How to understand what a dog has in heat: stages and recurrence, recommendations

All owners of female dogs face a phenomenon such as estrus, it is also called estrus or barren. This is an important period in reproductive system when not sterilized the female is ready for mating, as a result of which she reproduces progeny. The estrus also signals that the dog has entered puberty, it is able to mate, endure and give birth to puppies. To know how estrus manifests itself, the owner should for several reasons. First of all, to prevent accidental pregnancy of a bitch, as well as to prepare her for the planned mating. How to understand that a dog has estrus, how cyclical it is happens, and when the process is not going as it should?


  • 1. How does estrus occur in a dog
  • 2. When can I breed a young dog
  • 3. When estrus is problematic
  • 4. The first empty bitch
  • 5. How many times a year in dogs is estrus
  • 6. How long does the void last
  • 7. Stages and cyclic process of estrus
  • 8. Useful recommendations from experienced breeders and veterinarians
  • 9. Watch a video of estrus in dogs: how many times, timing, grooming, first estrus
  • 10. How to understand that a dog has started oestrus

How does oestrus flow in a dog?

Owners and breeders need to study the flow pattern dog blankets, even if they have not bitches, but males or individuals both sexes. Awareness will help eliminate unwanted mating of individuals, since during estrus the females are not too picky and admit almost all males. How to understand that the dog is in heat

During estrus, the female has the following symptoms:

  • bloody vaginal discharge from the vulva;
  • swelling of the external labia;
  • an increase in the size of the nipples;
  • changes in dog behavior.

In addition, estrus is accompanied by a change in hormonal levels. animal. How abundant vaginal discharge depends on various factors: animal size, age, and period estrus and individual characteristics of the body. Color and consistency also different for the same reasons.

In females of small breeds, vaginal discharge is scarce, and owners can’t always determine exactly when came empty. Therefore, it is important to know about the primary symptoms this process, which will not allow to miss the beginning of estrus.

When can I knit a young dog

As for the first mating, although the female is able to mate, her body is not yet fully prepared for gestation pregnancy and self-delivery. Therefore experienced breeders do not seek to drive the dog during the first empty: early pregnancy negatively affects the health of the animal. In addition, it often ends in complicated labor, the birth of weakened or dead puppies.

The third estrus is the best time to plan the first mating females, get healthy, strong offspring and not at the same time harm the very future mom. It is not recommended to knit bitch spontaneously – should consider in advance the candidacies of the suitors and choose the best fit. Dog owners also interested in the result, and they need to prepare for the future father of the family.

When estrus is problematic

The owner should be anxious if The following symptoms of hormonal disorders:

  • estruses occur more often than expected;
  • the void is hidden, without vaginal discharge;
  • too abundant discharge from the loop appears in the dog estrus time or after it, especially if purulent appears in them admixture or they do not turn red, but black;
  • bitch is listless, lethargic, feels weak, behaves inadequately;
  • lack of appetite, but the animal drinks a lot water;
  • body temperature rises and falls.

A few days after the end of the void swelling of the loop persists, and this is a completely normal condition. From the vulva a small amount of light, transparent continues to stand out exudate. The following manifestations are considered hazardous:

  • oestrus duration more than 4 weeks;
  • after estrus, the dog developed a profuse vaginal bleeding;
  • purulent discharge, with a sharp putrid odor, grayish-brownish or tan.

Any of these symptoms is a good reason for emergency veterinary care. How to understand that a dog is in heat read the article

Most often, such signs signal development vulvovaginitis, endometritis, metritis. In addition, this symptomatology occurs against the background of the growth of tumor formations in reproductive organs, as well as with infection of the uterus pathogens. Intense bleeding – sign of low blood coagulation.

The first empty bitch

The future owner, who decided to get a girl dog, should understand the complexity of puberty in females. The physiological processes in this area are not going well for them. just like males. Dog genital health has a very important, because bitches are more prone to various diseases reproductive organs. And with estrus, the risks of their development are significantly increase – the body of the animal at this time is very vulnerable.

