark

Many people think that barking is a way to communicate with friends. tetrapods. There is some truth in this, but more often the transfer information is due to howling, whining, growling sounds, rather than barking. But there are several reasons for barking:

  • Fear – at the level of instincts, the dog is sure that you should not wait attacks, and it’s better to warn the enemy that he shouldn’t to do this. Naturally, a self-confident dog will not behave this way. Often the dog barks at extraneous noise when nobody is at home.
  • Excitement – the dog barks when someone calls or knocks on door, guards territory, scared or glad to see someone. Any emotional shock in this case is accompanied by barking. This behavior signals an unbalanced psyche and insufficient parenting.
  • Boredom – in such a situation, the dog makes a bark, turning into a howl, and You can hear it when the animal is sitting alone. Exists breeds, which are very difficult for loneliness. They are or begin to dirty, or bark, and often – both that, and another. Firstly, when buying a dog, you should familiarize yourself with the features breed. If nobody is at home all day, then it’s better to choose more calm, phlegmatic animal. Secondly, it is worth providing darling of leisure, leave various toys and puzzles capable of take a pet. And thirdly, you should walk well before leaving dog, as a tired pet will sleep for several hours and not remember boredom.
  • The game is the most adequate manifestation acceptable for a well-bred pet, in addition to the real danger. Dog “comes off”, “lets off steam”, gets rid of surplus energy and enjoys it.

Given the above, we can conclude – dogs never They don’t just bark for no reason. There is always a reason for this behavior.

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Main mistakes of the owners

Before conducting corrective work, it is necessary find out the reason for the excessive emotionality of the pet. If the dog serves voice for no apparent reason – while eating, waking up suddenly at night, then perhaps it is a pet sickness. To exclude this option, you should seek advice from a veterinarian who examines a dog for inflammatory processes, internal injuries, neurological disorders character.

Train your pet quietly

If the pet is healthy, then several methods should be considered and possible errors. For example, barking cannot be encouraged. Many owners pets are fighting back for silence reactions. Here we are talking about the innate instinct of orientation toward people, that is, any action of the dog that has received encouragement is confirmation of its correctness. To stop barking at any about, you should listen to the following recommendations:

  • The dog should be trained in a quiet command.
  • You can not respond to barking, as the pet flatters any attention, even negative.
  • More attention should be paid to the animal, as barking may to be a signal that the dog is not self-confident and lonely.
  • Approaching the dog is necessary only after the cessation of barking, otherwise she will use it to attract attention.
  • It is not recommended to give the command “fu” or “not” so that the dog stopped barking, these teams have a different purpose.
  • You can not scream, scold the pet during the barking, as this is it irritates the animal more, instills confidence in it that even the owner supports such a reaction!

You must not silence a dog if it is thus warns that he wants to attack, for example, a stranger, entered your territory. This is a normal reaction of guard dogs, giving the stranger time to leave the territory. In this case it’s necessary not to wean the pet from barking, but to enroll in courses with him reduce aggression and learn self-control.

Many owners, leaving home and hearing dog barking, come back, hoping to reason the animal. Do not do this. In this case, it’s worth listening to how much time the dog can bark at lack of a host. If it lasts more than a quarter of an hour, then will have to resort to certain methods of stopping barking.

Behavior Correction Methods

If the owner is determined, then you should be typed patience, since adjustment always takes longer than training. A dog can only be raised in a calm state, not showing excessive emotionality, even in the voice.

One method can be used to stop rampant barking: take the dog by the ears, rub them or squeeze a little. Before use it should be tested on a calm dog. If the pet did not show discontent, then at the time of barking he will be somewhat surprised, but stop barking. As soon as the dog is silent, it should be encouraged. and distract from the object that caused the excitement.

Dog Training Methods

If the dog reacts violently to the arrival of guests, then it should be distracted animal from this lesson. You can offer your pet to run several teams, making 2-3 approaches. And it’s better to start with the protozoa that the dog performs best, even with distractions. As a result, the dog looks at the owner, guests with enthusiasm for the dog (and these tricks love admiration from the outside), complements the idyll with a delicious promotion.

Very often dogs are prone to violent manifestation “security” qualities. Intercom, bell or knock on the door turn adequate pet in a violently insane, not thinking anything, heart-rending barking dog. Yes, the reaction to outsiders should be present, but not so intense. Well-bred dog comes to the door and can growl.

Naturally, blaming the dog in this case is useless. Here the distraction technique will also work. Should be distracted every time dog game or teams, but you need to do this regularly.

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Video on how to wean a dog to bark

How to leave a pet alone

Many owners have a question, how to calm a pet, if he, left alone, begins to bark for a long time and loudly? After all all 24 hours is impossible to be near the pet. For this situation also there are several options:

  • Quality walking – a long walk with games, jogging, A lot of impressions is able to exhaust the most active. Coming home It remains to feed, drink the pet and go to work, study, the dog will rest.
  • Sedatives – they can be used if you sleep, the dog is taken for a favorite thing – barking. About which drugs more effective, it is better to consult a veterinarian. They eliminate irritability, may have a sedative effect. It’s worth considering that many tools are used by courses, and some only with urgent need. You can resort to herbal preparations, and Also put on a pet collar with soothing herbs.
  • The collar is the safest way. However necessary remove and wear it only when it is really needed. After removal, the dog should be walked and allowed play-run.
  • ESHO – using an electroshock collar is a tough way wean a dog to bark. This accessory is responsive to the larynx. vibration and is affected by a small discharge of current.
  • There is also a similar system – Anti-bark, but with ultrasonic reaction to barking, sound acts until the dog will not shut up. The method can be used if the dog doesn’t causes a tantrum.
  • Collar spraying a substance unpleasant for a pet aroma, for example, citrus. This accessory also responds to sounds of the larynx. Smelling, the dog is distracted from the barking.
  • Another device that allows you to wean a dog from the bark – a collar with vibration. Such a mechanical effect distracts animal, pet begins to look for a source of vibration. but there is a chance that the dog will get used to buzzing and will stop responding to it.

When buying a dog, it is worth considering that in most cases, these animals are loud, often noisy, they can indulge and spoil things. Having taken a pet, a person takes upon himself the whole a responsibility. If one of the main problems is barking, then from this disadvantage can be eliminated by using the recommendations professionals and not make mistakes in education.

Faced with difficulties, it is necessary to solve the problem, not scolding a pet or trying to get rid of it. A man must responsible for those who are tamed.

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