How to cut dog claws

Claw cutting is not the most pleasant, but one of the most important hygienic procedures for caring for a four-legged pet. Height the claws in dogs continue throughout life, and therefore their circumcision is a regular activity to which the dog is desirable to train as early as possible. How to cut the claws of a dog that for this you need and how often should this procedure be carried out – these issues are most worried about dog owners who want to see your pet healthy and beautiful.


  • 1. Preparing for clipping
  • 2. Claw trimming process
  • 3. Damage handling
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  • 4. Useful tips and tricks

Claw preparation

Preparing to cut the claws of dogs

A very important point in this process is choosing the right one. tool. There are two types of claws:

  1. type of scissors – have an external resemblance and principle of action, as in scissors, the claw is located between two blades and they are connected after pressing the handles;
  2. type of guillotine – the claw cutter has a hole in which it fits claw, handles are compressed, the blade is lowered and cut part nail plate.

To trim the dog’s claws at home, you can use any type of tool, only with a guillotine claw cutter a little harder to cut off too thick claws of large dogs rocks.

In addition, you need to try to carry out the procedure in the most the right time. For example, a dog will resist less if she just came from a long walk or ate.

Before you begin the action, you need to prepare everything necessary. In addition to a clipper, it can come in handy hemostatic agent (if the claw is too deep cut off) and, as an encouragement for good behavior and patience, a favorite treat.

Although it is not recommended to cut the nails too short, because even professionals are not immune from mistakes and you have to be prepared and to this option.

If the pet has never undergone a similar procedure, then You can try to prepare it in advance. For this you need sit down next to the dog several times a day, stroke it, pick up a paw in your hands and hold it for a while. When she gets used to You can try to touch your feet with such manipulations. tool and at the same time be sure to talk with your pet, distracting him. As soon as the dog accepts this normally, you can slowly cut the hair off the paws, and then tackle the claws. So how to cut a dog’s claws?

Claw Cutting Process

Cut the claws of a dog

Some dog owners are lucky if they themselves breeders tried and taught puppies to this procedure. If a If this happens, clipping of the claws will not cause any special difficulties. IN otherwise, you will have to make some efforts and show patience in learning.

It is recommended that you first see how the dog’s claws are trimmed. professionals, then already carry out the procedure yourself, but with the participation of another person as an assistant.

Care must be taken in advance about a comfortable, well-lit location. The assistant must put the pet on one side, trying hold it in one position, while stroking lightly and pronouncing affectionate words. As soon as the dog calms down and relax, you can proceed to action.

If the pet has light, transparent claws, then there will be no special problems, as you can use the naked eye notice the vessels of the circulatory system that are inside. Necessary trim the nail plate so as not to damage it and Do not deliver pain to the dog. With dark claws, cut will have to “by eye”, and in order not to damage the vessels, affect only the curving part of the claw will have to.

It is important when cutting to be as careful as possible so as not to touch the soft tissues that are located inside the claw. Otherwise the pet may bleed, he will feel pain in next time he will refuse such manipulations.

Do not cut the claw in one fell swoop, it’s better to do it gradually cutting 2-3 mm plates.

Damage handling

As already mentioned, even pros in their business can commit miss and still damage the blood vessel while cutting claws. There is nothing particularly terrible in such a situation, but still you need to treat the resulting wound. Suitable for this antiseptic drugs – you can apply a swab or bandage soaked hydrogen peroxide, or sprinkle with a small amount streptocide. You can also attach a swab to the affected area with potassium permanganate and hold for a while. After that dog must be encouraged by treating her with her favorite treat.

After you need to grind all trimmed edges with a special a nail file. If bleeding from a damaged vessel is not stops or is plentiful, you must immediately contact to the veterinary clinic for help.

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Useful tips and tricks

There are several specific rules about which the pet owner It is necessary to find out before the procedure:

  • With timely trimming, the living part of the claw (pulp) may move a little deeper and then cutting the claws is not at all need it.
  • Even if the dog is too active and spends a lot of time on on the street, you need to regularly inspect the pads of her paws, including including nail plates for damage. On the subordinate clause the toes of the forefinger are the claws that most often grow into the skin.
  • When choosing a tool, you need to pay attention to convenience handles and sharpness of blades. Last quality can be decisive, as it is not enough with a sharp nail clipper to cut hard layers of the claw will not work.
  • A favorable time for claw trimming is the period after the pet has taken water procedures. First, relaxed the dog will not violently resist, secondly, soaked in water claws easier to cut.
  • If the dog is large, then this does not mean that it will be strong resist. Practice shows that representatives of small breeds cause more trouble, have many bad habits, and this is due to their quiet, measured life.
  • It is not necessary for pet owners to show their uncertainty and fear, as the dog can feel it and try to elude the upcoming manipulation.
  • You can’t start trimming without evaluating the condition of all the claws, since you can skip an infectious disease or other damage to the pads.
  • To make the haircut more comfortable, you can remove the coat, growing in the area of paws and interfering with the full review.
  • It is more difficult to cut an adult dog than a puppy. Just passing if several procedures are successful, the animal will cease to be afraid. Exactly therefore, it is recommended to train young individuals or their puppies.

Clawing is troublesome, but very serious and important. Having spent some time on a dog manicure, you can significantly improve the quality of life of the pet and avoid many unpleasant consequences.

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