How to raise an obedient dog

An obedient dog is the dream of all pet owners. But to the pet was complaisant and well-mannered, efforts must be made from the owners. Did the animal get into the family as a puppy, or already as an adult, it is always possible to adjust his behavior. how bring up the dog correctly, what are the ways to encourage and punish worth adopting and which line of behavior is stick to?


  • 1. Dog’s place in the family hierarchy
  • 2. Outdoor toilet training
  • 3. The appropriate punishment for the dog
  • 4. Video on how to raise the perfect dog
  • 5. The basic rules of education

Dog’s place in the family hierarchy

How to raise a puppy

It will not be possible to influence the behavior of the pet (this does not apply only to puppies, but also to adult animals) if the owner cannot become for him authority – the leader of the pack. How to show the dog who is the owner of the house? There are a few simple rules:

  • The owner is always the first to start a meal, that’s the way occurs in a flock of animals – the leader is saturated, then all the others in order. The dog should be fed only after the whole family ate. If in the morning there is no such possibility, then you can feed the pet first, but on weekends do everything like supposed to.
  • The leader enters the gate, door, gate first, the remaining members flocks will definitely miss him. You should accustom your pet to this order. All attempts to crawl, squeeze in, pushing the rest, must be suppressed. For this you need to give a command in a strict voice “You can’t!” And holding the dog by the chest, enter first. Shout, constantly pulling an animal on a leash is not recommended.
  • Leadership of the owner should be manifested even in the game. In any games of a competitive nature should be won by a person. how puppies and adult dogs adore pulling objects in in this case, the prey should be in the hands of the owner. If the pet superior in physical strength, or during the game of forces not left, you can apply the command “Give” and pick up the item.
  • Ideally, the game should begin with the filing of the host. Of course if we are talking about puppies and young animals, observe this rule very difficult. Sometimes you can succumb to provocation by favorite. But the dog should finish the game exclusively with the filing the owner. One command is enough for the pet – “You can’t!”, But if it’s not valid, you must command “Sit!” and stand it position of seconds 30-40. Such a pause will allow the dog calm down.
  • A well-bred dog must fulfill all orders and commands with first time. Of course, to achieve such unquestioning obedience not just, but subsequently it’s much easier to control the animal, which means that time was not wasted.
  • The pet in the house should have its own corner – a place. Not all the owners agree that the dog cannot sleep on sofa beds, but only on its litter. But when the animal growls when trying drive him out of the master’s furniture, you need to take serious measures, as the animal began to forget about its status in the house.
  • The rank of the pet will be significantly reduced if some time stop all his attempts to lie on a sofa or bed. Can block furniture, close doors, put animals in front of sleep from rooms – all means are good, except physical exposure.
  • It is necessary to accustom the pet to the team “Place!”. Of course if the goal is for the animal to sleep always there, you need to show hardness and send the animal again and again to the place, even if the dog just stretched out on the floor. With puppies, it’s easier in this business – most importantly, the owners themselves do not give slack, with an adult will have to work hard.
  • If the dog has gone too far, has stopped obeying, you can still apply one method is to expel the dog for no reason from where it lies. Even if this is his bedding. This should not be the norm, but used only for educational purposes, as such the attitude will remind the pet who is in charge of the house. Also possible restrict access to some rooms by exposing the puppy to a door.

Outdoor toilet training

Training a dog in a street toilet

An important issue of education, not only for puppies. Sometimes in family gets an animal accustomed to street life, or people moving from their home to an apartment. In the last situation it’s not worth it refuse a pet, because in most cases you can accustom animal to new conditions.

There are a number of advisory tips to help you. faster to solve the problem with the toilet on the street:

  • Feeding the pet should be carried out in a regimen – at the same time same time.
  • The portion of food should be normalized based on needs dogs, overeating should be avoided.
  • In the reach of the pet there should not be things capable of it interest – boxes, rags, any containers. In a dog they may cause association with a toilet seat.
  • Walking should first go on the same route, this will allow the animal to feel more confident, Do not be nervous and do your own business, and not look around and to shy away from any noise, dreaming of getting home as soon as possible.
  • Punishment in the form of voice enhancement is definitely necessary, if the dog relieves the need for an apartment, but this applies to puppies older than six months and adult animals. Physiological kids considerations cannot be long endured, and punishment will not give result, except to make the baby afraid of you.

With adult dogs you need to walk two, with older dogs – three times a day, at the same time – morning and evening, three times a day walking – also at lunch.

For puppies, such a schedule will not work. It takes a lot of time here carry out nearby and take the baby out every time as soon as he will worry, will begin to spin in search of a place.

Read more about how to teach a puppy to the toilet.

Appropriate punishment for a dog

How to raise a puppy

Use physical force – beat or kick the pet in no way case is impossible. An example of this is yard dogs, which everyone strives to offend, which leads to bitterness animal.

In addition, the owner’s hand for the dog must call extremely pleasant emotions. Pet her caress, give food, treat damage. If you use your hand for whipping, then the dog’s confidence will disappear, after which it will be difficult to earn it back. Dog will be aggressive even to the fact that the owner takes her for leash.

Of course, education without punishment is impossible, it is necessary, to wean the dog from picking up trash during the walk, do not take refreshments from strangers, etc. It is necessary to choose other, more suitable methods:

  • Word. Team spoken tough confident voice in most cases works better assaults. In this case, the command “Fu!” Will help, it will become an indicator that the owner is not satisfied with his behavior favorite.
  • The use of force. This is an extreme measure, most often applied to puppies who do not wish to obey. When disobedience they get from parents a bashing for a scruff. As the owner assumes the duties of a guardian and educator, then do the same thing. The baby is enough to shake the withers, raising at the same time a voice, after which he stood, looking down menacingly. Does the puppy tighten its tail, ears and looks guilty? So he came to him sense of punishment.

Sometimes a similar effect is required for adults. More often dogs of fighting breeds are especially stubborn, especially if they were already adults in the family. In a pack of recalcitrant leader presses to the ground, threateningly biting teeth while standing and the owner to do something similar.

Initially, the pet, taking the collar and croup, should raise above the ground. Having lost the feeling of soil underfoot, the dog will become worry and his self-confidence will be shaken. Then you need to lower it to the ground, laying it and pressing it a little to the ground. Such an attitude will remind that a person is a leader and requires respect and submission.

Video ot how to raise a perfect dog

Basic rules of education

Basic rules for raising puppies

Of course, having no experience in dealing with dogs, it’s difficult right away to understand all the subtleties of education. If there is no time to delve independently – entrust this business to the professional. If such there is no possibility, you will have to work hard and not let everything go by chance. An animal of any age needs education, but a number of tips help to find an approach to a pet of any age:

  • The master himself must learn. Without knowledge, not it is worth taking on the upbringing of the dog, as wrong actions can be harmful. Today there are many films and books made and written by professional dog handlers and veterinarians helping in this difficult matter. Time should be allocated for new knowledge – 40-60 minutes a day will be enough.
  • You cannot use the word “later.” Not worth it to think that the dog’s abnormal behavior will correct itself, or can be corrected later, when a desire appears, free time, etc. Missing a moment, you can lose forever authority in the animal, and the correction will have to be carried out already for dog handlers.
  • Self-control is important. Be a teacher and It’s difficult for a teacher to work in any field, whether it’s working with children, an adult audience, or animals. Before training you need to tune in a positive way, if any events are furious, you should not start classes, while the nervous the system will not bounce back. Screaming, tearing, spanking a dog in no by no means, not everything turns out right away, so it’s important to show patience.

A well-bred dog is not only a pride for any owner, but also reliable support and protection.

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