How to get a tick out of a dog

Spring is not only a time of love and flowering— In this warm period, various parasites begin to become active, including as dangerous as ticks. These little arthropods can’t drink a lot of blood from people and animals or cause severe injuries. Their danger lies elsewhere – they are carriers extremely dangerous diseases that can be harmful to health dogs and even be fatal. What to do, if Did the owner find a tick in the pet? The best option is to apply for help to the veterinary clinic, but if this is not possible, that is ways to rid the dog of the parasite on its own.

A number of rules for removing insects

Detecting a clawed tick is easier in dogs with a short coat. cover. However, sometimes even here it is revealed after some time, when the parasite is saturated with blood and becomes round, like pea. Depending on the variety, it may have dirty pink, dark gray or taupe coloring. How to get a tick from a dog read the article

The sooner a “guest” is discovered, the better. After all, he did not immediately it sticks to the skin, and for a while (sometimes this period is not one hour) “wanders” on the body of the animal in search of area with delicate, thin skin, where the vessels are located closer to surface. And if you find him at this moment, you can avoid negative consequences.

Most often, ticks settle in the neck, in the ear shells on the stomach. Although in other areas they may be detected. Naturally, a tick is easier to find when it swells. from blood. Moreover, having decided on a place, he does not move over the body, staying on this site. To extract an arthropod from dog skin, it is important to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Be sure to wear medical gloves, as the tick can be a peddler of diseases dangerous to humans.
  • By removing the tick, it is important to destroy the parasite, and for this it it should be burned, since under other influences it may to survive.
  • When pulling out a tick, it should not be squeezed, because, sensing danger, he will begin to throw harmful into the blood Components.
  • Do not pull the tick, as its body may burst and the head with toxic substances will remain in the dog’s body, while there is a risk of suppuration and infection;

If the parasite has attached itself inside the auricle or penetrated under skin, you should not try to extract it yourself, but rather contact a professional.

Watch the video how to get a tick from a dog:

How to pull out the tick yourself?

There are several ways to extract the parasite:

  • With a finger wrapped in gauze. It is necessary to process the site of the bite, including the tick, antiseptic. Chlorhexidine, alcohol, will do. Then index finger wrapped with a piece of bandage or gauze. Finger must be placed on the tick, but do not press on it! The parasite should be rolled out in a circular motion clockwise arrow.
  • Using tweezers. Should prepare tool (it must have sharpened edges). Tweezers and the manipulation site will need to be treated with an antiseptic. Tweezers you should capture the area near the head of the tick, but not the body and, making smooth circular movements, carefully remove it.
  • Making a loop of thread. For the procedure a thin thread 30-35 cm long is required. A loop is made of it and carefully throws himself on the tick. Then the loop is necessary tighten and pull out the parasite. But you need to do this without yanking the thread up, and twist it clockwise along the skin.
  • Using a needle from a disposable syringe. To remove the parasite in this way is required – open fire, tweezers, needle and antiseptic. Need to hold the needle for a while over fire until it burns hot. For this, it is best to use pliers. A hot needle sticks into the body of a tick, and then should wait 7-8 seconds. Then the arthropod body gently pulled out of a dog’s skin.
  • Using a special device. At the pharmacy You can purchase a special device – “Tick Twister”, whose purpose is to remove ticks. A twister is a hook having a small slot where the parasite gets after removal. Fix the tick in the hook and do some revolutions clockwise until it is separated from the cutaneous cover. Sometimes for a successful procedure 3-4 turns are enough, but in some cases, the owner takes 7-10 minutes.

Taking on an independent operation, it is worth taking care of sterility of the tools used. It’s also important to know whether the parasite was a carrier of infections, for this it is attributed to Veterinary clinic where research is conducted in laboratory conditions. How to get a tick

Do not forget about the antiseptic treatment of the wound, which remains at the bite site. You can use peroxide for this. hydrogen or another alcohol-based antiseptic. But before by applying an antiseptic it is necessary to make sure that all parts of the tick extracted.

Ticks are dangerous arachnid arthropods that are “transshipment base” for various pathogens of infections. And if before the period of their activity was determined from May to September, then Today, some types of ticks stay awake much longer. Important in warm season to inspect your pet for parasites and use special protective equipment, for example, insecticidal drops or collar.

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