How to brush your dog’s teeth

If there is no specific experience in caring for a dog, but she appeared in the house, there are a lot of different questions. what what needs to be done, and what is better to avoid? That’s brushing your teeth It is not an easy task for most dog owners. Is it necessary and how to brush a dog’s teeth at home?


  • 1. To grit your teeth
  • 2. Teaching your dog to brush your teeth
  • 3. How to brush your teeth correctly
  • 4. When is it best to train a dog
  • 5. The choice of toothpaste
  • 6. Strong and healthy teeth are the key to excellent health

Grit your teeth

How to brush a dog’s teeth

Caring for your own oral cavity, a person knows that this save gums and teeth from pathogenic bacteria, save them in healthy condition. And this, in turn, will eliminate the outgoing bad breath.

As for the dogs, then in this case cleaning is also necessary. teeth for exactly the same reasons. And they get stuck particles food between the teeth, an enamel coating forms, there is a risk the development of inflammatory processes in the gums. In addition, most dogs have a habit of picking up various objects on the street and leftover food.

If you do not take care of the pet’s teeth, then they may well get sick, and in some breeds this can cause them to be completely losses.

Caries, fistula, periodontitis – this is not a complete list diseases affecting the jaws of the dog, and in addition, dental diseases can cause an animal unbearable pain. How so prevent this prospect and learn how to brush your teeth dog, without causing her irritation?

Teaching your dog to brush your teeth

Yes, few, even pets, animals will be delighted that someone enters their mouth. If we are talking about a puppy, then in In this case, everything will be simple enough, but with an adult dog have to tinker. This is one of the reasons why the learning process better to start with puppyhood, then the pet will be able to completely adequately respond to such a procedure.

The whole process takes only 8-10 minutes, but this is if the dog does not resists and allows you to do everything as expected. Otherwise case time increases significantly.

Professional veterinarians do not recommend starting immediately use a toothbrush. Finger is great for the first time. the owner of the dog – the dog must get used to that in his mouth there is something alien.

The action algorithm is simple:

  • It is necessary to prepare a fragrant strong broth on meat.
  • The index finger is dipped into it and placed in the dog fall.
  • This procedure should be repeated until the pet get used to react adequately to such actions.

If the owner plans – performances with the pet at various exhibitions, you should teach your dog how to execute a command – “Show teeth! “, often it becomes a prerequisite for participating in competition.

The benefits of toothbrushing are undeniable, the methods of accustoming to finding another person’s mouth is also understandable. How to make it right a purge?

How to brush your teeth correctly

Proper brushing of a dog’s teeth

As soon as the pet understands that the owner’s finger in the mouth does not bring any unpleasant sensations, you can proceed to the cleaning itself. The easiest option is the following:

  • apply several layers of bandage to the finger (three to four will quite enough);
  • squeeze out the necessary amount of toothpaste on the bandage;
  • wipe the dog’s teeth with his finger, avoiding strong pressing, as enamel and gum can be damaged.

If the procedure is carried out for the first time, then, most likely, in one since you cannot brush all your teeth. Long cleaning may tire pet or cause irritation therefore it will be rational The decision to do this in several steps.

Teeth are cleaned only on the outside, since the cleanliness of the inside The surface of the dog itself is able to take care.

To defuse the situation during the procedure, you can suggest dog brushing his teeth as a kind of game, then the pet will not fear and avoid her. It will be out of place to be gentle and kind reassurance. In this case, the dog will have positive Associations associated with this action.

If we talk about the frequency of brushing, then for dogs it’s two procedures per week are enough. Duration of one procedure is not must exceed more than ten minutes.

After each cleaning, the mouth must be inspected for bleeding. If damage is found, then it is necessary to process their hydrogen peroxide.

As soon as this procedure is positively accepted by the pet, and the owner can learn how to carry out the whole process in a few minutes, you can replace your finger with a small head toothbrush, and it is better to give preference to the nursery. Also in veterinary pharmacies and specialized departments can purchase a brush designed specially for dogs.

Read how to care for your pet dog.

When is the best time to train a dog?

To simplify the process, start accustoming the pet to cleaning teeth stands at an early age. The kid will take the cleaning game much more supportive than an adult animal. If you have to accustom an adult dog, it’s worth being prepared for certain problems.

Puppies can be trained from two months of age. Of course, baby such an intervention is unlikely to please, however, he quickly get used to this manipulation.

As fixed assets, in addition to a soft toothbrush (children’s or special), you must also purchase toothpaste. Them in specialized stores offer a large selection, you need Only pick up by age and with a taste suitable for the pet. AND yes, do not worry that the dog will not rinse his mouth, and just swallow the paste, its composition is designed for this.

