How to euthanize a dog. Painful and painless ways

So nature ordered that the life span of dogs significantly shorter than in humans. And anyway, early or late, you have to say goodbye to your pet. But it gets even harder from the fact that it is often done before the expected, but in in some cases, even independently decide his fate. Heavy take responsibility? Of course— But once in a family, a four-legged friend and so depends on the person, and his life is already in the hands the owner.


  • 1. When there are no other options
  • 2. Sleep at home
  • 3. Euthanasia of an animal in a veterinary clinic
  • 4. The cost of euthanasia
  • 5. Two polar opinions on euthanasia

When there are no other options

How to put a dog to sleep

There are two types of reasons why you have to resort to euthanasia: medical and social indicators.

Quite often, euthanasia is recommended for medical indications. First of all, this is due to the health of the pet. The last severe stages of disease, bringing flour, as well as diseases that do not respond to any treatment at all, become a good reason to end suffering beloved pet. It’s very difficult for owners to realize that euthanasia in such a case is a humane act, and not everyone can to go for it, although this is a perfectly reasonable way.

If you take into account the opinion of professionals, then with disappointing diagnoses, especially when it comes to older animals, between option of constant anesthesia with slow extinction of the pet and they recommend the latter with euthanasia. After all, not only the owner is hard and painful to watch this, but the dog also experiences severe flour.

Do not make such a decision yourself, best of all consult a qualified physician to find out is there even the slightest chance of recovery.

Veterinarians say it’s very important for such a procedure choose the right moment. And it’s better if it happens before the dog will begin to feel physical pain. Often, tightening with the decision, the owners allow prolonged torment at home pet.

Injuries and injuries from accidents or other unfortunates cases can also lead to euthanasia. Dogs are often euthanized. due to the fact that the owners do not have the necessary funds for treatment.

Social causes include asocial behavior. animal. Such tough measures are resorted to if aggressiveness of the dog can not be kept close to people. Dog attacked an adult or child, for no apparent reason, inflicted severe injuries? This is an occasion for euthanasia in order to protect yourself and others.

Sleep at home

How to put a dog to sleep at home

For some reason, pet owners want to euthanize dogs independently. What is needed to euthanize a dog yourself?

There are several ways to euthanize, which vary in its methodology:

  • Introduction to the pulmonary lobes of alcohol or ammonia solution, in In the process, the dog chokes. Most commonly used for euthanasia unwanted offspring.
  • Holding a powerful current discharge through the dog’s body. In that in the event of death, cardiac arrest becomes.

Is it worth mentioning that such methods do not differ humanity and more like torture. This is evidenced by the fact that often the animal does not die immediately, experiencing hellish torment.

Therefore, it is still recommended to seek the help of a specialist or at least consult with him, choosing the right dosage means for a more civilized way of euthanasia. Be used can medicines of the following groups:

  1. Anesthetics:
  • Negatively affect the central nervous system, cause swelling lungs and breathing stops (Pnetobarbital and Etaminal sodium).
  • Thiopental sodium introduces the animal into deep hypnotic condition and loss of consciousness.
  • Propofol also introduces the dog into short-term hypnosis, provokes depression of respiratory functions.
  • Droperidol – a sedative drug with a sedative effect, which reduces motor activity.
  • Zolarepam is an anesthetic that reduces pain.
  1. Sedative (sedative) drugs. Xylazine – primarily used as an anesthetic. Affects muscle relaxation, lowers blood pressure, Excessive doses inhibit breathing.
  2. Muscle relaxants:
  • Arduan is a synthetic drug that blocks conduction between nerves and muscles. Used in complex anesthesia.
  • Ditilin – an increased dose leads to respiratory arrest.
  • Lidocaine – used for painless euthanasia animals.
  1. Means that affect the balance of electrolytes. To this The group of drugs includes magnesium sulfate. With intravenous the introduction of a large amount of the drug appears muscle weakness, blood pressure decreases, respiratory depression. All symptoms lead to final cardiac arrest.

Euthanasia in veterinary clinic

euthanasia of a dog in a veterinary clinic

In this case, the most humane drug is used. The procedure, which consists of two stages:

  • Initially, the veterinarian gives the dog an injection, usually in the muscle, which immerses the pet in a narcotic sleep. Better if this period the owner will sit next to the pet, as the dog will Feel more relaxed and not be nervous.
  • After a certain time, a second injection follows, the role of which – stop cardiac activity. This process takes for a while, but the dog will not feel anything. At this stage the doctor asks the owners to go out so as not to see convulsions, convulsive pet movements.

If the dog is not just nervous, but is also aggressively in relation to the doctor and the owner, that muscle relaxant, entered remotely. In this situation, the whole process of euthanasia take more time.

After stating death, it will be possible to discuss the issue of burial place. You can bury the animal yourself only on personal territory. If the cause of euthanasia is pet aggression in against a person, then cremation is prohibited in this case. Body animal passed to veterinarians for signs rabies.

It will be interesting: how dogs see the world.

The cost of euthanasia

The price of the procedure depends on the body weight of the dog. Than the larger the animal, the more expensive it will cost. Average cost for euthanasia is:

  • ten-kilogram dog – from 1t. up to 2t. rubles;
  • from 10 to 20 – from 2t. up to 3t rubles;
  • within 30 kilograms – 3-4 thousand rubles .;
  • from 30 to 50 kg – 4-5 tons;
  • with a weight of up to 70 kg – from 5 to 7 rubles.

These prices apply to Moscow and the Moscow region, in in provincial cities, the cost of euthanasia may be cheaper by 25-30%.

If the veterinarian is not expected to come home, then euthanasia will cost less. A doctor’s visit costs an average of 1200 rubles.

In addition to euthanasia, clinics offer a wide range of additional services:

  • taking away the dog and conducting cremation;
  • delivery of his ashes back in a special urn (this service will be more expensive than regular cremation).

If we talk about cost, then a full range of services (euthanasia and cremation) in a veterinary clinic will be cheaper than ordering All separately and independently take the pet’s body to crematorium.

Two polar opinions on euthanasia

Modern dog owners regarding pet euthanasia divided into two opposite camps:

  • The first one believes that if a friend, or rather a family member, is hopeless, that euthanasia is a truly difficult but surest decision. They are share the view that a dog that served faithfully person, has every right to decent care – without painful pain, next to his master. In such judgments there is rational, since many diseases lead to very unsightly, painful death. These include oncological ailments with metastases and multiple surgical interventions, injuries that are not compatible with life, irreversible processes inside organisms having a chronic or age-related cause. If a pain relief does not bring relief, then the owners are inclined to the decision to let the animal go.
  • In the camp of opponents of euthanasia, they believe that euthanasia is killing, albeit with good intentions, is a sin. By their In the opinion, a person has no right to decide whom and how much to live. IN cases of miraculous healings are cited as examples sick cats and dogs. Any, even the most hopeless situation, gives hope for a miraculous cure. Asleep takes away hope and deprives a pet of a ghostly, but a chance for life.

Dogs are the most loyal creatures, ready for the owner die. They meekly endure all diseases and hardships, not showing how hard it is for them. In this difficult situation, everyone the pet owner makes an independent decision.

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