Normally, the first blanket in bitches appears between the ages of 8-15 months. But there are cases when this happens earlier – to six months, or later – only a year and a half. It all depends on the breed, physiology, personality of the dog’s body. For example, representatives of decorative pocket breeds – Yorkshire terriers, chihuahua, toy terriers, etc., estrus begins after 12 months, and in females of large breeds – dogs, labradors, shepherds, etc., in the period from 6 to 9 months.

Often, owners are faced with a phenomenon such as “fake estrus”, that is, all signs are present, but not ovulation. In this case, it is advisable for the owner to be vigilant – the next estrus, already real, can begin in a short time interval.

How many times a year in dogs is estrus

Even in dogs of the same breed, an empty can begin with different age, and the gaps between them are most often different. If chicks until 2 years old estrus never appeared, the owner it’s best to show the dog to the vet. It could be a sign serious pathological processes – hormonal disorders, failure in the work of the genital area.

Normally, the female flows once every 6-12 months, the interval between cesspools is 4-6-7 months. In mestizo dogs, representatives of northern breeds estrus happens once every 9-12 months, dogs of other breeds – every 5-6 months. If the bitch is in heat happens every 3-4 months, it’s worth consulting with by the veterinarian. Perhaps this frequency of the process is associated with hormonal disorders.

How long does the void last?

On average, estrus in dogs lasts 3 weeks, plus / minus a couple of days. Again, this is due to the number, frequency of vacations, weight and age of the female. In a young, healthy individual, the duration and the intervals between estruses are unchanged. If estrus lasts 3.5-4 weeks, and the intervals between them are 6-7 months, then this mode should be regular. The dog is in heat

If the dog is in heat accompanied by intense bleeding, she whines with pain if the pockets have become too frequent or do not happen at all according to the schedule, it’s worth showing the pet to the vet. In older dogs, age-related events occur in the body. changes that also affect the sexual sphere, therefore, they can flow less often, calm periods become longer lasting.

An empty place may not occur for the following reasons: if the dog ill, she is weakened, and her body is exhausted. Latent Hatching often the result of frequent hormonal intake drugs that prevent sexual intercourse. Bitch’s health during empty time and within 5-7 days after it requires special attention. And it doesn’t matter if she was knitted or not.

To let the owner know what time the dog will heat It is recommended to have a special calendar. This will help to avoid troubles like random accidents and getting unplanned offspring without a tribal clan or infection of a bitch from past the running gentleman. By the way, animals can also get sick with sexually transmitted diseases.

And if the female is allowed to breed, then the owner will be easier plan mating: choose a suitable male and spend everything necessary preventive measures. Is entered in the calendar the following information:

  • the duration of the blank;
  • day of its beginning and end;
  • features of female behavior at various stages of estrus, before and after her.

Do not think that the elderly four-legged “lady” is not attract the attention of prolific males. Age is the last, on that males, and older bitches in certain moments allow grooms to come, regardless of their breed and dimensions. Therefore, it is necessary to control a running dog even in the event that she behaves more calmly and does not show interest in brothers of the opposite sex, even during sexual intercourse hunting.

Stages and cycles of the estrus process

Experts distinguish 4 main stages of oestrus in dogs:

  1. Proestrus. This period is called the forerunner, he lasts a week and a half. At this stage, characteristic signs: due to the flow of blood to the genitals intensifies, vulva swells, oozes from the loop bloody-mucous, scanty discharge. At this point, ovulation is not occurs, and the female is not ready for mating, she is aggressive towards courtship, growling and more active actions drives away especially obsessive gentlemen. At the same time, her behavior noticeably changes: the dog is excited, playful, energetic, she may not obey owner or without much enthusiasm, reluctantly, to complete tasks. Some females become irritable, aggressive. Master may notice during the walk that the dog often sits down, like as if relieving the need in a small way, but in this way she leaves tags. But acts of urination in her are becoming more frequent.
  2. Estrus. In the first 2-3 days after the start of the rut or ovulation occurs in the animal. Bitch is ready for mating, however, far from always allowing males to do cage. The rutting period begins 11-14 days after emergence from the loop discharge At this time, females most often show interest in individuals the opposite sex. They actively flirt with the male, deflecting tail. The loop increases significantly in size, becoming more elastic, loose. The discharge becomes dark brown, viscous, thick consistency.
  3. Metaestrus (final stage estrus). The intensity of vaginal discharge decreases to the labia the original form returns due to the fact that the swelling subsides. Bitches become more “intractable”, in every way driving away interested suitors. Metaestrus continues for 10-11 days. And if the dog was not fertilized, reproductive work system is restored, goes to normal, quiet mode. But, regardless of whether the female became pregnant or not, in her blood increased concentration of progesterone – the “pregnancy hormone”. Therefore, some dogs develop false pregnancy.
  4. Anestrus. Dormancy period that determines The frequency of leaks lasts from 100 to 170 days.