Do not put too much pressure on the pet during the training, here it is necessary to act gradually, without rushing. Also possible complement the process with strong motivation. For this, after each successfully carried out cleaning is necessary to treat the dog her favorite treat and do not skimp on the praise.

Toothpaste selection

Toothpaste for dogs

The right tool is half the success. The owners dogs should know what to use their toothpaste for cleaning Dog teeth are highly discouraged. Firstly, its composition is not very suitable for dog enamel, secondly, in most pastes contains mint, which adversely affects the smell of the pet. It is also worth giving preference to pastes that do not contain fluorine.

For dogs, products with the taste and aroma of chicken are produced, bacon, etc. Dogs are characterized by the formation of tartar, therefore it is better to choose a paste that fights a similar phenomenon.

As already mentioned, special pastes are possible without prejudice to health, swallow. If a similar perspective of the owner is not satisfied, you can rinse the jaws of the pet with a syringe without needles, using not only water, but also herbal infusions, for example chamomile.

Strong and healthy teeth are the key to excellent health

Every person, at least once in his life, was bothered by a toothache. Sensations, to put it mildly, unpleasant, and sometimes unbearable. At dogs, it manifests itself in the same way, although much less often.

With a toothache, the pet may whine, but this is more related to puppies, adults can endure suffering in silence. Lack of appetite, lethargy, refusal of games, can also signal that the dog has toothache.

So is it worth it to let that happen, maybe it’s better to prevent like that? Most people think that acquiring special bones, sticks designed to clean the dog’s teeth, they more than replace traditional cleaning. However, this is not at all, im only an additional preventive role is assigned. The main the traditional brushing of teeth remains the care method.

In addition, with mandatory veterinary examinations, it is necessary to devote time and condition to the mouth. The doctor should evaluate how teeth, gums look, if there are any diseases. Also possible carry out more thorough brushing of teeth in veterinary clinics, which carry out special devices.

A healthy dog is the merit of a caring owner, it is a devoted and a cheerful friend delivering only positive emotions, and timely brushing is one step to meet this.

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How to brush your dog’s teeth?

Why should a dog brush his teeth? Pet Care Is the best way to prevent the occurrence of dental diseases, as well as a great way to Avoid bad breath. Oral Health – an important condition for the general condition of the animal, because diseased teeth can lead to other dangerous diseases! Teeth cleaning can be produced both at home and with a professional. But cleaning should be regular, so it’s unlikely You can visit the vet so often.

Can a dog brush his teeth on his own?

Not all dogs allow their teeth to be brushed. Therefore very important teach your pet to brush your teeth from an early age. This The procedure should be included in the regular daily routine of the animal. However, an adult dog can also be accustomed to such a hygienic процедуре.Brush your dog’s teethЧистку зубов необходимо делать не спеша иvery careful. Make sure that the dog does not bite you. If a you will understand that the animal is categorically against brushing your teeth, then it is best to consult a veterinarian. Perhaps he will advise you resort to an alternative way to cleanse the teeth and the entire oral cavities. Alternatively, consider using various mouthwashes. Now they are issued in the form of additives to water or pet food. Often used and special medicines, but their use requires veterinarian advice. After all, any medicine can lead to indigestion.

Dog Toothbrush and Paste

Before you brush your dog’s teeth you will need certain accessories. Never use ordinary toothpaste that you use yourself! This can lead to to serious pet health problems. It is necessary to use exclusively special toothpastes for dogs. Important choose a paste that will like and smell like to the animal. Like toothpaste, the toothbrush must be specially for the dog. It can be purchased at each pet store or from your vet.

How to brush a dog’s teeth at home?

Some useful tips:

  • Plaque turns into tartar within 24-48 hours. Therefore, it is important to brush your dog’s teeth. daily.
  • It’s best to brush your dog’s teeth at the same time as you brush your teeth. This will help to streamline the daily routine. pet.
  • Before you begin to teach your dog to brush your teeth, ask show your vet several ways to carry out this procedures.

Dog brushing procedure:

Before starting the procedure, squeeze a little toothpaste onto the brush. Let the pet taste it. Next, slightly raise pet lip and in slow movements begin to clean the outer side of the teeth and gums. Pay special attention to your back teeth, however, dogs do not always allow this. Brush your teeth first on one side of the mouth, and then on the second. If a the dog is a little stubborn, then try to stop the procedure, but be sure to continue it a little later. Over time your your pet will get used to this useful activity. The best thing Accustom your dog to brushing your teeth without using a toothbrush. Instead, you can use your finger. When a pet is several get used to, you can go to the brush. When using a toothbrush never press hard on the teeth and gums. Need smoothly effortlessly brush your teeth on one side and then with the second. In the first stages, do not try to brush your back teeth. This can be done when the animal is already accustomed to cleaning.

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