If the owner plans to mate a bitch, then the most favorable the period is 10-12 days from the beginning of estrus. On other days, the dog may simply not let a dog in. Experts recommend to happen to individuals twice within 2 days, preferably at the same time same time. If the “bride” is not so complaisant, it is worth introducing her to potential groom 2-3 weeks before the start of oestrus.

Useful recommendations from experienced breeders and veterinarians

The reproductive system of dogs is a well-established structure, but even the slightest deterioration in health can negatively affect her functionality. You should take care of animal hygiene, adhere to the regimen and daily routine. The female should be fine eat, getting with food all the necessary trace elements. IN in some cases, before mating, the veterinarian recommends giving the dog special vitamin complexes. The dog lies

To avoid unwanted mating, you should walk flowing female only on a leash, avoiding crowded areas other dogs. You may have to adjust the usual schedule so that during a walk not to collide with others by dog breeders.

The appearance of an empty bitch is an unpleasant event for both owners so for the dogs themselves. First of all, the risks of fights between dominant males. In addition, conflicts may arise and between competing females.

If the owner expects that the pet’s is about to start empty, its free movement should be limited. Recommended only let her off the leash, if there are no her brothers around, always control actions. When disobedience walks carried out exclusively on a leash.

Difficulties may arise with owners of dogs kept on house territory – often males even penetrate a fenced yard, and then unplanned knitting can not be avoided. IN this situation should be safe and put in heat female in the aviary.

If the mating was, but fertilization did not occur, or the dog not at all mixed up with a male, but she behaves as if she is expecting offspring, the owner should be worried. Maybe it’s about false frailty, and this condition requires medical attention.

When a dog is not purebred, has no pedigree or is not allowed before breeding, experts recommend it to sterilize. In addition, there are a number of drugs that prevent ovulation, protecting the female from unwanted conception. But give them without consulting a veterinarian is strictly prohibited as they can cause hormonal disorder or the development of cancer illnesses.

Watch a video of estrus in dogs: how many times, timing, grooming, first estrus

How to understand that a dog has started oestrus

Changes in behavior may already remind that the female estrus will begin soon. Of course, here you need to consider individuality and disposition of each individual dog. But the owner is something knows how a pet behaves in ordinary life.

Most females become especially playful in front of the barren can “pester” other dogs, while ignoring commands the owner. Immediately before estrus, bitches exhibit a special interest in walking, and during walking most of the time carry out that leave marks.

Changes relate to appetite, some individuals begin to eat with great pleasure, while others, on the contrary, eat food much less than usual. In addition, the following symptoms occur estrus:

  • urination before her and during the dog, female may endure or beg outside more often;
  • labia swell strongly;
  • the dog behaves uneasily, constantly licking himself, giving special attention to the genitals;
  • appetite is impaired;
  • temperature rise is possible.

Females can bump into other dogs during a sexual hunt, both females and males. In females, the tail rises and is relegated to side – a sure sign that they are ready for sexual intercourse.

In some individuals, rut causes unmotivated aggression, it can be aimed at both brothers and people. Often flowing females show the height of cunning and run away from the yard or from the owner. In this case, they become the initiators of the “dog weddings, “attracting the attention of many males. Cute dogs

If the dog lives in the house, she’s used to relaxing on the master’s furniture, during estrus, dress her in special panties or restrict access to some rooms. Even the cleanest the female can leave blood droplets on the upholstery and carpet coatings.

Creek is a natural process that is necessary in order to the female could reproduce offspring. But she is paired with a number difficulties, and the owner is better off being prepared for them. If such the owner’s state of affairs is not satisfied, there are two options – to get male or sterilize the female.

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